Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy New Year!

It's the new year and I'm up to my elbows in moving.  Oh, not from one house to another.  My kids decided they all need new rooms, so we are re-arranging three rooms and trying to get it done before school starts and our slave labor (children) disappear.

When we were kids, we swapped rooms now and then.  I don't remember it being the madness it is now.

One week is already gone and our plans have been thrown out the window over and over. 

Originally, we planned to start with a total clearing out of each room, before moving.  This lasted about five minutes.  Margaret wanted to have her friends over to help.  We said we would tell her when we were ready.

Margaret took that to mean something completely opposite. And the next morning, we were awoken by the doorbell, and her friends began to arrive.  We gave them specific instructions to go through Margaret's drawers, clothes, etc.  Then Mr. Assassination and I worked in our room, listening to a book on tape. 

When we came out, Margaret and her friends had carried all of her furniture down into the living room.

We had to move New Years Eve celebrations to a friend's house, because now we had nowhere to sit down.

Margaret believes we can do all this in one day.  She has been incredibly disappointed by the fact that we can't.  Teenagers have a warped sense of time.

So, our living room is packed with her bedroom furniture.  And it's taking longer than she thinks.  And she hasn't listened to one thing we said.  And plans to do this change on an hourly basis.


I could really use servants.

Happy New Year!

The Assassin

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Terri Osburn said...

Sounds more like you could use a kid keeper. Couldn't one of those friends' parents just take her for a couple days? LOL! Does this move include painting walls?