Monday, October 01, 2012

The Reckoning is Out!

I won't swear that it's in your local Walmart, as they seem to have their own timetable for stocking and it differs at every store, but if you're a digital reader, you can get The Reckoning now.

This is the first book in the new Mystere Parish series. Mystere is a fictional parish close to the New Orleans area where the swamps are slightly different than swamps anywhere else in Louisiana. Voodoo lore, legends and haunts abound, making Mystere Parish swamps the last place you want to be after dark.

The Reckoning is the first of a three book related series set in Mystere Parish. Each book features one of three sexy brothers and a mystery that sends them clashing with a fiery heroine. An overarching mystery is solved over the three books, so try to read them in order for the best effect.

The Reckoning received a 4.5 star review and Top Pick from RT Magazine!

Here's the back cover copy from The Reckoning:

In a tiny bayou town with far too many wicked secrets, the sudden disappearance of a six-year-old girl is a mystery Sheriff Holt Chamberlain is determined to solve. But teaming up with Alexandria Bastin is a complication he didn't expect. Nor is he prepared to collide with the dark side of Cajun culture—and his own troubled past.
The frantic search leads them to a place said to hold magic, an eerie island where Alex is also working her charm on him. At one time, he'd been forced to leave her brokenhearted. And now , dangerously close to the truth, he'll do anything to protect her from the evil that surrounds them—an evil that might hold the key to sending a little girl home.…

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Unknown said...

definately going to order this book. love stories that remind me of home. Cajun girl here who misses southern louisiana