Monday, October 15, 2012


It's movie review time for Deadly DeLeon. I went and saw Sinister this past weekend. Unfortunately, I am adding it to the ever-growing list of horror movies that failed to impress. The plot was decent and  had a unique premise. The bad thing was creepy. The acting was fine. But it failed to deliver in several ways.

One, the creepy wasn't near good enough. I went to see this movie Friday night at the 10:30 pm feature. I do this for the specific purpose of being in the theatre with a bunch of young people. Young people in horror movies are often more fun than the movie. They scream and accidentally toss popcorn and sometimes even run out. It's great drama. Sadly, this movie produced not a single scream. I didn't even hear a gasp. :(

Two, it had plot holes you could drive a bus through. I don't get this - do they have a complete movie and then edit out all the scenes that explain anything? Regardless, it was holier than a Southern Baptist congregation during Week of Prayer.

Three, I didn't particularly care for the protagonist. In fact, he was a pretty big douchebag. I need to care about someone or I don't care if they die. If I don't care if they die, there's really no point in watching the movie as I'm rooting for the bad thing at that point. In addition to this, the movie contained almost no personal scenes with his family doing normal stuff, so I had no time to get attached to them, hence, I was not particularly invested in their safety.

Four, it was predictable. I had a good idea what the "twist" was about twenty minutes in. That's not exactly a good sign. Yes, I am good at finding the hidden clues and paranoid enough that I always expect a twist, but it shouldn't have been that easy to figure out.

So that's my review. Overall, I give it an "okay to rent." I wouldn't pay good money to see it at the theatre, unless you're like me - a diehard horror fan and an even bigger fan of theatre popcorn. :)

Deadly DeLeon


catslady said...

Thanks for the review. I can't remember the last time a movie scared me. Oh yeah - years ago - Fire in the Sky. The reasons you gave are the same things I dislike in some books. I have to care about the character - if they can't get that right, then forget it.

Jana DeLeon said...

catslady - It's frustrating, isn't it? And so many of these movies have unrealized promise. sigh