Monday, October 08, 2012

PURSE-ONALITY! by Diane Kelly

Later this month, my first digital novella will release.  Like the rest of the Death and Taxes series, Death, Taxes, and a Sequined Clutch features IRS Special Agent Tara Holloway and her gang.  In the novella, Tara’s new clutch purse makes a great place for her to stash her gun and handcuffs while she fights crime and debates how to even the score with an old flame who did her wrong.  The clutch’s sequined bulls-eye pattern is total Tara. 

The type of purse a woman carries and its contents say a lot about her, don’t they?  Fortune tellers and psychologists could learn everything about a woman from her purse.  

When I first started carrying a tiny little blue jean purse in 5th grade I had to search for things to put in it.  A Bonnie Bell lip smacker.  A ballpoint pen.  Spare change.  A comb. Fast forward to high school and college when I had dozens of purses in all different shapes, sizes, and colors to coordinate with my outfits, including a sexy clutch or two.   Gotta be in fashion , right, and a glittery clutch just says "Fun!"  At that point, my purses contained a quarter for the payphone, my fake id, and lip gloss in case I happened to meet the guy of my dreams. 

Once I got married and had kids, my purse became an over-sized carry-all that housed a half dozen Hot Wheels, a Barbie or two, and “mom” things like coupons, tissues, Band-Aids, and granola bars.  A few years later, as I juggled my roles as a tax adviser, aspiring author, and PTA officer, my sturdy, utilitarian purse became a mobile filing cabinet filled with manuscript drafts, paper clips, a calculator, and never-ending “to do” lists.

I recently bought my first nice purse that I’ve had in years, a Coach bag scored 40% off at the outlets.  It’s a great style that crosses over the chest, leaving the hands free for shopping, texting, and mixed martial arts, perfect for a busy woman on the go.  One glance inside my purse and you’ll find ultra fine Sharpie pens and stickers for my book signings, a cell phone loaded with great books to read on the fly, and a very worn Staples rewards card used to buy zillions of printer cartridges.

Tell us about your purse-onality.  What does your purse say about you?  Do you carry a sexy, carefree clutch or something more practical?  Is there something funny or unusual in your purse?  Do you change purses with each outfit, or do you normally carry the same purse every day?  One lucky commenter will win a free digital copy of Death, Taxes, and a Sequined Clutch.  Check back at 9 pm central time to see if you’ve won!  

DEATH, TAXES, AND A SEQUINED CLUTCH releases on October 30th for only $1.99 and is available for pre-order now! 


Kristi said...

My purse is a tote bag from 31. I usually have 4 or 5 chapsticksc mirror, comb, cell phone, wallet and my Kindle always. The rest of the stuff changes depending on what I have going on.

Sarah S. said...

I usually change between 3 purses. One is medium sized so that I can carry my necessities. Wallet, brush, carmex, cellphone, glasses, and gum. It's also small enough that I won't be forced to hold a bunch of stuff from my husband, the other is huge for when I'm shopping and need to carry extra reusable bags and don't mind having to cart a bunch of my husbands stuff around. The third is very small and is meant for traveling. I can sling it over my chest and have it in front of me which is especially good for crowded places that I'm not familiar with.

Diane Kelly said...

Kristi - funny about the 4 or 5 chapsticks. I always end up with a dozen pens! And I never remember adding them to my purse. : )

Sarah - I like your 3-purse system. Sounds very efficient! And I had to laugh about not having room for your hubby's stuff. It's funny how a women's purse becomes family storage. Don't they know our purses are supposed to be for our use ONLY? : )

Unknown said...

I'm going to confess I'm a purse-aholic. Even though I don't need to carry purses to coordinate with outfits (since I work in surgery & have to wear scrubs)I can't resist buying them. Generally I will get a tote style bag because can't go anywear without my Nook. For work I carry backpack, so I can put my lunch bag, scrubhats, & shoes in it. On my off days I pick whatever purse from my stash that I decide to carry that day.

Can't wait to see what trouble Tara gets herself into this time. Will be pre-ordering the novella.

Diane Kelly said...

The randomly drawn winner of the novella is SABRINA! Congrats! Please email me at to claim your prize. Thanks to everyone who stopped by today! For more chances to win a copy of the novella, visit the Fresh Fiction contest site at

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