Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Boyfriend from Hell Giveaway - the book, not the boyfriend

Killer Fiction welcomes Boyfriend from Hell author, Jamie Quaid. She's also known as Pat Rice, New York Times bestseller of more than thirty books. In Boyfriend from Hell, she explores her wild side. And here, she gives us the scoop on one not-so-wild date of her own.

Since I’m not the sexy and dangerous Tina Clancy of BOYFRIEND FROM HELL, I’ve had my fair share of boring dates. But the date from hell that sticks in my mind never turned into a date at all as far as I’m concerned. I agreed to accompany a friend’s friend to a game I’d been wanting to see and for which he had tickets. My friend claimed the ticket holder was a doctor, so how bad could he be? Right.

I put on my best capris, my team shirt and cap, and my favorite platform-heel sandals that tied around my ankles. I’d had men on motorcycles nearly fall off their bikes scoping out those shoes. Or maybe scoping out the mini I usually wore with them. Whatever. Dr. How-Could-He-Be-Bad took one look at my cool shoes, dropped his jaw, and hauled me off to the nearest Good Feet store to be measured for decent walkers. Walkers! And he expected me to pay for them!

Needless to say, I walked all right, in my platform shoes, to the nearest bus stop. And it turns out the good doc was just a poorly paid resident in guess which specialty? Podiatry. Can’t send a man to hell for practicing medicine without a license, I guess, but I would have been tempted had I been Tina!

Who else has had bad dates? If you could choose just punishment for your suffering, what would you have chosen? A free book to a random commenter.


catslady said...

I married my high school sweetheart at 18 so not too many stories but I had a couple. One was a boy who asked me to the movies. I kind of felt bad for him so said yes. Well, he walked to my house and I lived way out in the suburbs. We then had to walk to the movie theater - also not close (but I wasn't wearing high heels lol). I had had enough walking by then and called my dad to pick us up and take him home too (it was dark by this time). Unfortunately, I guess I embarrassed him. I didn't want a second date anyway lol.

darkjag said...

Nothing. I think that they will reap their own rewards, or punishment just by living as they are.

Kristi said...

Before I married my husband I had so many bad dates. I kind of went on a spree of online blind dates. I faked migranes, stomach bugs, went on horrible miniature golf dates, awkward dinners.

I try not to wish anyone bad stuff because karma will get me.

Barbara E. said...

I haven't had many bad dates, I guess I was too picky in the past. :D If I had to choose a punishment for a bad date though, I'd go with sticking him in an unpleasant situation he can't escape from so he can feel the pain.

donnas said...

I have had many. Hopefully they will end and the right one will come along soon. I cant wish punishment though, wouldnt be fair and would probably make me pay more too.