Friday, February 24, 2012


Don’t tell my editors, but I’ve been playing hooky all week. I’ve been up in snow country visiting my sister and her family. We’ve had a weirdly warm year here (much like Bullet Hole’s), so there wasn’t a whole lot of snow, but there was enough to make the ground white, which was a total novelty for California people like us. My 11 year old got to try snowboarding (on manufactured snow at the resort) for the first time (along with my brother, who ended up limping and groaning for Advil the entire rest of the trip), and Baby Boy say snow for the first time in his life. Oddly enough, thanks to cartoons, he knew exactly what it was. He even laid down in the most pathetic little pile of slush ever (more mud than snow really) and moved his arms and legs up and down saying “Angels!”. Slush angels? Then he decided he was going to make a snowman. A very teeny tiny snowman. (I guess they look smaller on TV.)

Then we went sledding. It was a hit at first, until Baby Boy thought it would be more fun to pull Mommy in the sled than have Mommy pull him. He’s two and I’m pregnant. As you can imagine, we didn’t go very fast after that.

Next, Big Boy had to have a snowball fight. Here he is crafting the perfect snowball to pelt his mother with. (Luckily, I have good reflexes. I ducked. Unfortunately, my poor boyfriend was behind me. What ensued was an all out snowball war.)

After I couldn’t take the cold anymore (and I won’t say how embarrassingly short an amount of time that was), we went inside the lodge and played pool. This is probably my fav picture of the entire trip. My sister cleaning up at pool with her 6 month old strapped to her in a kangaroo pouch. The child has a total future as a pool shark.

So how was your week? Anyone else getting snow in their part of the country?

~Trigger Happy Halliday


Catherine Lee said...

No snow here in Southeastern NC. It's downright balmy. 75 degrees yesterday. 75 today. We've got the doors and windows open and were spring cleaning in the bedroom. My hubby was considering putting the tropical plants back out (we move them in for the winter) but it looks like we will still have a cold night this weekend. Otherwise, spring is HERE.

Na said...

We're getting some snow today. It's sort of a surprise since it's been Spring-like for many weeks now. I'll just enjoy looking at it since rain is supposed to come later.

Lauriann K said...

NO snow on Long Island!! Yesss! I cannot wait for summer! I know, I know, spring first, but I would LOVE to have summer-like weather all year round. You Californians are soooo lucky!! Haha. =D