Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Place Where the Magic Happens

Hey, y'all. Come on in. This is my office, the place where I write all my Christie Craig and Shadow Falls novels. Or, as I like to think of it, it's the place where the magic happens. And before Hubby comes running in here, thinking I'm sharing too much with you guys again, I need to clarify something. I don’t mean that kind of magic. I’m talking book-writing magic. And my magic happens here in my office. Well, sometimes it happens in the shower. And I’m still talking about book-writing magic.

Yes, this is where I write my books. It's where I clear my mind, become one with the world, and use my creative intellect to brainstorm things like tampons being used as guns, and heroines grabbing plungers and toilet lids and wielding them as weapons. It's where I came up with all those things I did to poor Jose in Shut Up and Kiss Me. (Well, except for the ones I based on crazy things Hubby did.) Yup, a lot of whacky crap has been born in this room. Now, sure, it looks like a normal office. You'll see my cat Bob taking a snooze. Bob loves his cat naps. And then there's our dog, the free junkyard dog, Lady, (who by the way is up to costing us $1,200) sitting on the sofa and looking so cute I just want to hug her. (And at $1,200, she’d darn well better look cute!) Not that she ever stays still for that long. Usually, she'll jump off the sofa and wake up Bob because she just knows he wants to play with her. (Um…just in case there are any other clueless dogs out there, here's some good info for you to have: Cats don't like to be awakened from a cat nap. Ever. And they really don't like it when they wake up to find a dog with their nose in some unwanted place, saying “Let’s play.”) Nope. Just so not gonna happen. But what does happen is Bob hisses, takes a few paw swipes, bolts out of the chair, and Lady shrugs it off as Bob’s way of playing, and they go ripping through my study, knocking everything left and right.

But don't worry about the animals. Come on in and take a closer look at my office. Check out the bookcases. Do you see a few statues here and there, among all my books? Well, just like the books, they have a story to tell. Like my collection of angel figurines who I like to think keep watch over me. And considering that I think up some pretty scary plots, I like knowing someone is watching over me. Of course sometimes it makes me paranoid and I have to turn them around to face the other direction. And then there is the Fairy Godmother figurine that a friend gave me to remind me that magic is real. Just look at her face. Wouldn't you get inspired if you looked over at your bookcase and saw her staring back at you with that funny little expression that seems to say, Write or I’ll whack you on the head?

Then there’s the moon pie candle. Does anyone know why a reader would give me a moon pie candle?

Some of the items just make me smile, like the strange orange critter my son gave me. I love it, and when I feel like I'm having a bad day, I can look over at it and think…hey, I don’t look as if my day is as bad as his, and I feel a bit better.

Yup, somehow the things that surround me remind me to let my mind go and imagine anything and everything. Like dead people in Porta-Potties, and dogs peeing on a hero’s shoe. Nothing really crazy, just your every day, normal stuff.

So, that's my office and all the crazy, wonderful things I like to keep in it. Now it's your turn. Tell me, what do you surround yourself with? What does your personal space hold? Do you collect anything?



Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful office. I've been working on mine for the past few months...almost finished. My friends, Lily (maltshi) and Amelia (my kitty) sit with me while I write. Thank you for sharing your space.

Christie Craig said...

Hi Denise!

Thanks for stopping in. I love my office. It's a crazy place, but I fit here. Good luck getting your office perfect for you.


Robin Kaye said...

Your office is gorgeous and so neat! Mine looks like a bomb went off in it. The only things I collect are books and diamonds. Unfortunately, I have a lot more books than I have diamonds.

There's a dog bed next to my desk where Jasmime lays, usually on her back with her feet up and a smile on her face. A couch with a stool beside it so my three-legged Bengal cat can climb up and lay on the back of the sofa to look out the window and assess his kingdom.

I have a life-size standup of Mark Harmon as Leroy Jethro Gibbs for inspiration, more dust bunnies than I can shake a stick at, and five huge 8' tall bookcases packed with books, sometimes two deep. Told you I have a lot more books than diamonds.

Jan Romes said...

Christie, I've met you at a few conferences and have read a handful of your books. You're friendly and funny. When I saw the link for this blog post, I had to click in. I knew you'd have an office that reflected your personality. :-)

Have a great day!

Nancy Kay Bowden said...

Your office is still number one on my list of Dream Offices. I want one--just like yours. :)

My office is simply my desk in the living room where we said we would NEVER have a TV or desk or computer. Ironic, eh?

The desk has doors so I can close it off--but it's so full of stuff, the doors can't close right now! And nobody better touch a thing unless they want to lose an arm. (Yes, there is some kind of order to my mess.)

The most important thing, I think, is that my desk is right next to a big window. I need sunlight!

Christie Craig said...


I love it, girl. You deserve diamonds. I'm jealous. Not of your diamonds but of your standup of Mark Harmon.


Christie Craig said...

Hi Jan,

Thanks for stopping in. Yes, my space is little crazy, but fun and I hope welcoming. Thanks again for visiting.


Christie Craig said...

Hi Nancy,

Thanks. I think Hubby did good on designing this room for me. But hey, I like the sound of your desk. Oh, I feel the same way about anyone messing with my stacks of stuff on my desk.

Have a great day, girl.


Jane Myers Perrine said...

How much fun! I love looking at your shelves and, of course, your pets. My office doesn't look like this at all! Where are the papers on the floor and covering the desk? I never thought of you as being this neat : )

High Five Bakeshop said...

Love your office.
I'm lucky my kids allow me a cubbyhole which pretty much consists of the circumferential area extending a foot or two around my favorite chair and mini-desk.
The rest of the house is theirs.
And don't get me started on the dogs... geesh... I'm lucky I'm allowed in the house at all. :-)
Thanks for sharing, Christie!

Christie Craig said...


Do you mean all the papers that I threw into the closet right before I snapped the picture? LOL.

Thanks for stopping by.


Christie Craig said...


I know what you mean. At times, my family try to take over my office, too. As if it's the place to hang out.

We have two back doors into the house and would someone explain why the door into my office is the only one they want to use? LOL.


Terri Osburn said...

Love this glimpse into your writing space. And I'm very jealous of all those bookshelves. My dog Macie does the same thing to my cat Bumblebee. Poor Bumbles has been looking like a PTSD sufferer every since I brought the puppy (who only weighs 6lbs while Bumbles weighs 16) home.

I bought a new desk this weekend and it was way smaller than I expected. It's currently taking up very little space in my bedroom. Oh to some day have an entire writing office. :)

Ruth said...

I love your office Christie, but I seem to recall a device of torture in there, a piece of exercise equipment??? did you dismantle it to try new ways of whacking the bad guys or just remove it from your view so it didn't taunt you?

Francine Infortunio said...

Cats seem to collect in my writing space. As soon as I sit down with my laptop, a cat will sneak up and try to climb atop it; Silly critters.
Your office looks soothing and fun. Loved your lastest Murder, Mayhem, and Mama :-)

Susan M said...

Just wondering, do you turn the angels around when you're writing love scenes or when you're killing off someone? I'll bet it's when you are wacking somebody.

Christie Craig said...


Hang in there. I started out writing on desk in the corner of my bedroom. Slowly, I moved up. Took over a dining room, and finaly an extra bedroom. But amazingly, while I wouldn't give up my office for anything, I think good writing comes from within.

Thanks for stopping in.


Christie Craig said...


The device of torture is still here, it's in the corner of the room I couldn't get into the picture. I use it to hang my bras and panties on when they come out of the washing machine. I know...I know, I need to get back on it. But it's . . . torture.


Christie Craig said...


Ahh, my office wouldn't be the same without all the kitty fur, and occasional hairball. LOL.

Thanks for stopping in. And I'm thrilled you enjoyed MM&M.

Have a great day.


Christie Craig said...


It depends on who I'm killing. Sometimes they sing to help make the moment more glorious. LOL.

Thanks for stopping in.


Suzan Harden said...

When I saw the first picture, I thought, "This is wrong!"

Then you had the pictures of Bob and Lady. All's right with the world.

Anonymous said...


I think my favorite is the picture of the strange orange critter your son gave you. It might scare me, though, late at night. LOL.


Kristi said...

I love the bookcases. I have a office where I read, play on the computer or scrapbook. I have a comfy couch and best of all is no one ever goes in there but me.

I collect magnets. Whenever we go away somewhere I get a magnet or two. Most of my refrigerator is covered with them.

Jan Crow said...
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Jan Crow said...

What a nice place, warm and comfortable.

My office is a small bedroom sans office with a desk in desparate need of dusting the cat hair away. On the top of the hutch is part of my collection of Wee People Folk Dolls made specifically for me by an artist that I met at the Reneissance Festival. I also collect the angels and have a few of the same ones you do. And then there's my muse, a Mad Hatter Might Beanz. He wobbles, but won't fall down. The silly grin makes me laugh everytime I look at him.

Thanks for allowing us a glimpse into your world.


Christie Craig said...


You are so right. My office would not be complete without a few animals shedding on a piece of furniture. LOL.

Ahh, but they are special.

Thanks for stopping in.


Christie Craig said...


I know, it's so darn cute. And scary. But it makes me laugh.

Thanks girl.


Christie Craig said...


I'll bet your fridge is cool looking. You'll have to send a picture.

Thanks for stopping in.


Christie Craig said...


I'll just bet your space is nice. It's sounds like a fun place to be and work. Here's hoping you get tons of pages done.

Thanks for sharing.


Blake said...

Your office is not only a haven for your work, but also for the sweet and loving creatures. I also included the strange orange critter over there. Haha! It's an interesting office where I can find unique stuff that can certainly make me smile.

Blake Mitchell