Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Leslie Langtry, Trophy Author

My one and only trophy, 1992 Women's Winter League, 2nd Place

Our mantle is bursting with trophies. Oh, not mine. My kids have trophies, medals, etc. My husband even has a bunch in the basement - and that was back in the day before everyone got a trophy. But I only have one. This one.

It's fun when my son's friends come over and scream, "COOL GUN TROPHY (11yr old boys always speak in all caps)! Is that your dad's?" I get a special thrill when Jack shakes his head and says, "No, it's Mom's." You should see their faces. It really is precious.

I used to shoot handguns competitively. I lost out on first place to a female cop - and I don't feel too bad about that. The leader of our group was an elderly woman who was retired Secret Service - which was very cool.

Yesterday, I found out I won Blogger of the Year at The Book Boost. That is very cool. This gun trophy is lonely. It needs a friend. While I wait, I trolled the internet looking for the coolest trophies ever.

We have to begin with the classic, cartoon bomb trophy. This would be a good trophy for the Bombay Family - Best Use Of An Explosive Device In An Assassination. I'd like to think Gin has a shelf full of them in her secret Death Lab.

This trophy just screams AWESOMENESS. I don't know what it's for, and apparently it's a composite of mixed, mythical metaphors - which means AWESOMENESS. I'd like to see this trophy used for something unexpected - like BEST RHUBARB PIE or CUTEST KNITTED UNDERWEAR.

I guess this award would go to the guy who takes bites out of donuts in the break room, then puts them back when he discovers they are filled with a purple, viscous fluid. And if you work in an office with a break room, you know this guy. And yeah, he'd deserve a mouthful of purple viscous fluid.

This is my favorite. This trophy says, BEST SUPERHERO DISGUISED AS A WEREWOLF. What wouldn't you use this trophy for, right?

Now THIS one is my favorite. This trophy says, "I shot it, and I killed and I mounted it, but I have no f%#*!ing idea what it is." Now isn't that what winning is really all about?

The Assassin


Kima said...

That last trophy is a little frightening. Kinda reminds me of an ex-boyfriend...

My favorite trophy are my mom's. She took up competitive archery when my dad started shooting and kicked his ass. She repeatedly won more trophies than him until he got smart and they started competing as a couple. She even "robin-hooded" two sets of arrows. They hang in a place of honor in my home along with her trophies!

Leslie Langtry said...

Now THAT is really, really cool! I bet you wish they had Flip camcorders back in the day!

krisgils33 said...

okay, so my daughter would totally kill for the donut trophy. her favorite food, one she considers a food group. she has TONS of dance and soccer trophies. i have none. *sigh*

Terri Osburn said...

Congrats on the win! I saw your first trophy pic and thought "sports" then saw the gun and the voice in my head actually screamed, "There's a gun on that trophy!" Took me another few seconds to figure out you didn't rig it to look that way. LOL!

I have around 50 trophies somewhere. You'll never guess what for. Go ahead, guess. *plays Jeopardy music* Okay, I'll tell you.

Pageants. See? You never would have guessed.

Anonymous said...

I admit it, I have trophy envy. If I weren't almost blind I would take up shooting or archery or something cool. Any chance there is a trophy for competitive book stacking?

Congratulations on your win, Leslie!

Laurel N

Leslie Langtry said...

Teri??? Pageants? Really?

Laurel, seems we could make one for that.

Terri Osburn said...

Yep. Beauty pageants from age 5 to 8. I was even Princess of Bloomingdale and got to ride in a parade. :)

Brandy said...

I have not trophies, so you're two up on me! My kids have tons of trophies and medals from MA and hubs has commendations for the military and work.

Catherine Lee said...

When you say "Trophy Author," I can't help but smile because I think, "Trophy Wife"!

Congrats on your recognition as Blogger of the Year at The Book Boost.