Thursday, April 01, 2010

They Don't Call Me Bullet Hole for Nothing...

A couple weeks ago my son was home from college to visit. We both love a good bargain and like to hit the area thrift shops from time to time to see what new and different things they have to offer. We were browsing at a local place (me in the books section, the kid in the furniture) when the kid hurried over to me.

"I've found a picture I think you're really going to like," he said.

"Right. It's that scary clown picture up front, isn't it?" I responded. (In case you've forgotten, I despise clowns.) Anyway, the kid shook his head.

"No, it's not the clown. But trust me, you'll love it!"

I winced. The last time he said these words he was trying to get me to try sushi.

I permitted myself to be led to the picture 'gallery'. And there it was:

For a whopping $7.99 I am now the proud owner of an original art work depicting a good old fashioned, blood and guts shoot-out on the steps of the Mohave State Bank, Arizona,, circa 1874.
I LOVE it! It fits right in with my set of John Wayne 'Courage' mugs, the roping saddle, and collection of western DVDs.
Does my kid know me or what?
Hope your April Food's Day includes some 'unexpected treasure' in addition to the pranks!
~Bullet Hole~

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Tori Lennox said...

That's great! And sure beats a picture of clowns!