Monday, April 19, 2010

Things That Make You Go Hmmmmmm

I write with the television on for the noise. I've trained myself to write in noise and now I can't seem to work in the quiet. So the first thing I do before sitting down to write is turn on the tv. I don't actually watch while I'm writing, but in between thoughts/sections/etc. I may look up and catch something that makes me hit the rewind on the PVR because I simply don't understand.

Here's one that I caught on a talk show last week. This video is both fascinating, impressive and somewhat disturbing, at the same time.

Then I caught a story on kids that stack plastic cups...really fast. Like shuffling a deck of cards fast. And while it's fascinating to watch, all I could think was three things:

1. How much time did they waste learning this?
2. What the hell are they going to use a skill like this for as an adult?
3. How many times have they gotten beat up on the schoolyard for being a nerd?

Does anyone really get the draw of marathon, lightning-speed cup stacking? I mean, I suppose they could go on to be a famous bartender because, well, there's like none of those, right? Or they could be the fastest dishwasher in the world, but it seems like a whole lot of effort for minimum wage. And God knows we don't need any more magicians. Unless they can shuffle tigers under those cups, who cares?

Anything that makes you go "hmmmmmmm?"

Deadly DeLeon


Tori Lennox said...

Our local newscasters make me go "hmmmm" almost every day. *g*

Jana DeLeon said...

LOL Tori, which is exactly why I try to avoid the news. But ever once and a while, I catch a bit of it. Enough to know why I don't listen regularly.