Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sex and the City

Hey, Guys,

I'm having to write this on the run. You see, I just got back from national, and I have a lot of very incriminating photos of Trigger Happy and The Assasin. Yep. I caught them in the act several times in San Francisco. So, with a near hurricane blowing into Houston this morning, and with those two on my tail, I figure I'd better head out of town for a while. I'll catch with you guys a little later in the day...and I'll blog about the conference (and post those blackmail pics) in a few weeks.

~Crime Scene Christie

Yeah, I know this is coming a little late but I still want to do a little survey here. And guys, you can play too if you’re brave enough.

1) How many of my Killer Fiction readers watched Sex and the City on television?

2) How many went to see the movie? And who did you take with you?

3) Now, what did you guys think? Did the movie do the sitcom justice? Was there a favorite scene/part?

Okay, now let’s move to some personal stuff. (Don’t you love personal stuff?)

4) Which of our Sex and the City Girls are you most like in how you approach men/dating/sex? Are you a Carrie, a Charlotte, a Miranda, or a Samantha? (Now, I’m not going to characterize them for you, because part of how you perceive them, will probably tell a lot about yourself.) Are you mixture of all of them? How so?

5) Who do you secretly wish you were more like?

And since it’s not fair to ask you to fill out a survey and not make me do it, I’ll play along too.

1) We at the Craig house are just now getting cable. (Remember the blogs about my hubby being very frugal?) So, I’ve been watching the reruns on regular television and have rented two of the series on DVD and watched them.

2) I did see the movie and here’s the kicker. I saw it with the biggest Sex-and-the-City fan I know. My hubby. Yep, you read that right. I mean, he was out on the first night’s release, fought the crowd and everything, to get good seats. When I teased him about it, his reply was: “Hey, what other movie could I get brownie points for taking my wife to see that included naked women, sex, and I would probably be one of the very few males in a theater full of other beautiful women?” (Yeah, he was put in the doghouse for that little remark!)

3) I loved the movie and I thought it did an excellent job of portraying the characters that I had grown to know through the sitcom. My favorite part? Okay, for those who know me, or have read a lot of blogs/books, you might be able to guess this. I’m sort of a fan of potty humor. I think my favorite line/part was when Carrie told Charlotte, and I’m paraphrasing here. “Hon’, you’re also the gal who shit her pants this year; your life isn’t perfect.”

4) (Hmm…now for the personal stuff.) Well, because I value home and hearth, I sometimes see a bit of Charlotte in me--someone who wants the family and a good hubby, but also appreciates what else a good husband can bring to the table. Ooh..la…la. This said, I also relate with Carrie in her career focus and the sometimes zany way she relates to men, romance, and sex. I love her spirit, and can really relate to the way she analyzes life and all the little things that happen. I probably approach life a little more like Carrie than I do Charlotte. However, I could never pull off those outfits or wear some of those shoes.

5) Why do I feel a lot of us will say we secretly wish we had a little more Samantha in us? Well, I love family and having someone to walk through life with and wouldn’t really want to live the single girl’s life forever. (Although, a few days is fun to fantasize about.) I really admire Samantha’s boldness, and her sense of self. To me, Samantha may be a little selfish at times, but her ability to know what she wants and put her own needs out there is something I admire. I guess I secretly wish I s had a little bit more Samantha in me.

Okay, there you have it. Now, let’s here from you guys. Come on, it will be fun.

Crime Scene Christie


Terri Osburn said...

I watched this show from the beginning and now still catch the re-runs. But sadly, I've yet to see the movie.

I think I might be more like Miranda. Her life always seemed to be in chaos and she didn't like anything mushy. I'm not very mushy in real life, even if I love romance and angst.

I wish I was more like Charlotte in that she knew exactly what she wanted and was determined to find it. Plus, she's so sophisticated and domestic and I'm neither of those things.

Hope you miss the hurricane and I'm not bummed because I realize I didn't get a picture of Gemma or Leslie. Or you! I will never again volunteer to sell raffle tickets during the signing. Totally messed me up!

Gemma Halliday said...

1)I’ve seen every episode. At least five times.
2)My mom was the one who got me into S&TC, so I had to see the movie with her.
3)I hate to say it, but I was really disappointed with the movie. I wish they had hired the TV writers to write the script because it felt very obvious to me that someone new had tried to take over the characters. :( But the fashions were fab!
4)I’ve always thought I was a Carrie, but at nationals I was informed by my best friend’s boyfriend that I am a Samantha all the way. (He even started calling me Samantha at one point!)
5)Miranda. I always wanted to be a lawyer, but just couldn’t fathom going through hat much schooling. I especially loved Miranda later in the series when she was juggling kids and husband and law AND still made time for her girlfriends. I’m pretty sure she had 29 hour days.

P.S. Trade you a pair of sparkly slingbacks to “lose” those photos?


Christie Craig said...


Miranda, hmm? *thinks about that for a few minutes*

I've always liked Miranda, especially the way she was with Steve's mother in those last episodes of the show.

I'm going to hold off on identifying my choice until later. You might be surprised, too. *grin*

I'll show you all my pics in a couple of weeks. Once Trigger Happy and The Asassin stop gunning for me.

Thanks for posting, girl!

Crime Scene Christie

Christie Craig said...


So why were you disappointed in the movie? Tell us about it.

Now, as for you being a Samantha . . . well, I thought you were more of a Carrie, too, but could be, yep, I can see that.

Thanks for dropping by.

Crime Scene Christie

ps: No sparkly slingbacks. Now, a new hat . . .

Terri Osburn said...

Gemma - I would have put you as a Carrie too. I mean, you even come with your own Mr. Big!

Christie - These are rather revealing questions. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I'm in the minority. I've only seen a handful of episodes (or so I recall) and I never quite got what all the hoopla was about. :)

Keri Ford said...

I'm with Tori. Only seen a few episodes. I probalby would have watched more, but it seems like there was always something else on. I've seen enough to guess and say I'm most like Charlotte and I'm happy with her

Christie Craig said...

Now Terrio,

You could keep it G rated.n:-)

And thanks again for dropping my tickets into the raffle bags at Nations.

Crime Scene Christie

Christie Craig said...


At first I wasn't into them either, but they sort of grew on me when I got to know the characters. I loved hearing her columns, they always really seemed to have a powerful message or question.

Thanks for popping in.

Crime Scene Christie

Christie Craig said...


It's hard to find the time to watch progams. I started getting into the reruns. They hit right about the time we crawled into bed so we always watched. This year, I haven't been keeping up with hardly any shows.

Thanks for posting girl.

Crime Scene Christie

Suzan Harden said...

1) Big Fan! Watched the last episode with my best friend "B" during a "ditch the families" weekend. It also happened to be her birthday, so I made dinner, bought a cake, etc.

2) Went to the movie the first week by myself since I now live in Houston and "B" is in Charlotte, NC.

3) IMHO, the girls were dead on, but I was really disappointed on how Steve and Smith were portrayed by the writers. Their actions and attitudes just didn't ring true. My favorite part was when Carrie went with her original plan (and suit! Always trust your gut!) and she and Big went to the justice of the peace.

4) Samantha. Yes, I admit it.

5) I can honestly say no one. I like who I am.

Christie Craig said...


It sounds like you and "B" had a great time watching the last episode of the series. It was a great episode, too, wasn't it?

I think you may be right about the guys seeming a little "off" character-wise in the movie. Still, I did enjoy it.

And I can definitely see you as a Samantha. *smiles*

Thanks for dropping by.

Crime Scene Christie

Gemma Halliday said...

So why were you disappointed in the movie? Tell us about it.

Spoiler alert for those who haven’t seen the movie…..

My major beefs with the movie were the guys.

Steve would NEVER have cheated on Miranda. It’s just not his personality. He’s the sweet guy.

I didn’t buy Big’s reason for not being at the wedding, then suddenly changing his mind, but it being too late. Yes, he’s a commitmentphobe. But he was never flaky. He’s Big – powerful alpha male. The wishy-washy thing didn’t fit for me.

And Samantha leaving Smith just broke my heart. She didn’t need to be away from him to have her own life. She just needed to be the powerful woman she was and have her own life.

I think the series ended in such a perfect place that the movie just really didn’t do it justice. That said, I did still enjoy seeing all the “old friends” again and the fashion was fab.


Suzan Harden said...

Gemma - I'm SOO glad I wasn't the only who thought that Steve and Smith were off. You're right - Steve would NEVER, EVER have cheated. And Smith's callousness towards Samantha's feelings made NO SENSE. This is the guy who shaved his head when his girlfriend lost hers during chemo!

And trust me, true readers, Christie REALLY IS Carrie! Don't let her fool you with that Charlotte crap.

Leslie Langtry said...

Sorry so late - I had no internet connection today. I think I'm a Carrie/Miranda hybrid.

The Assassin

Christie Craig said...

Gemma and Suzan,

Yep. I think you guys have a good point about how the guys didn't act like themselves in the movie. I still enjoyed it though.

And thanks, Suzan, for calling me a Carrie.

Crime Scene Christie

Christie Craig said...


A Carrie/Miranda hybrid is a great combo, I think. And sorry to hear about your trouble with the Internet. That's never fun.

Thanks for dropping by.

Crime Scene Christie

Anonymous said...

1. It was one of my favorite shows:)

2. I saw the movie with a girlfriend.

3. The movie didn't do the series justice. The series spawned so many clever terms ... i.e., modelizer, for a man who dates only models, lol. If there was a clever term in the movie, I missed it.

I agree that Smith's treatment of Samantha didn't ring true. And Samantha would never walk around with weight gain! She would lipo out any excess fat when she scheduled her botox appointment.

Big and Steve seemed off to me too. And why did Anthony and Stanford hook up after being repulsed by each other?

4 & 5 I'm a Charlotte who sometimes wants to be a Samantha.

Mary M

Christie Craig said...

Mary M,

Yep. The boys didn't seem to ring as true as the girls did in the movie. I wonder if there will be a second movie - does anyone have any idea?

Thanks so much for posting.

Crime Scene Christie