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Ciara Gold on the Antics of the Absent Minded

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Crime Scene Christie

I'd like to introduce you guys to one of my writing buddies. Ciara Gold's not only a talented lady, she's just downright nice, and taller than I am, and thinner. (I try not to hold that against her!) Because it's still our anniversary week, I've twisted her arm into giving away a signed copy of her book. So guys, make sure you post. You won't be disappointed.

Crime Scene Christie

First I want to thank Christie Craig for inviting me to guest blog. What fun. For those of you that don’t know me or my work, I write historical western romance and sci-fi futuristic romance (I won an Eppie last year for A Noble Sacrifice)

Okay, now that my shameless promoting is out of the way, I’d like to tell you a story. Ever get so overwhelmed you start forgetting really important things? I’m not talking appointments or bills, I’m talking really, really important things like your whole life.

So – here’s a little more about me. I’m an A-type personality who’s a workaholic. I’m a wife and mother, a full time job and then some. I teach full time so school is about to start, and I’m in the midst of lesson plans and other preparations. I’m the editor for a local magazine called Flirt, an artist, a webmistress for three websites, and a published author. Perhaps I have a good excuse for being preoccupied????

I hate shopping and I’m not a typically negative person, but this is my least favorite thing to do. It rates right up there with the mammogram. But – we’re out of food and one must shop if one plans to cook and feed the family. I head off to my local Krogers and experience a rather typical shopping moment. No lines, no fuss, pretty laid back because the college students have yet to return to town. No worries – or so I think. I pay and then push my cart leisurely out into the parking lot. Still no worries. The sun’s even shining.

By now, I’m in my other world. You know, that dream world where you start concentrating about this and that, new plots, lesson plans, the articles I need to interview for, what I’m going to wear my first day back, dinner, did I feed the dog already ….. And while I’m in my other world, I unload all my groceries, return the cart, and drive home.

I pull up in front of my house, turn off the car, go to grab my purse …. Go to grab my purse…. OMG, where’s my purse? And then it dawns on me.

Yep, I’d left my purse sitting in the front basket of my shopping cart, in the parking lot of my friendly neighborhood Krogers for all the world to see and steal.

Panic time. I revved the engine, peeled out into the street, tried real hard not to speed too badly and rushed back to Krogers. My heart sank when I saw no purse in that cart. Now, you have to realize that during this panic time, my overactive imagination has gone into dreamland hell. I’m running through all sorts of scenarios and none pleasant. Who do I call first? The police? The banks? The credit cards? My husband? Hmmm, maybe not my husband. This is not something I’m looking forward to explaining.

I park the car, run into the store, confront the bagger with a “Please tell me someone turned it in.” He, of course, gives me a blank stare. I turn to the costumer service counter and felt my heart drop. There it was. My purse sat on the counter with not one, but three service employees looking through it and one already on the phone. Yeah, looks like I don’t have to call my husband after all. Krogers already did. The most embarrassing end to the story is that five of the employees, four at the checkouts and one at the service booth were all my students from last year. Big sigh. I wish I could have thanked the gentleman/hero who turned it in.

Of course, being the writer I am, I get into my car, very relieved to have my whole life back and begin to plot. Just imagine a character so spaced out, she forgets her purse and someone does pick it up. What does she do next? What would you do?


Christie Craig said...


First, thanks for guest blogging on Killer Fiction and second, thanks for admitting to your absent mindedness. Boy howdie, can I relate.

I once left my purse well-hidden in a hotel room and didn't remember it until I was in another state.

Believe it or not, I actually got my purse and everything in it back. I think there are some purse angels out there taking care of us absent-minded creative people.

Yup, I blame all my absent mindedness on my creativity.

Thanks againg Ciara!

Christie Craig

Anonymous said...


What a great blog! And how lucky it was that some good samaritan turned in your purse!

I haven't left my purse in a shopping cart but I have "lost" a pair of computer glasses while driving from work to home. Oh, I know what you're thinking - how can I lose a pair of glasses in the car? Don't know, but it happened. (Which explains why I'm squinting at the computer screen now. LOL.)

Great blog, and congrats on your book's release!


Anonymous said...


What a great blog topic! I am SO glad you got your purse back easily.

I once forgot something VERY important on the kitchen table. Made it all the way down out very long driveway and down the street. Turned the corner thinking about the ridiculous list of errands I needed to run before the kids got out of elementary school.

Suddenly I realized--OMIGOD!!! I left the baby in the carseat on the kitchen table!!!!! I have recently just admitted this crime to my family--and the baby, who is now fourteen years old and much taller than me.

I don't think I've done anything that awful again--but, possibly, I've forgotten that too!!!

Toystory said...

Glad you had a successful conclusion to your "incident" - not all of them turn out that way!

Meljprincess said...

Hi Ciara,
Oh, I can't stand to lose anything. It makes me seriously crazy. Years ago my purse was stolen out of my friend's car while we were in a bar. I had my uncle's ring from Vietnam in it and I was heartbroken. For days I drove around that bar listening to Pat Benatar's "Love Is A Battlefield" over and over looking for my purse hoping it was in a dumpster or that maybe the contents were thrown in a yard. A few weeks later I got a call from the post office. Some kind soul found my license and put it in the mailbox. That's the only thing I got back.
I'm very absent minded now because of health issues so I'm extra careful when I do stuff. Nice to meet you. Would love to read your book.

Mel K.

Ciara Gold said...

Thanks so much for having me here today. I'm glad to see I'm not alone in my absentmindedness. Faye, I've lost my glasses too. Got frantic and then realized they were sitting on top of my nose. That's probably the goofiest thing I've done.

But Nancy, the baby! I can so picture myself doing this. I was running late one day and my inlaws were staying with us. They were leaving that day, but I asked if they could drop the baby off at daycare on their way out. Great idea, but I'd dropped my car keys in the diaper bag. Grrrr. So - yeah, I was very late to work that day.

And Yes, Toystory, there are some great people out there. As Christie says, some purse angels among us.

Ciara Gold said...

Hi Mel, nice to meet you too. I had my purse stolen when I was in high school during a pep rally. Luckily, I found it in a trash can in the bathroom and retreived the momentos but not the money. I hate that you lost something priceless that day. It makes us realize our vulnerability, I think. With identity theft we have to be soooo careful now adays.

Terry S said...

From the other side - I've found a purse. It was underneath mailboxes and, obviously, the person set it down to open their box, got side-tracked by their mail and went home without it. It was night so it would have been easy to overlook it. I saw it as I was driving by, stopped, looked inside to get an address and tromped up to the door to return it. Do you know what I remember most about the whole incident? The person looked at me like I'd stolen the purse, grabbed it and shut the door in my face with nary a thank you. I'm relatively sure I would have been incoherent with thanks if it had been my purse being returned totally intact.

I'm so glad all the horrible "what ifs?" I'm sure were running through your mind were averted by another purse finder.

kmt1976 said...

Purses rank right up there with "Where is my cell phone". However, my story is about a birthday cake. My friend baked a chocolate cake with chocolate icing for me (If God wanted any otner flavor he/she wouldn't have invented chocolate). Anyway, she put the cake on the roof of the car so that she could get the keys out of her purse and... the rest is history - so was the cake!

Kimber Chin said...

I'm so forgetful,
I've forgotten my birthday before.

I checked the answering machine
and had to do a double look.
WHY were all these people calling?


Now, a best bud reminds me.
And THAT is why she's my best bud.

A Noble Sacrifice was a well deserved win.

Gemma Halliday said...

Thanks so much for coming to visit and help us celebrate our big anniversary, Ciara!

And I am so glad I'm not the only one who has those blonde moments. I think my worst one was when I locked my keys in the car... with a toddler who was strapped to his car seat. I was just thankful a) it wasn't a hot day and b) the tow truck came quickly to get him out. Hard to keep a cranky confined toddler happy with peek-a-boo when you're totally freaking out.


Unknown said...

Hi Ciara, I am glad everything worked out with your purse. A lot of people would not have turned it in. You were lucky! That is why I never set my purse in the cart because I would forget it too.

Unknown said...

It's nice to know there are honest people out there. I lost my credit card once - didn't know until the next day. It took me awhile to backtrack, that I'd used it the previous morning at the gas station. I called, and someone had found it on the ground, and turned it in.

Anonymous said...

Ever forget a child? How about losing one? We lost our youngest at Cedar Point in Ohio when he was only six.

I've never experienced panic like I did that day.

Oh! We found him on one of the ride and were informed, he knew where he was all the time.


Allison Knight

Anonymous said...

Thanks for blogging on Killer Fiction. I once put my coffee mug on top of the car to have my hands free and left it there while I drove down the Interstate. I found it when I got out and looked up! We all get that forgetful sometimes.
I'll be looking for that book.

Sandy said...

After reading your "call" I've decided to add your name to the list of "must reads".
Thank you for perservering.
have fun

jean said...

You have no idea how nervous your post made me! I read, heart pounding all the way to the end, because I know I would completely freak if I ever lost or forgot my purse somewhere. I've been a compulsive purse person all my life, apparently. Even in old family pictures where I'm, like, five years old, I've got this red plastic purse slung over my shoulder. So glad it all worked out.

Ciara Gold said...

Wow, I'm so relieved to know I'm not the only one with these moments though I hate that all of you had to experience that kind of panic. Teri, I can't believe someone would act that way. I'd have been a "thank you" geek if someone had done that for me. Actually, I think I was a "thank you" geek when I went to retrieve my purse. Too funny.

I'm happy to report, I went shopping today at that same store. I've been dreading it because I could still feel the panic, but I made it home with my purse this time so no worries!

Karin and Gram, I've pulled that stunt before. My full coke didn't fair so well either. And my husband lost a cresent wrench that way.

As for losing a child even temporarily or locking them in the car, I think that kind of panic would even be worse. We took our son, then two, to the Houston Livestock show and Rodeo once and there were so many folks there, I made my husband carry him the entire time. Then one time, we were going boating and before we could get a life vest on the boy, he stepped off the dock and into 20-ft water. Luckily, my husband was right there and was able to jump in and grab him before any harm came to him. Dang, kids are quick. Of course, he's my accident prone child anyway.

Hey Kimber! Thanks for stopping by.

Virginia, thanks for the kind words and you're right. I was very lucky. As Christie say, I think the purse fairy was looking out for me.

Estella said...

Glad you got your purse back.
It is nice to know some people are honest.

T. M. Hunter said...

Plot bunny: Woman leaves her purse at the store, where it's picked up and taken. It's recovered at a murder scene, and the woman is now prime suspect #1.

You're welcome. :-)

Karen H said...

Great blog and so glad there are still good people in this world to turn the purse into the store without taking anything.

I am sometimes absent-minded but I can claim 'Senior Moment' for those times when I forget something. My biggest worry is when I'm driving and I let my mind wander (easy to do) and when I am about 1/2 block past a traffic light, I wonder if I stopped for it.

catslady said...

We've had a slew of lost things lately. My daughter lost her coach pursette with her credit cards in another city. No one had it and she called for new cards. 2 weeks later it was found which was great but of course she had made all the phone calls. Then my husband was outside and heard a thump and a cell phone and wallet were on the street. Some young kid had left it on the top of his car lol. Then the worst was the night of their rehearsal the groom couldn't find his passport (needed for their honeymoon). He had bought a new wallet and though he had thrown it away. It was a long night but he was able to find someone to check his apartment (in another city), they found it and they were able to find someone from out of state that was coming to the wedding who made a detour to pick it up. This was just in the last few weeks!

Suzan Harden said...

Hey, Ciara! (Cyber Wave)

I've been on both the losing and the finding end for stuff. Though I haven't lost the kid yet.

P.S. Faye, have you checked the top of your head?

Ciara Gold said...

Oh gosh, Aston - too funny. Yep that would make a great plot. The writing wheels are turning.

And Sandy, I don't think I replied to your kind words. Thanks so much! Estella, yes, there are kind folks still around. Makes you have faith in mankind when things like this happen.

Karen, I am always doing stuff like this. I blew through a 4 way stop the other day. Luckily, it wasn't busy and no one was around to witness my bad driving moment. I've sense tried to be more careful and concentrate on only driving and not - the next plot. I'm also bad about going past the right destination because I was deep in conversation a not paying attention. Senior moments are rough.

Kat, I haven't lost a credit card yet, but I figure it's only a matter of time. I did lose my driver's lisence in France. I forgot about that until I read your post. Luckily someone in our tour group realized it was mine and got it back to me. Scary to be in a foreign country without your DL though they never asked for it at the airports. Only the passport. And Catslady, that's a story for there grandkids. They need to write that one down. LOL. Too fun but I'm glad it worked out.

Hey Suzan! So good to see you here.

Unknown said...

My neighbor did that also at Kroger's. We called as soon as she realized her purse wasn't in the car. They had it at the main desk.

Ray said...

Great blog. If I didn't leave my phone on all the time I would have lost it long ago. Calling from my house phone is the only way to find it.

I was so noted for absentmindedness that once when I left a notebook and all the requisitions I had intended to turn into the Naval Supply Center I had to return to work without them. My boss decided that I needed an MRI and an electroencephalogram. Everything was normal, but I at least learned something about the tests.

There might have been a little retaliation motivation because previously I had testified against him in a sexual harassment case and also in a sexual discrimination case for EEO.

I think the fictitious character in your scenario should have her purse found by the hero of the story.


Ciara Gold said...

Must be a Kroger's thing, eh Amy? Glad to see her purse was recovered also.

Hey Ray, one of these days I'm going to tap you for all kinds of plot ideas. You've had so many great experiences. As for absentmindedness, I think that comes from being so busy and active. My daughter lost her phone the other day. Two days later, I found it - in the washing machine. At least the SIM card was still good.

Sue A. said...

LOL It's good to know that authors are just as human as their readers. Great post!

On a road trip south on I-5 we stopped of at a mall for food. After spending some time in the mall shopping I somehow lost the keys to the rental car and only discovered it when we were ready to go. Major moment of panic. I had no idea of where to start looking, as we'd been everywhere. Boy was I red in the face. Lucky for me some time later someone in the group figured out I'd dumped the contents of my food tray in the trash along with the keys.

Ciara Gold said...

Oh my goodness, Sue. Gives new meaning to dumpster diving. I'm glad you found the keys though. Yeah. I've got a ton of missing key stories. My husband watches me now to see where I lay them down cuz I'm always frantically searching the morning.

Ciara Gold said...

Christie, thanks so much for letting me blog today. What fun! Of course, I don't think the thinner part applies anymore. Sitting and writing has a way of making things blossom that shouldn't. LOL.

LadyVampire2u said...

Great post. And I'm happy that all turned out well and that your purse was found without problem. Now if that happened to me, I wouldn't have been so lucky. In fact it has happened to me and now I keep my purse on me at all times. Mine is a very small one so it really is not much weight or trouble though.

Ray said...

I had forgotten one incident that happened to me, actually two after it worked out. I lost my wallet with all my ID and Visa cards and $150 in cash. I went back to the gas station, reported it missing and never found it. I had to get everything replaced before flying out to a ship. I was overseas for six or eight months, return and the wallet was behind a door at home that no one ever closes.

Second incident: While overseas the next time I was on my way to a beach in Ibiza. I had been taking the old ID's ashore with me so nothing could happen to the good ones. While waiting for the bus to the beach I had purchased an ice cream and put my wallet in my backpack. A man came up and asked me which bus went to his destination. I turned around to show him and the pack that was lying on the ground was taken by a second man. I didn't realize they were working in pairs so I followed the wrong man. He was part of an itinerant band of thieves who prayed on travelers. Big surprise for the thieves when they opened the bag. All that was in it was a sheet and a wallet with only a few Euros and invalid ID cards. I never took my Visa card ashore unless I was going to the ATM machine. Never if I was going to the beach.


Linda LaRoque said...

Great post, Ciara. I think we can all relate as most folks have done something similar. I left mine at a McDonalds while traveling and had to pick it up a few days later on our way back home. Fortunately, I was able to call and let them know I'd be back.