Sunday, June 15, 2008

YouTube Sunday

This week’s winner is Maithe, with the video she found of Gummibär.
Yay, Maithe! Next week I'm giving away a pack of Ellora's Cave Golden Age of Hollywood playing cards, featuring different hot, steamy covers on each card. Very fun! So, send me your video finds!

Okay, I will admit that the first few seconds of this video I was confused. The next few, I started to smile. Then giggle. But by the end, I was busting up. By the third time I watched it, I was singing along. Careful, it’s addictive. Oh, and if you go to Gummibär’s website (, you can hear it in Hungarian, German, French, Spanish, Swedish, Brazillian and (my favorite) Spanglish. That’s one talented gummy bear!

And, because it’s summer, here’s the encore. ;)


Christie Craig said...

I'm laughing, here, Gemma.

This was . . . odd.

Crime Scene Christie

catslady said...

I just saw this and laughed my head off!!