Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Someone Left The Cake Out In The Rain. . .

Someone sent me this photo and it seemed like it belonged on the wedding cake for the characters in GUNS WILL KEEP US TOGETHER.

I have to wonder who had this on their cake? And I also have to wonder what the bride was thinking. I mean, come on? A handgun versus a shotgun? She's totally toast unless she's a crack shot. And she's got that long dress to conceal a shotgun better. Even if she used her garter as a holster for the semiautomatic, it would take half an hour to get through all the $@#%* lace and crinoline just to find it, right?

I'm interested in this because I'm hooked on the tv show "Ace of Cakes." Oh. My. God. The program mixes two of my greatest loves. . .cake and tv. What?

The show revolves around a punk baker named Duff who specializes in unusual cakes. For example, they made a cake that eerily (and a bit grotesquely) resembled a large human ear for an ear doctor. They make all kinds of cakes and the cakes don't look like cakes. It's be-yond amazing. Take a look at the Louis Vuiton cake. It's a cake, that resembles an "it" bag!!! How wonderful is that? Probably almost as wonderful as being able to afford or get past the waiting list for said purse! I may be a fashtard when it comes to clothes, but when it comes to shoes and handbags I know my stuff (much to my husband's disappointment, but it's okay because I can live with that).

And check out the Indian Elephant cake! How do they do that??? Now, the cakes start at $500 and they have waiting lists for certain times of the year. My friend Michelle and I have our birthdays a couple of days apart in August and have told our spouses we want a Charm City Cake (that's the name of the company on the show). So far, they haven't flinched. Michelle wants a NASCAR car and I'm thinking of a giant praying mantis on the hood holding an uzi.

What do you think? Too over the top?

The Assassin


Christie Craig said...


I love the bride and groom gun cake! It could almost work for Weddings Can Be Murder, too.

Great post!

Crime Scene Christie

Leslie Langtry said...

I thought of that when I saw your new book! I love the cover, by the way!


Amie Stuart said...

I LURVE that show...and I"ve actually decided that next year when I turn 40 I TOTALLY want a Charm City Cake!

Hellie Sinclair said...

*LOL* I love the wedding cake! Too funny! Bodes well for the marriage too.

And definitely get the Ace of Cakes cake! I love that show! Those guys are the bomb! They can do anything.

Gemma Halliday said...

Okay, now I'm hungry. Hmm... wonder if there's any cake in the fridge...


Christie Craig said...

Thanks Leslie.

It's gonna be out soon, too. I'm getting jittery.

And I love, love your covers too.

Crime Scene Christie

Terri Osburn said...

That is so Dak's cake. LOL! And I bet the little figure would have perfect hair.

I love Duff and that show. That Titanic one they made was amazing. It was after the ship broke in half and was sinking. It was HUGE! And talk about a fun place to work. I want Mary Ann's job.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that's not a divorce cake?
I'm not sure I'd want to eat it either.
I'd worry somebody had added a little extra "spice" to one side or the other.

Keri Ford said...

I'm always amazed by the things they can do with a little sugar now a days.

I can't believe I've never heard of this show! Obviously this is not something advertised on the Disney channel :O) or I would have been tunning in!

Lucy said...

I love that cake. And the title Guns Will Keep Us Together...too cute. :)

Jana DeLeon said...

I love the cake idea! Save me a piece. :)

Leslie Langtry said...


Don't feel bad. If it ain't Hannah Montana - I don't see it either. A friend told me about it (ironically while we were working out at the Y) and I've been hooked ever since.


TJ Bennett said...

I worked in a bakery in So. California to make extra money for Christmas a few years ago. Oh, the tormenting smells...I never baked any cakes myself, but I made the edible photo pictures people would send in to have printed out on their cakes. Occasionally, when the bakery was very shorthanded, they let me put the photo sheets on the cakes or ice some cookies. Anyway, this bakery did these kinds of specialty cakes, too. Every year, Hugh Hefner ordered his birthday cake from there (you can imagine what that looked like). I watched the cake artists--and there is no other word to describe them--sculpt and fashion and design these things from scratch. The fondant (sp?) is the stuff on the outside that they color and shape like clay into all sorts of positions. It is the most AMAZING thing to see, and they were all tempermental and one-track-minded like real artists, too. They'd spend hours on something people were going to devour in a minute.

If I could have afforded one of those cakes, I would have bought it and framed it instead of eating it. Sprayed it with lacquer or something to keep it fresh...Ah, good times, good times. Except that it was a second job I worked on the weekends and I came home smelling like cookies and my kids would whine if I didn't bring any home, so I was always spending the profits and I gained five pounds...but other than that--good times. :-)