Monday, April 14, 2008

Pet Peeve - The Little Woman Syndrome

I'd reached the 60-day mark on my new house at the end of March, so it was time to turn in my "repair" list. Now, things are under warranty, but if it absolutely wasn't necessary, I figured I'd just wait and get it all done at the same time. I even managed to get the plumber and the electrician scheduled for the same day - bonus!

So the plumber came last Tuesday morning and did his job and was great - efficient, nice, in and out and didn't leave a mess. Things were going really, really well - and then came the electrician.

The electrician was there to fix the light above the kitchen sink. I was standing at the sink one day, doing some sink sort of kitchen business and the light bulb went "poof" like light bulbs do. So I figured the bulb went out - that would be a good guess. But when I replaced the bulb, it still didn't work. So hence, the electrician.

When I pointed out the non-working light to the electrician (who DID have a tool belt, Kathy, but you SO would not want him!) and then the butthead actually asked me if I'd tried another bulb. So I stared at him for a moment then said: "Yes, I tried a bulb from another light feature that I knew was working. When it didn't come on, I tested it with a voltage meter and it's not getting any juice. By the way, I turned the light switch on too."


What is it with some men that they think women only know cooking and sewing? Boy any man that wanted me for those reasons would be disappointed the rest of his life.

Then it gets better. So butthead goes about fixing the light and about an hour later I ask if he's figured out the problem. So he says that the light wasn't wired. So I ask how it's possible for a light to come unwired as it was working for about six weeks. And he tells me that's not possible.

Are you kidding me?????????

So what the heck was that light that was there before - a beam of light from heaven? Now I could be wrong, but I figure God's got more important things to tend to than illuminating my kitchen sink. Or maybe it was just my imagination that the light had been working for six weeks. Oh, and it's a collective illusion because my mom used that light too.

I've finally settled on one of two explanations:

1. There are aliens living in my attic and it was light from the mother ship.

2. The electrician is an idiot.

Now, 1 would make an interesting story, but I'm betting on 2.

Deadly (No Dummy) DeLeon


Lucy said...

Oh I HATE that! Mechanics are like that too. Once I was picking up my car from the mechanic's and I'd had to have someone take me so my step-father went with me. I asked the mechanic a question and he turned to my step-father and started giving HIM the answer, because of course, he had the necessary male appendage to understand the response. I cleared my throat and said "Excuse me. I asked the question and am the one writing the check to pay you. Tell ME what (whatever the question was)."

I vote for #2. And sorry you had to go through that.

Jenyfer Matthews said...

So maybe the force of the "poof" blew those wire right off? Or maybe he was just full of you-know-what and didn't want to explain himself to you?

Considering the light was over the sink, I suppose he doesn't realize how lucky he is that you didn't decide to turn on the water while he had his finger in the socket.

"Honestly, judge, I didn't know that water and electricity did THAT!"

Gemma Halliday said...

This is the reason I always put on my highest heels, shiniest lip gloss, and pinkest outfit when I go to Home Depot. I love to catch the boys being sexist macho men. Especially when I know more about the tools than they do. ;)


Terri Osburn said...

This stuff makes me nuts. Especially with the mechanics as Lucy mentions. My dad is a mechanic and I grew up around cars so I know a thing or two. When they tell me crap I know is bull I always call them on it. Stupid ass.

My ex was helpless in all *guy* areas. He could barely tie his shoes let alone change a tire or fix something around the house. If I ever marry again, the dude is going to have to be an all around handyman. Or at least know as much as I do!

Jana DeLeon said...

Yes, Lucy - I've had my share of run-ins with mechanics too. They just refuse to think a woman can know engines and I probably know more about them than most men.

Oh well, their loss. :)

Jana DeLeon said...

LOL Jenyfer - that's it!!!! I never thought about the poof blowing the wires off, but you've totally got it. And you made me laugh! Thanks!

Jana DeLeon said...

LOL Gemma - I can totally see you doing that. I hadn't actually thought of it, but I just might have to try it next time. :)

Jana DeLeon said...

Terrio - I totally get you. I have 3 rules when it comes to me. I have to fit in their pants (ie they can't be thinner than me), They have to be able to beat me in a fist fight (not that I'm having one, but you get the idea), and they have to know more about cars/bikes than I do.

Keri Ford said...

Ugh. What is it with men and this complex? I had people installing the skirt for my trailer and I needed a board cut for whatever project I was rigging together (a whole 'nother subject!).

I break out the 2X4's, ruler, pencil, triangle square, and then when I bring out the electric saw one of the men stops me and asks if I know what I'm doing and he'll cut the length for me. *rolls eyes* thinking about it.

Oh, and Gemma, when I have to go buy something and I have no idea what I'm doing, I do the VERY SAME THING. I had a flat and went to the store for a new one. Three guys were out there remounting the spare tire back underneath the truck. This was after they dug around for the accessory's for ten minutes. I thought this was normal behavior. My husband informed 'normal' would have been to toss the tire in the back of the truck and let the owner deal with it!

Terri Osburn said...

Jana - you hit my list exactly. I just stopped seeing a guy because he was exactly my height (5'4") and I'm sure I outweighed him by at least 50lbs (probably more *sigh*). And I'm pretty sure I could have taken him with one punch.

Though I have to add my ex is 6'3" and around 300 lbs. I probably could have taken him with one punch as well. LOL!

Disclaimer - I am not a boxer nor do I weigh 300lbs! Had to clear that up. LOL! My dad just taught me to be tough. What can I say?

Jana DeLeon said...

Good for you Keri - I have a fairly impressive collection of power tools myself. :)

Jana DeLeon said...

LOL Terrio! I totally understand. I was raised to be tough too.

Christie Craig said...

LOL. I think the guy was an idiot.
Too funny, Jana.


Anonymous said...

Definitely an idiot. I'm glad we have Dave the Plumber (we always have to attach the title to his name *g*) and his crew to do our plumbing & electrical work (they do both, obviously).

One of the guys was installing a new light fixture in my bedroom. We mentioned that the old one was always blowing bulbs. Turns out the light was wired wrong! Your guy, or a relative of his, probably did the first installation. *g*

Anyway, Billy said it was a wonder it hadn't started a fire!

Jana DeLeon said...

Me too, Christie!

Jana DeLeon said...

Jeez, tori - that ought to make you feel much better, huh? Hey, it could have been worse- it could have all burned down. Lord help.

catslady said...

You sure you trust the job he did????

Anonymous said...


Oh, yeah. I've met your electrician. Only he was a mechanic and a plumber and a . . . You get the idea. LOL.

Funny post, girl!


Jana DeLeon said...

You know, catslady, I have given it some serious thought and now that you mention it, I haven't actually used that light yet. lol

Jana DeLeon said...

Yes Faye - it seems that the electrician wears many hats. :)