Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Betty Crocker's Laser Light Cakestravaganza

Before I get started, note the photo above. It's Sin (the ravishing brunette on my right) and Hellion (the fiery redhead on my left)! We were all at the Spring Fling conference in Chicago last weekend and shared many cocktails, laughs and one author-related cootie catcher. Hey Girls!

So, here’s my week:

Tuesday – Talent Show Rehearsal – requires lugging two amps, two guitars and a tambourine up to school and sitting through hours of elementary-quality “talent” and two seriously creepy showbiz moms (who can't understand why we aren't providing a smoke machine and lazer light show for their kids). Later that evening was the Boy Scout Cake Auction – required baking and decorating a cake that would (hopefully) look like a crystal ball and then bidding on it and leaving paying 200% more than it cost to make. Eat expensive-but-for-a-good-cause cake and collapse. (Above is the only photo in existence of me, wearing an apron. Get an eyeful cuz you'll never see one again in my lifetime.)

Wednesday – Girl Scout meeting – which requires sewing newest merit badges (3) and newest fun patches (4) on uniform, organizing meeting (always act like you know what you are doing – even…no, especially if you don’t) and then actually running said meeting. Pick up spouse at airport, eat cake with vodka chaser and collapse.

Thursday – Margaret’s 10th birthday, which means I have to have 3 dozen treats for her to take to school, drop off spouse at airport, clean the house for the family to come over, have all presents purchased and actually wrapped, celebrate, eat cake with ice cream chaser and collapse.

Friday – At 4pm, my friend Beth and I are driving our daughters, two sons and six other screaming, squirming girls to the Amanas (an hour away) for an evening at the indoor waterpark where the motif is based on Amish butterchurning (seriously). This serves as Margaret and Hannah’s party for friends since they are one day apart and would just invite the same girls anyway. I won’t even go into detail since it’s too exhausting to even think about. At some point though, I will eat cake and collapse.

Saturday – Once we get home from the aforementioned birthday party about noon, I’ll be scrambling to get ready. I’m emceeing Wince (look up Cringe) Readings at Venus Envy - an arts festival celebrating women visual, musical and literary artists. This will basically be an hour or two of women reading embarrassing love notes, prose, poetry or diary entries from their teenage years. Which means I have to find something to read since I’m starting it. The whole event takes place in the Bucktown Artscenter and apparently the Wince thingy is sharing a room with two women doing performance art in the nude. And they are both thin. There’s nothing in my closet to compete with that. After 11pm, I’ll have several martinis with a cake chaser and collapse.

Sunday – Feel extreme regret for all that cake binging…eat cake and collapse.

So. What are you guys up to?

The Assassin Who Really Wishes She Was Right Now


Anonymous said...

I wont be able to tell you until after I finish collapsing with laughter.
If your kid needs any hints for Mothers Day tell you don't care what you get as long as it collapses. :)

Hellie Sinclair said...

Today, I'm still partying--heading out with a friend to play. Tonight I drive home; tomorrow I work (and Friday, and probably Saturday.) With any luck, I'll finally, finally get those folders done! Argh!

Totally wish I was doing the stuff in your week. Sounds so much fun. *LOL*

Woohoo! I got to meet Leslie Langtry and have my picture taken!!!

Terri Osburn said...

I'm still kicking myself for NOT going to Chicago. I heard Sin and Hellion totally stalked you. I do apologize for my fellow pirates. And I promise not to stalk you (as much) in San Fran.

*makes note to buy Leslie cake*

Thank you for making my week sound like...well...a piece of cake. We had a ball game Monday but got tornadoes instead. All is good and the game was last night. Still undefeated. Go Bandits!

Homework tonight and tomorrow (if I force myself), cleaning the house just because it looks horrible, Tides game (AAA baseball) Friday night then back to the ballfield Saturday morning. More homework Sunday.

Our talent show was last week. Two hours of rude parents talking while other peoples' kids performed. Thankfully, my daughter went on 4th before attention spans waned. Saved me from kicking major booty.

Sin said...

At least it wasn't the goofball picture you sent to me. That's all I've got to say 'bout that.

Spring Fling was a blast- an absolute blast! I had a great time "stalking" you last weekend Leslie.

Hope to do it again sometime. Preferably when we have more time to talk and drink. LOL And quote more movies. And drool over hotties in movies that are inspirations for your books. Daniel Craig- hawt!

Your week sounds jammed packed! I've come back to a chaotic office overrun with diagnosis codes and insurance forms. I didn't know one's office could explode with paper. So I'm up to nothing but working. Not working on Saturday like Hellion (you're insane) but I'll be sewing some shirts for my BFF to go to Egypt next month, this weekend.

Happy birthday to dear Margaret! Have a great weekend Leslie!

Christie Craig said...


Sounds as if you've been busy.

And the Chicago conference sounds like it was a hit. I know someone who went, too.

Hmm...I'll have to get the lowdown from her. See if she has any juicy gossip about you guys.

Crime Scene Christie

Anonymous said...

Leslie, this explains so much of where you come up with your plot ideas... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I didn't know about the nekkid women. Maybe my plans will change for Saturday night.

Your Favorite Reporter

PS I owe you lunch...

Leslie Langtry said...

Sin & Hellion have been elevated to "Friend" status from "stalker" status, which means the alert level has gone from beige to taupe.

Terrio - looking forward to meeting you in SF! Anonymous - I know who you are and you should TOTALLY go! Call me.

Oh, and the cake turned out okay. And then I bought it back for $35 and paid $40 for Margaret's boyfriend's cake because she had to have it. Now I have two cakes.

Leah - I knew you'd say that.


Sin said...

Wow. Friend status. I feel like I just won an oscar and I'm not even dressed for it.

Anonymous said...

I too was planning on skipping Venus Envy this year due to finals next week but the naked women may cause me to change my plans. Thanks for the update, Les!

Leslie Langtry said...

Teri! I saw you friended me now that my myspace site is up and running! That just happened today - so you are really fast! I'd better see you at Venus Envy with your diary in your hands!