Tuesday, April 22, 2008

RT'd Out

Well, I arrived back from RT and I have to tell you, I’m RT’d out. Pooped. But boy, did I have a blast.

Going to RT was like going to a four-day party. There was plenty of red wine, dancing, hot guys, romance readers, editors, and booksellers. Oooh, la, la. Bring it on!

There was the best dressed, the worst dressed, the least dressed, the least dressed who looked good strutting it, and the least dressed who thought they looked good but didn’t. My RT fashion tips: Guys, back hair ain’t pretty. Females, when the girls can’t stand up by themselves, they shouldn’t come out and play in public anymore.

There was the gossip, the secrets, the staying up until past midnight giggling with my best friend. Oh yes, it was a blast. Did I mention the hot guys?

For any of you who are thinking . . . but she’s a married woman, I’m here to tell you that you need not worry. I turned all those cover models down. Broke their hearts, I did. You believe that, don’t you?

Hey, I only kissed one, but that was to let him down easy after he wrote his room number on my palm. And the only reason I’m owning up to that is because I’m certain someone out there has a picture of it, since it happened on stage during the Mr. Cover Contest.

And since I’m confessing to things, I also hugged another cover model. Okay, I hugged him twice, but that was only because he was my hero.

Seriously, he was my hero. His name is Fred Williams.

You’re probably wondering what I mean by “hero”? Well, I’d like to tell you some warm, heart-tugging story about how he saved a child from a burning a building, helped a little ol’ lady get away from a pit bull, or maybe stopped his car in a busy intersection to rescue a kitten. But nope, he’s not that kind of hero. Well, maybe he is, I’m not sure, but that’s not what I mean by my hero.

I could tell you that when I first arrived at RT, I was informed that this very hot looking contestant for the Mr. Romance Cover Model Contest was looking for me. For ME! Now, let me explain something in case you don’t get the importance of that fact. This conference is filled with over 2000 women--most of them fall in the “least dressed and looking good strutting it” category--and Mr. Hotty is wanting to see “moi.” Do you know what that does for a girl’s ego?

However, ego boost aside, this isn’t why, or what I mean by Fred being my hero. Nope.

Fred is literally my hero. (Is it Gemma who doesn’t like that word?) Okay, he’s not literally. But he played my hero, Carl Hades, in Weddings Can Be Murder. Yup, in front of a large audience Fred Williams acted out a skit, a sort of visual synopsis, of my book at the Mr. Romance Contest at Romantic Times.

Now, when I first found Fred at the Fairy Ball, on the dance floor, surrounded by a group of hero-hungry women, my first thought was . . . “Hey, he’s my man!” Second thought was, “Hey, he looks good. Real good.” My third thought was . . . “Hey, physically, he’s not actually a match for Carl.”

Carl is Italian, Fred is African American, Carl had a head full of dark hair, Fred has the sexy and bald look going for him. Ahh, but be still my heart, because the moment Fred walked on that stage Saturday night, looking hot and totally immersed in the Carl Hades persona, I knew that man was perfect.

Fred really should be in Hollywood or maybe New York. Without a doubt, he brought to life the humor, the sexy, and the suspenseful tone of my hero and of my book. I tip my hat to you, Fred!

While I was totally ticked off that Fred didn’t take first place, (the bodies of those judges will never be found) I wasn’t surprised that he took second, and I have no doubt that this man is destined for great things: modeling, acting, and wooing women. Ladies, Fred not only looks good, but he has talent.

Oh, and for your pleasure, I’m going to post a few of my favorite pictures--some of Fred, and a few of the other models. So enjoy, ladies.

At the Mr. Romance Contest, the subject discussed by our moderators, was . . . What a woman really wants. So I’m asking you guys, what is it that you want in your man, in your hero?

If you’re married, what did your hubby do to win your heart? If you’re single, what would it take for a man to sweep you off your feet? I can certainly tell you what my hubby did to sweep me off my feet. But I’ll save that story for another blog. It’s your time to share. Come on. Share.

Today, I will give a way a Sexy, Suspenseful and Seriously Funny promo t-shirt to one lucky poster. I’ll post the lucky person on top of this blog tomorrow. So Come on, post away!

Crime Scene Christie


AuthorM said...

Great blog, Christie! And I agree, Fred is a sweetheart. Truly a nice guy -- but then, so were so many of the Mr. Romance Contestants!

Glad you had a good time at RT...even though I don't think we met...we might have. It's a big blur, now. LOL.


Christie Craig said...

Hi Authorm,

Thanks for stopping by. And I'd bet we rubbed shoulders, got into a elevator, sat next too, or admired the same contestant at one time or another.

Crime Scene Christie

Anonymous said...

Being male I don't think I qualify to participate in this contest.
Besides, I'm waiting with baited breath to find out what you found when you got home. Does Floppy-Skivies have a new playmate?

Angie Fox said...

Oh my word. Why did I skip RT? Thanks for giving us a glimpse and yow - you have a very nice looking cover model there. Great pics too. Mmmmm...eye candy.

Kristi said...

Hi Christie.

I knew my husband was the one when he didn't run screaming from my life when he saw all the responsibilities that I have.

At the time I had a 16 year old, a 5 year old and I was caring for my elderly grandfather as well as working 45 hours a week.

Instead he proposed and took them all on with me. He's a wonderful man and I am blessed to have him.

Hellie Sinclair said...

What would it take to sweep me off my feet?

Walk into my place of work dressed as a pirate. As THE pirate. We know who I'm talking about.

In a jam, he could also come dressed as a Scotsman.

Love a man who can get into a bit of roleplaying.

And considering Gemma's dating story, I'd prefer if he wasn't ACTUALLY a pirate.

Keri Ford said...

It sounds like you had a blast at RT. I've heard lots of things about RT, but by far, your experience sounds more like the type of fun I would have.

Oh, this is an easy-peasy for me! I was endeared to my husband forever when he still liked me knowing I wouldn't be laying on my back for him for a LONG time!
Yes, you read that correctly. My male schoolmates had informed my then boyfriend that *ahem* "my knees were locked together."

This probably goes without saying, but I didn't get a lot of dates in high school because of this 'unfortunate' trait of keeping my virtue intact.

Christie Craig said...

Okay, Bookmobiler, I personally would love to hear a male opinion on the matter. What would it take for a woman to knock you off your feet?

Amazingly, Floppy-Skivies doesn't have a roommate. Bugs don't count, right? You see, it's spring, we have huge pine trees, and it's the season for those Texas size tree roaches to find their way inside and become toys for my felines. Hubby, knowing how I feel about tree roaches playing with my kitties, decided to be extra sweet and bomb the house while I was away. And I do appreciate that, really.

However, it would have extra nice if he would removed the corpses before I got home.

Thanks for posting!

Crime Scene Christie

Teri Thackston said...

I'm glad you had such a good time and it sounds like the contest was a blast. Congrats on having your hero up there.

My personal hero captured my heart with the first kiss. It was the best I'd ever experienced and he's only gotten better over the years.

Welcome home!

Christie Craig said...

Hi Angie,

Okay, you really should have been there. It was a real blast. However, I saw your promo at RT, girl. Very nice!

Tell me, does this kind of candy come with calories?

Thanks for posting.

Crime Scene Christie

Christie Craig said...


You have a real hero on your hands girl. And I can totally relate, too. When I met my hubby, I was on the run from a bad marriage, avoiding all men at all cost. All I had to my name was a scared five year old, a duffel bag of Tupperware, and a lot of emotional baggage.

He convinced me all men were toilet scum, won the heart of my daughter, appreciated my Tupperware, and was patient enough for me work through my emotional baggage.

Thank you so much for sharing. Give hubby a big hug from all of us.

Crime Scene Christie

Christie Craig said...


Now, what pirate could you mean. Hmmm...?

Roleplaying, huh?

Thanks for posting and for the chuckle.

Crime Scene Christie

Christie Craig said...


Great, great story. Real heroes know when something is worth waiting for.

Thanks so much for sharing. And hey, next year girl, here's hoping we share a drink at RT.

Crime Scene Christie

Christie Craig said...

Hi Teri,

Faye and I missed you. Next year, you really go and keep us in line.

And a good kiss is sure to melt a gal's heart.

Crime Scene Christie

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a big time was had by all! I'm sorry I missed it, but I'm living vicariously through your post, Christie.

Terri Molina said...

Welcome Home Christie!

Glad you had a good time and kept to wandering with only the eyes.

Terri Osburn said...

Dagnabit! I went to the book signing and totally forgot to go down the "C" row! I can't believe I missed you. But there were SO MANY people in that room.

Lovely pics. I'm single and looking so my hero would have to be moderately cute, dark hair and eyes would be good, and make me laugh. That's a must. And moderately smart. I once married a light haired, light eyed, less than moderately smart guy who rarely made me laugh unless it was AT him. Won't make that mistake again.

Christie Craig said...

Hi Amanda,

Oh, I'm sure my post doesn't do RT justice. It really was a loads of fun.

I've already got next year's RT on my calendar.

Thanks for stopping by!

Crime Scene Christie

Christie Craig said...

Hi Terri,

Don't worry, I'll never do more than window shop. I have a great hero of my own.

Thanks for stopping by!

Crime Scene Christie

Christie Craig said...


You didn't come see me? Okay...I'm gonna try real hard to forgive you. (smile)

Hey...were you there when the lights went out and it went pitch dark?

Dark hair and eyes, cute, and a sense of humor sounds good. Several of those Mr. Romance Heroes would fit that description.

Thanks for stopping by. And next time, don't miss me. I want to be able to connect a face with your funny posts.

Crime Scene Christie

Terri Osburn said...

*hangs head in shame*

I feel horrible. I should have just walked down every row. I had this weird feeling I was missing someone. I'll have to be sure to find you in San Fran.

I missed the outage. We left just before 2 so maybe it happened after. And yes, some of those cover models do fit my description.

I admit I used my daughter's cuteness (yes, I had the only child in the room...lol - we kept having to hide erotica bookmarks from her) to get a picture with one of the guys. I played it off that she really wanted one but was too shy to ask. It was Jimmy Thomas and though I'm sure he saw right through me, I got me picture so who cares. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Yes, well, that's all well and good, but what I want to know is did you see Ghost Hunters? *g*

Me said...

I'm so bummed we couldn't stay for the Mr. Romance Contest--it looks like it was a total blast! But I was excited to discover that me-n-my buds' faves took first and second! YAY Chris and Jimi!


catslady said...

Sounds like you had a great time!

I was 16 and he was 18 and the new kid in school (traveled the world because he was a military kid and born in Paris for goodness sake while I never left our hometown) and he asked me to the varsity dance (he wrestled) - he was my first and only and we've been married coming up 38 years.

Anonymous said...

LOL, Tori! Yanno, I fully intended to make Christie watch the show but the Hilton didn't have SciFi channel. I was totally bummed about it, too!


Christie Craig said...

Smart woman using your kid. Hey, it works! And I can just see you hiding book covers from her.

And don't hang that head to low. We'll hook up in San Fran if you're going to be there. Or next year at RT.

Thanks for posting.

Crime Scene Christie

Christie Craig said...


Okay, I see Faye already answered the question. She really was going to make me watch the show. I barely got out of that one.

I did tell her about the Fredericksburg ghost. She loved it.

Thanks for posting.

Crime Scene Christie

Christie Craig said...


Thanks for posting. It was so much fun. You missed a great ending party.

Dorchester is supposed to post a lot of images on their site, so you can get a sneak peek at what you missed.

Crime Scene Christie

Christie Craig said...


You brought a sigh to my lips and a tear to my eyes.

Great love story.

Crime Scene Christie

Anonymous said...

Great blog post Christie! I am glad you got to see your hero.

A hero to me is someone that really cares about you and lets you know it. I have been married for 23 years now and what drawed my attention to my hubby is he wouldn't give up. I couldn't tell you how many time he ask me on a date and I turned him down. I had always had plans with someone else, namely a bad boy. Hubby wasn't a bad boy but he never gave up on me. That is why we have been married for 23 years I guess. Just don't give up.

anne said...

I guess it was a combination of still waters run deep, a stimulating intelligence and young love. It was strong and still is since it will be 38 years in May.

diane said...

Engaged now and this is forever. He oozes charm, a caring and sweet nature and is a doctor. I think that I was lucky to have met my soulmate so young and know it.

Lucy said...

As my old boss used to say, "it was a long week, today". My brain is fried so I can't come up with good hero material for you but wanted to you know that loved your post. Great fun, as always. :)

Jenyfer Matthews said...

Great post, Christie!

I was dating someone else when I met my hubby. When I broke up with the other guy, hubby came over to cook me dinner and cheer me up. We eloped less than a year later :)

Christie Craig said...


Love you story. Thanks so much for posting.

My hubby hung in there for a while, too. I'd been hurt and didn't want to get serious. He kept saying, okay...let's not get serious. Once I told him he to go. He packed his things, walked out the door and five minutes later knocked on the door and asked, "Are you sure?"

He's a keeper too.

Crime Scene Christie

Christie Craig said...


Congrats on 38 years.

Love can be grand.

Thanks for sharing.

Crime Scene Christie

Christie Craig said...


Wow. You go girl. You got a loving, charming guy and a doctor to boot.

You two never stop appreciating and respecting each other. Love is amazing.

Crime Scene Christie

Christie Craig said...


I love your bosses saying. Hey, this week has been a long month!

I've been so busy, too, but it's all good stuff. RT. Galleys. Article deadlines.

Thanks for taking time to post, tired and all.

Crime Scene Christie

Christie Craig said...


I love stories where the guy who offers his shoulder ends up to be the hero. You are living my favorite kind of romance tale.

Congrats. Thanks for posting.

Crime Scene Christie

Jana DeLeon said...

I'm so jealous that I missed RT this year, Christie. But I do have some photos of me touching very defined chests that I could share sometime. :)

Christie Craig said...

Jana, Jana, Jana!

You are bad. :-)

Crime Scene Christie