Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bullet Hole's Got a Six Pack!

Bullet Hole’s officially got a ‘six-pack’

Before you become overly impressed by that blog title, let me assure you it has nothing whatsoever to do with my lackluster workouts at the 24 Hour Fitness Center. Still, I have every intention of becoming a lean, mean, fighting machine by the end of the summer. It’s just that’s it taking a little longer than I anticipated--and taking way more effort on my part than I bargained for. But I’ll get there! Honest!

Actually, the blog title refers to the fact that I ‘officially’ have six books in print. That’s what I’m calling my very own ‘six pack’. You see, while my latest book, FIANCÉ AT HER FINGERTIPS, wasn’t supposed to be out until April 29th, it’s already available at most of the usual on-line outlets--and has been for almost a week. (So much for release dates.) Yes. I know. I’ve whined about this before. Worry not. I won’t vent about it today. But its ‘unofficial official’ release makes me the author of an even half-dozen books, which is way beyond surreal. In fact, if you’d told me three years ago that I’d have six books published a mere thirty six months later, I’d have sworn you required some intensive therapy and strong pharmaceuticals.

No. Today is a day of celebration. Introspection. In this dog-eat-dog business where publishing houses are merging, lines are closing, slots are shrinking, and competition is at an all time high, hitting the half-dozen book mark is an accomplishment I’m rather proud of. But, like many other authors I think, I don’t take the time to mark these kinds of occasions as I should. To reflect. To look back at what I have accomplished and lift a glass to myself. It’s always on to the next story.

So today I just want to take some time, kick back, and enjoy my little ‘six pack’. It’s not going to be easy, you know. It’s so not my nature to stop and smell the roses. But I’m really going to try. Pinky swear.

What? Oh, dang. That’s right. My agent is waiting on a new proposal. Hmm. Yeah? Oh, crap. I forgot. This is finals week in my night classes and I have a paper to finish. Say what? It’s that time of the month? Oh. Bill-paying and bank statement reconciling. Gotcha.

Okay, so maybe the ‘atta girl’ moments will have wait for a wee bit while I free up some time on my schedule to kick back and savor the success. Let’s see. Let me take a look at my calendar here. Hmm. Looks like I might be able to pencil in some time for rose sniffing the first week of November. Uh oh. Wait a minute. That’s when ANCHORS AWEIGH sets sail.

Who knew that the hardest part of being a multi-published author would be finding the time to enjoy it????

Huh? What did you say? What was that? just selected FIANCÉ AT HER FINGERTIPS as a Fresh Pick for the month of May? My book? A fresh pick? The first ‘funny’ book I ever wrote? The book that was a 2005 RWA Golden Heart Finalist? The book I had to literally take apart and put back together again within a two week period of time at the holidays? The book that changed everything? That book?

Oh buddy. Now that does deserve some celebrating. Any suggestions? (Reminder: I have four college-age offspring so any celebrating will be done on a budget thigh high hose tight.

Whoo hoo!

~Bullet Hole doing the Snoopy Happy Dance around her ergonomically designed office chair~


Gemma Halliday said...

Congrats, Kathy!! That is so awesome! I can't wait to read this one. :)


Kathy Bacus said...

Thanks, Gemma! Considering I had to perform major surgery on this book within a narrow time frame--the kudos it's receiving are that much more satisfying.

~Bullet Hole winded from the happy dancing~

Christie Craig said...

Congrats, Kathy!

I'm proud of your six pack. Wait, just writing those words takes me back to RT and different kinds of six packs. Oh, boy!

But seriously, congrats.


Kathy Bacus said...

I'm not surprised that term brings to mind a very different image, Crime Scene, considering your recent time at RT.

Sounds like it was quite the time!


~Bullet Hole~

Keri Ford said...

LOL...I read the title and my first thoughts were: "She bought a six pack of beer? Some unfortunate accident must'a happened." If you haven't figured it out, I do indeed live in redneck country!

Major congrats, Kathy! I will get up and do a little dance for you and salute with my glass of water. Enjoy your sucess and tell yourself that relaxing is a great way to full the imagination and you might come up with something.

Kathy Bacus said...

Gotta tell you, Keri, but here in the rural Heartland a six-pack means half a dozen alcoholic beverages, too.

But now that you mention it, that might not be a bad way to celebrate either.


Thanks for the congrats and for doing a little jig on my behalf!

~Bullet Hole~

Angie Fox said...

Congrats, Kathy! You look great with a six-pack. We're all applauding you, even if you're a bit too busy to stop and enjoy it right now!

Anonymous said...

Might I suggest that you sneak that well earned sense of accomplishment into the small quiet areas of your life. (Now no snickering in disbelief here. Even with four college age children you know those moment exist.) Besides, that way you can make the feeling last most of the year! :)

Kathy Bacus said...

Thanks, Angie!

~Bullet Hole blushing~

Kathy Bacus said...

Excellent advice, bookmobiler. In fact, I'll have some 'quiet' time on my way to night class this evening to appreciate the accomplishment.

Oh, and I'm also planning to celebrate the end of this class term! Yes!

~Bullet Hole~

Jana DeLeon said...

Congrats, Kathy!!!! That's fantastic. I want a six pack too - um, both kinds. :)

Kathy Bacus said...

Thanks, Jana!

~Bullet Hole who is working on books eight and nine simultaneously~