Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Penultimate Interview

I've been doing some blog and media interviews lately and it's made me wonder what I would ask me if I were interviewing me. So, just for fun, here's how my dream interview would go:

Interviewer - Daniel Craig (completely nude, duh!): Oh, Leslie Langtry! You write the greatest books ever written and everyone wants to be just like you!

Me: (blushing) Oh, stop it, you!

Daniel: No! Really! Will you run away with me to the Riviera?

Me: I can't! I really can't! Well, okay. But after the interview. And I have to get back before the Girl Scout meeting.

Daniel: Yes, of course. My first question is, who are you wearing?

Me: Well, Daniel, I'm wearing PRADA at the moment. Do you like my shoes?

Daniel: (looks lovingly at brown, suede d'orsays) They're lovely - like you. My next question is, if you could be a fish, what kind of fish would you be and why?

Me: Hmmmm, I would have to be a bass.

Daniel: What a wonderful answer! Why a bass?

Me: Well, if you must know, a bass is thrown back into the water an average of 30 times before it is big enough to be caught for keeps. I like the odds.

Daniel: Sigh. Beautiful and smart too!

Me: Stop! You're embarrassing me!

Daniel: Alright, here's a tougher one. Tiffany's or Cartier?

Me: I'm on the fence on that one, Danny Boy. I love Tiffany's but would never turn down Cartier. At least, not on the first date.

Daniel: Excellent (writes it down) and paper or plastic?

Me: Neither. I prefer to use canvas tote bags. Green is the new pink, you know.

Daniel: Where have you been all my life? Well, I think that's all we have time for. Thank you to my guest and the future Mrs. Daniel Craig - Leslie Langtry - for the most inspired interview I have ever given.

Me: You're welcome.

Daniel: Can I put my clothes back on now? It's kind of cold here in the Midwest.

Me: No.

My challenge to you - who would your ideal interviewer be?

The Assassin


Hellie Sinclair said...

*ROTFLMAO* Man, clearly, my interview questions were way off... I love it. *jots note to ask the fish question next time*

My ideal interviewer, duh: Johnny Depp OR Captain Jack Sparrow. And at some point he'd ask if he could rub my feet as he asked questions, while marveling at my good taste in OPI nail polish and the cuteness of my toes.

Anonymous said...

There are so many possible interviewers I don't know which to choose!

Beth said...

Well, he would have to be hot and naked like Daniel of course, he would have to be totally smitten with me and think me brilliant, he would insist on whisking me away from my dull life or at least demand to meet me for secret passionate rendezvous' as he could not imagine his life without me... what was the question again?
Oh yes, I remember... I would have to say Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters singer-don't ask me why I just really fancy him), Brad Pitt ('nuff said), David Beckham (I have to know if objects are as they appear, at least in underwear ads) or Halle Barry's baby daddy (I have no idea what his name is and honestly it doesnt' really matter, he's just so pretty!).

Leslie Langtry said...

Arg! Ye were a fine interviewer Hellion! And okay, I'll share Daniel!

Christie Craig said...


Wait. You were going to leave a naked Daniel to go to a Girl Scout meeting? I have completely lost respect for you.

Anonymous said...

Christie those must be some darn good cookies is all I know!

For the moment, I would take Matt Damon (Bourne version, not the dork from the Ocean movies). Here's a YouTube link of Damon doing a Matthew McConaughey (another fine specimen of our male counterparts) impersination. hubby's name is Matt. Apartenly all I need is a 'matt' and my sock start flying off.

hm..and google thinks I have changed my password

Keri Ford

Terri Osburn said...

Oh, can I be interviewed by Russell Crowe? Please? With Daniel on top?! I'd be in heaven and never ask for anything again. Unless Richard Armitage starts doing interviews. Then I'd be begging again.

Beth - that baby daddy is named Gabrial and move over, I'm joining that interview.

Keri - I saw that video yesterday. That impersonation is perfect! And love the bit about taking off his shirt. LOL!

Jana DeLeon said...

You had me at Daniel Craig nude. I'm not quite certain I even really read the rest of the blog. lol

His James Bond was the best ever! Yum!