Thursday, June 02, 2011

Where Mystery Date Meets I Love Lucy


It took a while, but I'm thrilled to finally announce the digital release of the seventh book in my backlist. One of the earlier books that I wrote, I've loved this story of single and slightly desperate, Debra Daniels, who has had it up to here with maniacal matchmaking and maternal meddling. But Debra thinks she's found the answer to the age-old question woman have been plagued with ever since Eve first said, "Why not?" when Adam asked her on a stroll through the Garden. In need of a big-time break from her matchmaking mother and a score of hellish blind dates, the do-it-yourself boyfriend-in-a-box kit is a gift from Above. Fiance at Your Fingertips: Marketed as the single woman's best defense against pitying looks and speculative stares, the kit comes with everything a fed-up singleton needs to convince friends, family, and coworkers that she has indeed found Mr. Right. And "Lawyer Logan" is definitely that. Tall, handsome. . . and make-believe. Debra is determined to have a blast with her faux beau--right up until he shows up on her doorstep, acting as if he has every right to be there--and in her arms.

It's Mystery Date meets I Love Lucy--and the start of a romance that is truly out of the box!

Once again my son, Erick, helped with the design of the digital cover. Thank goodness for talented techy offspring!

Fiance at Her Fingertips should be available the weekend for Kindle and Nook applications on and Barnes and respectively.

Oh the moving front, we finally got my folks moved--but it was not without a number of glitches. I've had some nibbles on my home, but that's about it. Guess we'll see how it goes.

Meanwhile, I'm *this* close to wrapping up my second Harlequin Intrigue proposal. For this one, I've gone back to what I know--and write--best: Horses and whodunnits and Cowboys (and girls) and Crimes. Keep your fingers crossed that this is the one!

Have a fabulous day!

~Bullet Hole Bacus~


Suzan Harden said...

Congrats on the re-release, Kathy! Your talented offspring did a great job on the cover!

Diane Kelly said...

The cover is perfect! Congrats to both you and your son! I'm so glad I got a Kindle for Mother's Day. Can't wait to read this. Sounds really cute!

Kathy Bacus said...

Thanks, Suzan! I'll pass the compliment along to Erick!

Kathy Bacus said...

I'm ready to break down and buy a Kindle, too, Diane. I'm running out of places to store books.