Saturday, June 25, 2011

Laughing, Swooning, and Dying. In That Order.

And now for something totally different... when my friend and fellow Romance Diva, Mima, first talked about her new releases, my first thought was "Ohmigod, how cool!  And brilliant!"   I only wish I'd thought of this idea first. Tell me you don't have that reaction, too, after reading about her unique take on the romance genre...   

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I understand the mandate of this blog is to laugh, swoon, and viciously kill fictional baddies. I’m thrilled to have been invited to Killer Fiction and would like to try to fit in. Recently, I had three choose your own adventure-style interactive books release. I call the series Take Control. Get it? Readers click on a choice they prefer and the heroine’s life takes a nose dive. Or a pumpkin coach. It’s kismet ala YOU. So let’s see if I meet the mandate enough to enjoy this real estate.

Laughing. In the contemporary western, Lauren, Riding Off Trail, a city girl has lots of awkward moments on a classy dude ranch. But perhaps the most classic is a near-death petit-mort. While enjoying an energetic cowboy, there is a slight mishap in a hayloft resulting in a falling bale and shocked square dancers. There is Lauren, in all her glory, framed at the top of the barn. Oops!

Swooning. The scifi has the most guys. Becca, Reporting for Duty is a space opera full of wild twists. Becca’s Captain is an experienced man with gorgeous eyes and a mobster past. Her Senior Chief is a lothario with a penchant for whiskey. He’s charming, but threatening. Then there’s the cook, who has a tail. He helps her discover her first zero-gravity planet swing. The ambassador with wings thinks she has what it takes to be a concubine, and two of her ex-con dock workers compete for her attention. And don’t forget the frozen guy. He’s waiting for his moment too. In the shower, in a narrow bunk, on silken sheets, on a table, against a cold cargo bay wall, or hidden in a crawl-space, Becca gets busy. Her guys are risky, mysterious, buff, and dangerous. Every single one. Watch those choices. They could kill you.

Speaking of death... In the paranormal Charlotte, Prowling for Enchantment, our heroine discovers she’s a foxfire. That’s a kind of fairy that uses moon and water magic. Charlotte happens to be on a Caribbean cruise, where there’s lots of both. The ruling Elder of the fantastical gathering on ship is a cruel Fairy Queen. Willing to use torture,drugs, and blackmail, she is accompanied by two formidable guards, Willow and Winter. She needs to be taken out. Find the right path and it’s a glorious (violent) smackdown.

I love books that blend humor, heat, and hijinks, and I hope readers will like that combination in the Take Control series. Try to thread your way through several of the choices to the perfect fairy tale ending. It’s fun.


Visit Mima at her webpage, to read excerpts and reviews of Take Control or any of her other 15 erotic romances. Comment here on your own experience (or lack thereof) reading an interactive fiction book and be entered in a chance to win one of the Take Control books!  Winner announced tomorrow.


Pretty Eyes said...

I love the idea of interactive fiction. It reminds me of the "Choose Your Own Adventures" when I was a kid. I am going to read Mima's "Becca" today and will see if I have a happy ending!

Mima said...

Good morning Pretty Eyes! Wow, thanks so much! Let me know which end you hit first, okay? I call that the "pure read."

Yes, this book is supposed to mimic those childhood books, but with better writing, no 2nd person, and more sex. They actually have less violence though!

Anonymous said...

I so totally love this concept and wish you tons of success! I haven't had a chance to read any of these yet, but I can't wait!!!!!

traveler said...

This style of fiction appeals to me greatly since I can become totally involved and lose myself within the pages. I used to dream of this many years ago when I read summer books. Best of success.

Mima said...

thank you amanda and traveler. your odds of winning today are good! hmmm. hallway or stairs?

Sasha Devlin said...

Completely fascinated with how your brain came up with these. As I admitted before, I contemplated a cyoa and my brain dissolved into a pile of mush.

Congrats on getting three of them out to readers!

Mima said...

i plan on sleeping in, my only shot before RWA.

anyone commenting before i wake is entered!

hi sasha!

Mima said...

Sasha, you won!

email me~
choice of the ladies
and format you prefer