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My LIfe is So Much More Worse Than Yours

Contest! Contest! Today I have a special treat for you guys. My good buddy and critique partner, Suzan Harden and I came together for some cross promotion. Suzan writes, well, whacky and fun urban fantasies and starting today we’re offering a contest that will run until midnight, Tuesday, June 21st. All you have to do is read the post and leave a comment telling us who you think has worse problems, Kylie or Sam. Okay…You got the floor, Suzan!!!


New writers are constantly worried about other folks stealing their ideas. Well, Christie and I can tell you the truth: Take the same basic concept—young blonde woman gets embroiled in supernatural shenanigans and has to deal with the resulting chaos in her life, not to mention freaked-out family members—and two different writers are going to come up with two very different books.

Meet Kylie Galen from Christie’s alter ego C.C. Hunter’s Shadow Falls series and Samantha “Sam” Ridgeway from my, Suzan Harden’s, Bloodlines series. We brought them to Panera Bread, our favorite meeting spot, for their own little conversation.

Take it away, ladies!



Kylie: “So, you’re, um, a reporter, right?”

Sam: “I used to be. I work for a vampire now. A guy named Burnett called him about talking to you. Something about you not being sure what you are.”

Kylie: “Oh. Well, I’m not. Not sure I mean. All the other supernaturals look at me like I’m a freak.” *Glances up at Sam with puzzlement* “He said you sort of have the same problem.”

Sam: “ Sort of. So, is anything specific happening with you? Sprouting hair certain times of the month? A desire to drink liquids you don’t normally drink?

Kylie: *blushes* “Well, I. . .”

Sam: “Like the taste of blood?”

Kylie: “Yeah.”

Sam: *grabs Kylie’s wrist and holds it to her nose*

Kylie: *jerks hand back* “I’m not a snack!”

Sam: *shrugs* “It’s the fastest way to find out what you are. . .”

Kylie: “How would you know?”

Sam: “Trust me. I know.”

Kylie: *almost comes out of her seat* “So what am I?”

Sam: *touches her nose* “Good question. I’ve never smelled anything like you before. But you do smell yummy.”

Kylie: *scoots her chair back* “Good grief! What are you? A were-bloodhound?”

Sam: “Hey, keep your voice down. There’s too many Normals in here.”

Kylie: “Normals?”

Sam: “Yeah, regular people.”

Kylie: “I liked it a lot better when I thought I was normal. Then I just had my mom and dad’s divorce to deal with. And my grandmother’s death, and boy troubles, and best friend going off the deep end, and oh, I was seeing ghosts then, too. I just didn’t know they were ghosts. Oh, heck, maybe my life sucked when I thought I was normal, too.”

Sam: “Have you talked to your parents about this supernatural stuff?

Kylie: *shakes head* “Look, I just found out my dad's really my stepdad. My biological dad is the one who’s some kind of supernatural being. He's not sure what he is, and to top it off, he's dead. And is running out of earth time.”

Sam: “Of course, he’s running out of time. He’s not supposed to be here.”

Kylie: “But I want a chance to know him.”

Sam: “You are getting to know him even if it’s not how you want, so quit whining. At least you weren’t someone's science experiment. You were born this way." *slaps head* "Oh god, now I'm quoting Lady Gaga songs. I wonder if that meat dress she wore was real meat.” *looks around* “Does this place have something more substantial than soup and bread? I'm really hungry. Is there some place I can get a hamburger?" *stomach growls* “Or a dozen?”

Kylie: *leans away from the table* “What are you?”

Sam: “What do you mean?”

Kylie: “You’re not human. You mentioned an experiment. Did someone do something to you? Your brain pattern is. . .weird.”

Sam: “Cut it out with the brain jokes.”

Kylie: “I wasn’t joking. What’s wrong with you?”

Sam: *stomach growls again* “I’ll be right back.” *comes back with six quiches* “Okay, where were we?”

Kylie: “What kind of an experiment did they do to you? Enlarge your stomach?”

Sam: “Ha-ha. These scientists were trying to replicate the pluses of vampirism without all the side effects. They were not nice people. I was kidnapped and used as a guinea pig.”

Kylie: “You’re eating real food. Most vamps don’t really care for food.”

Sam: “I’m also kind of dead, thanks to those ass—ur—jerks.”

Kylie: “You can’t be dead. Look, I’m not saying I’m the hottest French fry in the pack, but there’s one thing I know something about, and it’s ghosts. You’re not really dead. Well, not dead like the dead I have to deal with.”

Sam: *shrugs* “My witch doctor is looking into it.”

Kylie: “Witch doctor?”

Sam: “She’s a witch with an M.D. But every other witch confirms my aura is black, which means I’m dead.”

Kylie: “My friend Miranda is a witch. She might be—“

Sam: “Thanks, but no thanks. I’ve been poked, prodded and spelled enough.”

Kylie: *Looks embarrassed to ask.* “I kind of overheard someone say you were a zombie. Is that right?”

Sam: *glares at Kylie while eating the last quiche*

Kylie: “Well, you said you’re sort of dead and you eat a lot, right?”

Sam: “Do you see any body parts falling off?”

Kylie: “No, but—”

Sam: “If we’re going to discuss embarrassing sh-shtuff, let’s talk about why I smell two guys all over you.”

Kylie: *turns red* “I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Sam: *breathes deeply* “The werewolf and the fairy.”

Kylie: “Derek’s only half fairy.”

Sam: “Half-smalf. Kid, take it from me. Fairies are nothing but trouble.”

Kylie: “What’s that supposed to mean? Derek’s always been sweet, and kind, and—”

Sam: “And he likes to mess with your mind?”

Kylie: “He only does it when I’m upset.”

Sam: “Uh-huh. What’s the were’s name?”

Kylie: “Lucas.”

Sam: “Trust me. Stick with the canine. They’re a lot more faithful.”

Kylie: “And how many werewolves have you dated?”

Sam: “None, but—”

Kylie: “Do you even have a boyfriend?”

Sam: “Yes, but—”

Kylie: “And what is he?”

Sam: “A vampire, but—”

Kylie: “So you have no idea of what it’s like to decide between two guys.” *looks out window* “Look, I appreciate your advice, but this is something I have to decide on my own.”

Sam: “Hey, just remember dog equals loyalty.”

Kylie: *look down at Sam’s empty plates* “Do you not worry about getting fat?”

Sam: *Rolls her eyes* “Nope. My metabolism changed with my appetite.”

Kylie: “So you’re lucky, huh?”

Sam: *frowns* “You call this lucky?”

Kylie: “Luckier than me?”

Sam: “Just because you see dead people, you think you have it worse?”

Kylie: “It’s not as easy as it sounds. I mean, right now there’s a dead guy standing next to you with his throat slashed, and he wants me to help him and he might not even know he’s dead.”

Sam: *looks around and frowns* “Well, try having the appetite of the entire Rams’ offensive line, and if I don’t eat every couple of hours, bad things happen. Do you know how hard it is to go to family dinners now?”

Kylie: *smiles* “We could probably stay here all day and try to one up each other. But I see my mom is here. I gotta go.”

Sam: *Nods head and smiles* “Nice meeting you.”

Kylie: * scurries for the door*

Sam: *shakes head* “What a strange kid.”

Kylie: *glances back one more time* “What a strange woman.”


There you have it, folks. In the comments, let us know who has the worse problems, Kylie or Sam, and why.

And since it’s me and Christie, you know we’re having a contest. I’m giving away Sam’s e-book debut, Zombie Love, and the first Bloodlines novel, Blood Magick. Christie is throwing in a signed copy of Born at Midnight and some swag. A commenter will be randomly selected to win our goodies.


Suzan Harden grew up on a working farm in Ohio Amish country, though she’s not Amish. Mucking out pig stalls gives a girl lots of time to make up stories, but with a practical family, writing wasn’t considered a practical employment option. However, according to her Career Line on her palm, she’ll have three primary careers in her life. Writing is the last one. She currently lives in southeastern Texas with a husband who believes writing is a practical career option, a kid who thinks she’s too enamored with zombies, and a beagle who wants his belly scratched.

Both Zombie Love and Blood Magick, book 1 of her Bloodlines series, are available for Kindle at Amazon. For more information on Suzan, visit her blog,


Anonymous said...

Hi, Suzan,

Loved the conversation between Sam and Kylie. I can't wait to get my copy of Zombie Love. (I can't find it on Amazon right now, though. Any idea what's up with that?)


Christie Craig said...

Hi Suzan,

Kylie had some interesting things to say about your gal, Sam. LOL.

Thanks so much for joining us at KF for the day.


TabethaLee said...

Hello Ladies,
I'm going to have to say that I think Kylie has it a bit harder than Sam..Not knowing what you are, losing your identity that you've had your whole life AND trying to choose between 2 perfectly fabulous guys....Sam was born that way (haha)and really doesn't have to adapt or readjust..Plus she has a killer metabolism..Totally awesome!!! And thanks for the great conversation between the 2!!! I love you ladies :)

Edie Ramer said...

Suzan, my beagle is like Sam. She pretty much just wants to eat.

What a fun interview! I don't know whose life is worse, but I'd like to have Sam's metabolism - minus her appetite. I want to read both books!

Janel Mullins said...

Hello that was a great conversation between Sam and Kylie. I think both have an equal amount of problems. I loved reading there conversation!!! i would love to win any of the prizes they are great.

minhchieu said...

What a funny conversation between Sam and Kylie, and i think kylie has it harder than sam

Unknown said...

Great post loved the interview! Myself I think Kylie has the most problems of the two.

Ruth said...

Interesting- characters from two different books-two different authors. Characters really do become people to the authors and it is great letting the readeers become more invested in them. But as too who has it worse-- I go with Kylie. I've been in her position- the divorce thing- not the not knowing what I am thing-or maybe I should rephrase that...umm there is the multiple personality thing. See ya'll in New York

Suzan Harden said...

Hey Faye,

Zombie Love will be up for sale on July 1st. The winner of the contest will get it before anyone else. *evil cackle*

Suzan Harden said...

That's okay, Christie. Sam can be a handful. The entire Augustine coven will agree on that.

Suzan Harden said...

Hi TabethaLee,

I had to post the 'Born This Way' on my blog just for Lady Gaga's zombie costume. Thanks for stopping by!

Suzan Harden said...

Hey Edie,

I've never met a beagle who won't beg for treats. And Sam's metabolism starts to be a real problem in some latter books. Thanks for dropping in!

Suzan Harden said...

Hi Janel,

Really? Equal? I guess Christie and I have to work harder on torturing our characters. Thanks for dropping by.

Suzan Harden said...

Hey minhchieu,

Thanks for the compliment. Christie and I had a lot of fun writing this.

Suzan Harden said...

Hi Virgina,

Comparing Kylie and Sam is like comparing Twilight and Zombieland, but life is goo as long as you have Twinkies, right?

Suzan Harden said...

Hey Ruth,

I'm soooo sad I can't go Nationals this year. I'm so going to miss your party!

Christie Craig said...


Where's the Twinkies? Are you hiding them? Hey...maybe Sam ate all of them. LOL.

This was a fun piece to write. While our books are very different, our characters are a lot a like in that usually say what they think and they are pretty much smart&%%$%. Hmm, wonder what that says about us Suzan?


Suzan Harden said...

Well, Christie, actually Sam DOES eat all the Twinkies in the next book. *grin*

And since we're both smart&%%$%es, how else are our characters going to be?

Kristi said...

Sorry, I have to go with the Kylie love. It was fun to read though and now I've added you to my TBR list.

Kristi W.

Suzan Harden said...

Hi Kristi,

I'm always happy if someone adds my stories to their TBR pile. Maybe I should have added Twinkies to the prize list to bribe y'all. *grin*

donnas said...

Great post. Loved it, very entertaining.

They both really have their problems. But I think Kylie might have it a bit harder. She found out her dad isnt her dad, she cant talk to her real dad. She has 2 guys to choose between, and really isnt sure what she is.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Suzan Harden said...

Poor Sam. Zombies get absolutely no respect. Thanks for for visiting with us, Donnas!

MiaMarlowe said...

Anyone who can eat a dozen hamburgers without looking like the Goodyear blimp has no problems, IMHO. LOL!

MiaMarlowe said...
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Christine said...

What a cool idea for a post. I think both characters have "interesting" problems. Although, being able to eat whatever you want is a perk.

Sandy said...

Great dialogue between Sam and Kylie. I really wouldn't to be in either of their shoes, but I would love to be able to eat and not put on weight. Smile.

Suzan Harden said...

Hey Mia,

I think I offically scared of American women and their obsession with food. *grin* Thanks for your comment

Suzan Harden said...

Hey Christine,

Thanks for the compliment! Christie and I had a blast writing this.

Suzan Harden said...

Hi Sandy,

I honestly wouldn't want to be Sam or Kylie either. I have enough problems in my pitiful mortal existence. LOL Thanks for stopping by

Anonymous said...

Great post, ladies!

Nancy Sweetland said...

What a fun, creative idea! Both personalities came through equally well and gave me a new perspective on the 'other' people! Who has the worst problem? Kylie, I think. But this made me want to know more about both of them.

B. A. Binns said...

Sorry Sam, but how bad can it really be when you get to eat and eat and eat and not gain a pound? I'm going with Kylie as having the worst problems - especially since one of her boyfriends is such a dog!!

Suzan Harden said...

Hey Tess! You're not trying to be PC because Christie and I both know where you live, are you?

Suzan Harden said...

Hi Nancy,

Thanks so much for the compliments! I hear so many writers worry about the idea, but I think Christie and I proved it's all in the execution.

Suzan Harden said...

Hey B.A.,

Sam would like to point out that Kylie doesn't have to worry about eating her friends if she doesn't stop at McDonald's every couple of hours. *grin*

Thanks for stopping by!

Teri Thackston said...

Great 'conversation'...very entertaining!

Suzan Harden said...

Hi Teri,

"Entertaining,' huh? Thanks for not spilling the stuff we do during crit meetings. *grin*

Donna Marie Rogers said...

What a great interview, Ladies! I just have to read Sam's story now. :-)

I think both have plenty of trouble ahead of them (I know Kylie does since I've read BAM!). And now I'm dying to know what, exactly, Sam is!

Christie Craig said...


What do we do in our critique meetings, besides drink Chocolate Martinis and eat pineapple upside down cake. LOL.


Suzan Harden said...

Hi Donna Marie,

Glad you liked it! We had to tread the interview line carefully because we both know what happens in each other's stories a few books done the line.

Suzan Harden said...

Damn, Christie! You're sucking all the mystery out of our writing lives! You know our readers want to believe we have private planes and solve mysteries in our spare time.

Corrie said...

This is a tough choice, because while I first thought that getting kidnapped and changed against your will would be worse than just growing into something, at least she doesn't have to deal with that while going through teenage angst and parental rules...Kylies got it worse, absolutely.

Love both stories, can't wait for the next Kylie and am looking foward to Sams story. Thanks so much for writing!

Suzan Harden said...

Hi Corrie,

Thanks for voting. Alas, poor Sam gets no respect but she does get the hotter guy. *grin*

Christie Craig said...


Derek and Lucas are pretty hot. Just ask Kylie. LOL.


Bethany said...

I'm not entering. I can't choose. If I pick Kylie Suzan will have Sam eat me. If I pick Sam, Christie will disown me as her book pimp. So, I chose to remain diplomatic, NOT enter and encourage BOTH authors. Best wishes to both Suzan and Christie! I really enjoyed the conversation and I posted about the contest on my blog :-)

Refhater said...

I can't really pick who's problems are worse. Can I pick D. All of the above?

Great post ladies!

nutspan said...

I say Sam has more problems.

Bethany said...


Hey! Glad you were able to find the Killer Fiction blog and Christie and Suzan's contest.

Note to Christie & Suzan: If you need nutspan's email address I have it. Thanks :-)