Thursday, June 30, 2011

Squeezing another batch of lemonade...

Recently I've had a lot of lemonades hurled at me. From flooding basements to automobile breakdowns, to scary wind and electrical storms, it's been a wild couple of weeks. I've had a handyman in and out of the house the last two weeks trying to get some things done. When I'm not working, I'm priming, painting, weed killing, and decluttering--which put me way behind schedule on my writing. Earlier this week I decided that--come hell or high water--(pun ever so much intended) I was going to sit my fanny down in my office chair in front of the computer and get my next proposal finished up and sent out.

I had originally hoped to have it mailed off before the Romance Writers of America's National Conference so as not to have to compete with mountains of requested submissions making their way to editors' desks after the conference ends. Well, I almost made it. I sent the proposal material out yesterday. Now the real fun begins: the interminable wait for a response.

Quite frankly, I figured since the last ten days have been so incredibly crappy (those lemons) I had to have something positive to counteract the negative (the lemonade). So, I wrote and rewrote and polished and edited and had my English major kid proof the proposal before I mailed it out.

Okay. On one level I know that I could get beaned by another lemon if my proposal doesn't pass muster. However, until such time as that may or may not occur, I'm going to enjoy the satisfaction of having taken a sucky week and made something sweet instead.

On the suckiness scale, how has life treated you lately? Here's your chance to rant, opine, or boast--or all of the aforementioned.

Me? I plan to have a nice cold glass of lemonade.

Oh, and happy Independence Day! Be safe when you celebrate!

~Bullet Hole~

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