Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Living My Dream

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Living My Dream (And no, I did not copy Diane’s post from yesterday, I wrote this before I read her post. I swear!)

I’ve been busy lately, very busy. I’m talking fifteen-hour-workdays busy. I’ve missed some of my favorite television shows. (What’s going on with Castle? Has Agent Booth got rid of the girlfriend yet on Bones?) I’ve eaten a bit too much of my husband’s cooking. I still stay clear of his famous, Ketchuped Chicken, but he’s learned to grill yard bird pretty darn good. I did take down the Christmas tree, but I still have all the St. Nick decorations out around the house. But hey…they’re red and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Santa could mean love and snowmen are sort of a symbol of passion. (I know I’m pushing it, but give me a break.) Oh, I even found a couple of Christmas presents in my closet that I forgot to wrap. Oh, well, there’s always next year. You don’t think they’ll mind a 2011 Calendar, do you?

Yup, I’ve been busy. However, busy isn’t always a bad thing. I mean, I’m busy because I have a lot in my life: friends, family, career, hobbies. And yes, I wish I could put more into a day, have more time to give to all the things I love—wish I never had to miss an episode of Bones.

The problem is I love it all and wouldn’t let go of any of it. I just spent the night at my daughter’s house babysitting my little granddaughter. I brought my computer, determined to write this blog while I was there, as I watched her run around. Instead, I was told by a very adamant 22-month-old to, “Sit down. Right here.” So, instead of writing, I sat on the carpet, crawled around on the floor and had circle time with her and about sixteen stuffed animals and dolls, while hubby read us Green Eggs and Ham.

Right now, I’m writing my blog as hubby drives us home. You know, when travel time is used to catch up on work, that’s pretty darn busy. But am I too busy? Okay, I’ll admit it. I could use just a bit of a slow down, but as we all know, most careers put demands on our time and come with requirements and commitments.

However, when your career is a passion, when reaching certain levels in your career has been a life long goal, you do what you can to balance all those demands. Balance . . . while still giving precedence to the people you hold close to your heart. Balance and making adjustments to make sure you are there for them when they really need you. Like helping hubby find his keys for the sixth time, or giving my daughter and son-in-law a date night, or listening to my son’s bad day dilemmas, and making time for circle time with my granddaughter.

Balancing career and life isn’t always easy. But even as I deal with the struggles, I wouldn’t change it. I’m living my dream--launching two new series, for two new publishing houses. It’s scary, exciting, and requires a huge time commitment. Every now and then when I get hit with a moment of stress, and I wonder about the wisdom of wanting it all, I stop and think about my grandmother.

Born 1913, she was the smartest person I’ve known. For one thing, she was probably one of a few number of women of her age who had a college degree. She also had a genius IQ. The woman could remember dates, addresses, and telephone numbers—when they got a phone--of every house she ever lived in. It might not sound like a big deal, but she lived in 46 homes in her life. Trust me, she was scary smart.

She had so much to offer this world. Unfortunately, the world wasn’t ready for her. And not because she had really over-the-top forward thinking ideas. She didn’t want to burn bras before bras were burned, or wear short skirts, I’m don’t think she longed to be sexually promiscuous. I don’t think she even cared she was expected to shoulder most of the responsibilities of raising her six kids, or keeping the house clean and preparing all the food that went into her family’s mouths. Not that the food she put into their mouths was all that great. She was sort of like my hubby in the cooking department. But one thing was for sure, she longed to be more than a wife, mother, and grandmother.

And that’s why I think she really should have been born about fifty years later. You see, she had a career dream. One she never accomplished. Like me, she wanted to be a writer. She had the job offer to go to work at a newspaper. But according to her older brother, who paid the bills in the household and ruled the roust, being a reporter was no job for a lady.

She had two choices: teacher, or nurse.

She became a teacher. A fine one she was, too. And when she married and was expected to give it all up, she didn’t. She juggled the expectations of homemaker with her career when women were looked down on for juggling. And she was my biggest cheerleader as I struggled to go from unpublished writer to published. But I can’t help but think about what all she missed out on, and what the world missed out on, because she was unable to follow her real dream.

So while I deal with the stresses, and juggle career, friends, family, life, and my favorite TV shows—which is always the first thing to go, I’m so thankful that doing so is my choice. And when I hit another benchmark in this career, there’s a little part of me that is doing it for her, too.

So, here’s to you, grandma. I know you are standing at the pearly gates, the last address you’ll have to memorize, watching me, and still cheering me on.

So today the question I have for you, is how busy are you? Are you making sure to keep your priorities straight? Are you working toward making your own dreams come true?

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Jenyfer Matthews said...

What a great story about your grandmother - and a good reminder to be grateful for what we have. I am busy too - because I have too many interests and things I love to do. Not such a hardship when you look at it like that. As for balancing - some days it works out better than others!

rrshep said...

Thanks for the wonderfully inspiring story about your grandmother. She sounds like a great lady.

susanann said...

Loved your grandmother's story and my grandmother was an amazing lady as well. I and my hubby worked to have our dream of our own home and to raise our 3 kids the best we could. Now our dream is to go to Hawaii (me) and the West coast of Canada salmon fishing (hubby).

Leslee said...

Great post! I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed Born at Midnight! I reviewed it for Night Owl Reviews and I can't wait for the next book! Thank goodness it is coming out this year too, right? You will get a copy of my review and a link to it when it is posted closer to the release date. :)

krisgils33 said...

your grandmother sounds like an amazing person. i think we all have over scheduled lives today and i certainly wish there were more hours in the day to accomplish everything!

JoanneR said...

How wonderful that your grandmother didn't settle for just being what was expected of her. That is a very strong woman!

Christie Craig said...


Sometimes how we look at our problems can change how we see them. Thanks for stopping in.

Rrshep, she was an amazing woman. Thanks for visiting.

Susanann, What a wonderful dream. And good luck on getting to Hawaii. I have a feeling you'll make it. Thanks for joining us.

Christie Craig said...

Leslee, Thanks you sooo much for the wonderful review and for contacting me. I was sent a link to it, to one review from Night Owl. I'm seriously on top of the world about the release of Born At Midnight.

Krisgils33, Yup, I think busy is almost the way of life now days. More hours would be fabulous. Thanks so much for dropping by.

JoanneR, That's a great way of putting it. I think too many of settle. Thanks for visiting.

Zita said...

I'm trying! Working is required (got to pay the bills), but that's not my reason for living. I try my best to keep that straight.

Morganne said...

I think today no matter what one has as a day job or career we are all busy and that is a blessing. Working when others are not employed is something I am grateful for every day. That said I think we all push to be more and to do more as we set out to achieve our goals and aspirations. Me, I want to be on Oprah, although I must admit I've never seen a show. I'd like her to hold up my book and say "This is the best romance I've ever read."

But that would mean I needed someone else to fulfill my dreams and on that path I will not tread. Balance for me means focusing on what I can do to improve myself every day and let the rest come as it will. Exercise (training for me) eating well, loving my children and spouse and not ever taking them for granted, working smart,writing well daily (even if it's only a sentence) no matter how busy I am helps me stay balanced and focused. So does pulling up Castle on Hulu as I snuggle in at night with my family. Great post, thanks.

Leigh Morgan

Danielle said...

What a heartwarming inspiring story. Thank you so much for sharing.

yvonne said...

Loved your grandmother's story. Kudos to her.
19 yrs ago I left a very good job to do what I really loved , teach dance and aerobics. A dancer is ALWAYS a dancer :) I have gone through may "reinventing", and love to learn realizing the more I know, the more I know I DON'T know!! My love to move has been focused to teaching pilates for the last 11 yrs , and I still love it. Yes, the money isn't there, but the spirit and the soul are VERY happy :)

Kima said...

What a great story about your grandmother! When I get overwhelmed and can't think straight and am having a really crappy day at work, I think of my dad. He worked 40 years at a job he started out loving, but ended up hating (because of management). Even though he hated it for nearly half of his employment, he stuck with it because he had a wife and three kids depending on him. So he did what he had to do and kept his mouth shut. He instilled a sense of responsibility and dependability in me that I treasure. Lucky me - I got to marry a man who is very much like my dad, and I thank God for him every day.

Robin Kaye said...

Aw Christie - I just love your stories and would have loved your Grandmother too!

As for me, I'm always crazy busy, always juggling, always dropping a few balls but I'm usually able to pick them back up before the end of the five second rule. My goal for this year is to find balance in all thing. I try to keep my priorities in line but I'm far from perfect.

I'm definitely working toward my dreams. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this year will be a great one for all of us Killers!

Rebekah E. said...

Thanks for sharing your story.

Margay said...

I am very busy! As far as priorities, family always comes first, so other things get pushed to the side - temporarily - when there is an issue with family that needs to be handled. And yes, I am working toward realizing my dreams.

Jean P said...

What a lovely and inspiring story about your grandmother, thanks for sharing it.

Anne said...

Congratulations on having two new series!

I'm not too busy, but then I don't have kids. It does seem that Monday comes all too quickly though. I'd love a 4 day work week, but then if I actually had one, would I want a three day work week instead???

Anonymous said...

Though I haven't reached those career goals like you Christie, I'm crazy busy, too.

With a baby in the house, and all those responsibilities you mentioned as a housewife, mother, friend, critique partner, etc, its a real challenge to meet word counts and balance everyday life. But I, too, love it - despite the occasional grouchiness.

My mother had dreams she gave up. Though I tell her she still can achieve those goals, she is in a place right now (family affairs) that prohibits her. It truly saddens me for her.

I'm determined to reach my goals and encourage my kids to do the same when the dream big.

Thanks for an uplifting blog.


Gemma Halliday said...

Christie - Great post! Very inspiring and just what I needed ot hear today. Go grandma!

We could be living the same life. Also launching two new series and doing a LOT of juggling. The only difference is my demanding person is 15 mo old and wants to play ball on the floor instead of stuffed animals circle. ;)


ShanaGalen said...

This reminds me so much of my grandmother. She wanted to be a doctor but was pushed into teaching. Coincidentally, she also writes and has published several short stories and a devotional book.

Sandy said...

CC, I think I need to reorganize. The television shows need to go. Bones, The Mentalist, NCIS's, White Collar. All of them. Wah!

Virginia said...

What a great story, I love hearing about peoples grandmothers. Our grandmothers were all wise in their own way. I stay pretty busy myself these days. I lost my job several years ago and haven't had much luck finding and keeping a job. I thought i would have plenty of time on my hands when this happened but not so. I set with my father in law a few days a week, he's 87 now and not in good health but between that and keeping up with everything here with the house and all that goes along with it I just don't have that much time on my hands. Thanks for the great contest.

Suzan Harden said...

Busy is one thing, Christie, but you're working toward a specific goal. You're my hero.

petite said...

A wonderful story which I enjoyed greatly. Your grandmother was a woman to be admired. Thanks for sharing.

traveler said...

I love stories which are real and beautiful like the one today. I don't think that we appreciate what others have accomplished in their time. Now we are always rushing around doing too much and these things are lost. A special grandmother and story which is touching.

Glenda said...

Your grandmother story reminded me that we always thought my father's mother should have been a general if she'd been born at another time.

Susan M said...

I was once denied a promotion for which I was highly qualified because I might have to go on the factory floor and they had pictures of half nude women hanging on the walls. Also there was traveling involved and the boss’s wife wouldn’t like us traveling together.
I told my boss I knew what women looked like and I wasn’t worried about the pictures. I offered to call his wife and assure her that I had a twenty-eight year old, six-foot-three, handsome husband, and I wasn’t interested in hers’.
Oh, no, it still wouldn’t work. Who would look after my kid while I traveled? Uh, I don’t know, his father?
Keep doing what you’re doing, Christie. You have your priorities straight and your feet on the ground. You can always TEVO Bones.

Anonymous said...

Loved your story about your grandmother. To quote a beloved family member, "you come from good stock!" :)

Our modern culture pushes us to over-schedule our lives. We can't have it all. Need to choose the most important dreams and live to achieve those. You are doing just that, Christie. What a good role-model you are! Thank you.

Susan P. said...

I'm working toward the dream of taking a trip to New Zealand and Australia which will probably come to fruition when I'm a grandmother!

Thinking back to what our grandmothers had to do to run a household before automation is mind boggling. My grandmother had a huge flower and vegetable garden and canned and preserved enough to feed an army. Their flowers were made into arrangements that were delivered to the hospital on a regular basis.

Janell said...

Your grandma sounds like my mom. She wanted to be "more" than a stay at home mom. She wanted to be a history teacher. But she got pregnant, got married, and ended up being a fantastic mother and a dedicated wife-no matter where that led her. Now when she listens to me talk about juggling my career, family and new writing passion, she keeps nudging me with praise and confidence. I know I CAN do it all because she wanted to and couldn't based on different circumstances. I can do it for both of us.

TerriOsburn said...

It's so great to see you having such success. You deserve every bit of it!

Your grandmother sounds like an amazing woman. Thank goodness she and women like her blazed the trails for the rest of us.

I'm not nearly as busy as I was a couple years ago. And I've managed to add more "want to" stuff while eliminating the nasty "have to" stuff. If I could cut back just a little more on television, my major weakness, I'd be doing even better. :)

Leslee said...

Oh good, I am so glad you got the link. You should be very proud of it. I really enjoyed it and I have already told some friends, just wait till April cause I have a book you have got to read! Best wishes!

Brandy said...

I'm busy. With my kids. My dream was to be a Mom for as long as I can remember and I've fulfilled that dream. I have a second dream, to improve my photography and someday be able to turn it into income. And I will hopefully accomplish that dream a bit later on.
Your Grandmother sounds fantastic!

catslady said...

I was born in l950 and my parents were way behind the times. Maybe because their parents were new to this country and they still thought the old ways. Girls didn't need an education. I was given the choice of being a secretary. I think it's the things you never get to try that you regret the most. I really was naive and had no clue I could do things on my own. I married young and instead of listening to my father, it was my husband. The good news is that I made sure our children had all the choices they wanted. Both girls got to go to college (the youngest graduates this year). So I did give up on my dreams but maybe in my next lifetime lol.

hofken said...

I hear what you're saying. I'm an attorney and some mornings I'd like to stay home and do nothing. But, I always try to remember how lucky I am to being doing what I'm doing and all the women who can't. I never had any real obstacles to overcome - thanks to women like your grandmother who paved the way!


Susan Mo said...

What a great story to share. In response to your question, I am super busy, too. My husband and I are triathletes, so there is a lot of time spent training and exercising. It seems like there is never quite enough time left over to get things done, but I am happy with my life. By the way, no-Booth hasn't dropped his girlfriend yet, despite Bones' teary admission that she cares deeply for him.

Mo said...

Your grandmother sounds like an wonderful and amazing woman to have had in your life. While my Mom and Grandmother were both stay at home moms they encouraged me to get my college degree and chase my dreams. I am very thankful that while their generation(s) had to settle they cleared the path so mine wouldn't have to.

CrystalGB said...

Thank you for sharing with us about your grandmother. She sounds amazing. With work, home and family I stay busy too. I try to set aside time each evening to relax.

kde2072 said...

Thank you for sharing a piece of your grandmother with us. It brought back memories of my grandmother. I certainly miss her.

Jane said...

Great post, Christie. There's always room for change, but making that first step is definitely the hardest. Still figuring out what my dream is and hopefully I'll figure it out soon.

Refhater said...

The story of your Grandma made me cry. My Grammy was alot like yours until dementia robbed her of her mind.

As for myself, I am very busy. I have a full time high stress job at a hospital, take care of my 3 and 5 year old nieces for 2 weeks out of each month, as well as volunteer for the local Rotary, Hospice, and Community Foundation. But, I always take a little time for myself each day. Even if it's nothing more than sitting and enjoying a cup of coffee or a few pages of a good book.

I recently was blessed to have one of my dreams come true. One of my dreams was to make greeting cards. I entered an online contest and Hallmark selected my entry to be a birthday card. It's currently available on line at Hallmark.com.

Estella said...

Your grandmother sounds like an awesome lady!
I am living my dream. I am retired and live just a few blocks from my grandchildren.

Judy said...

I really enjoyed your post!! This day and time, I believe everyone has more on their plate than we know what to do with. My husband and I are retired, but it seems we never have much time:) This year so far I have been on track, and hoping to keep it going!!

joder said...

What a fun and inspiring post! I know many people who still have decorations up so don't feel bad, and you're reasoning is totally valid imho. You only have one life with a certain amount of time, so definitely focus on what's the most important and fulfilling and don't worry about the rest.

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

Laura said...

I don't consider myself busy ...although I am chasing my dream. What I do everyday when I go to work is what I went to college for - and one day, I will have what I stated in my high school yearbook - a New York Times best-seller :)

Christie Craig said...


I know what you mean about working to get by and pay the bills. My hubby is an engineer, and he never loved his job. I tell both my kids to make sure they love what they do for a living, it makes doing the time so much easier.


I'm with you, and Oprah has two hands, so I say she holds up one of each of our books. Sounds as if you are on the right track. Keep going.

Danielle, thanks and thanks for stopping by.


Christie Craig said...


I love that story. Dancing is a art and it sounds like you are on the path you are meant to travel on. Thanks for sharing.


Like you my dad's work ethic was an inspirtation to me. My hubby is the same as well. We did good marrying our dads. LOL. Thanks for stopping in.


I know I've dropped so many balls and even had to climb under the sofa to find them. I think what's important is we do find them and we take a deep breath and go back to juggling. Thanks girl.


Thanks for joining us today.


Christie Craig said...


Family has to come first. They are our safety nets, our inspiration, and they feed our souls with chocolate. We can still want to kill them sometimes, but we always love 'em.

Jean P, Thanks for stopping by. Come back again.

Anne, a three day work week sounds good. LOL. Ahh, I work almost every day. Amazingly, I did it even before I had deadlines. So I do love it. Thanks for stopping in.


Judy T. said...

Your story about your grandmother was very inspiring. My life is busy but I try to find some 'my time' to relax.

Christie Craig said...


Ahh girl, we all deserve a tiny bit of grouchiness. And nothing is harder than having a little one at home. Thanks for stopping in.


How you are getting it done with a little one under foot the whole time, is amazing. They are so precious. Keep passing that ball, girl.


Your grandma sounds amazing. How cool is it that she's also a writer. If you still have her with you, hug her tightly and enjoy it. Thanks for stopping in.


Jeanette J said...

I'm not busy right now. I am, how they say, between jobs right now. That was a wonderful story about your grandmother.Thanks for sharing.

Christie Craig said...


Not NCIS, please no!!! LOL. I allow myself a little TV time, but only when I meet my daily goals. Thanks for stopping in.


It's amazing how busy we get when we stop working. How did we do it all? It really goes to show that the saying..."If you want something done, find the busiest person you know to do it," is true. Thanks for stopping in.


You are my hero, too. Thank you!


dhenry said...

love grandmother stories!

Christie Craig said...


Thanks for stopping in.

Traveler, I think we all need to slow down and appreciate everything. Even when what we appreciate is that we have so much in out lifes that it keeps us busy.

Glenda, I know women like that, too. They could get in room in control in a matter of seconds.

Susan M.

Too funny girl. Our world has changed. Most of it for the good. Thanks for stopping in.


Christie Craig said...


Good ol' Alabama stock. Thanks for stopping in.

Susan P. I'm sure you will make it. I hope you have a blast, too. And yes, I can't imagine living life without our modern appliances. Or frozen dinners, and pizza places that deliver.


Life is so different now in so many ways for women. I think we often forget that it wasn't that long ago, that we were viewed as less than. And darn it, in some countries, it's still that way.


Thanks. How are you coming with the writing? And unpacking the house? And that "want to" stuff is important.


Sheila said...

Beautiful story, Christie. Trying to keep my own priorities straight as I work part-time at two different hospitals, tackle my new chapter responsibilities, try to get dinner ready before exhausted hubby gets home...blah, blah, blah. Now I've decided the end of my WIP sounds hokey so I'm editing. Hubby can get dinner on his own, right?


Christie Craig said...


I really can't thank you enough. There is no better PR than word of mouth. I know my publisher loved the review as well. Thanks again.


I love photography. The way to improve is to just keep shooting. You'll have to send me some of your images some time. And don't be afraid to send out your images to sell. Did you know they pay more for images than they do for articles? And by the way, there is no better or more important job than being mom. Congrats.


How great that you making sure that your children know the choices? I think I did the same with my daughter, who is an amazing mom, artist and teacher. Congrats!


We owe a lot to women who did blaze the trail. Congrats on your having the job you want. I hope all your dreams happen. Thanks for stopping by.

Susan Mo,

What? He hasn't dropped the girl. Oh man!!! Congrats on your success on the triathletes. Those require lots and lots of training. It has to be a passion. Thanks for sharing.

And those memories of our grandmas are special. Thanks for dropping by.

TerriOsburn said...

Christie - Making nice progress on the revisions. About 185 pages to go and it's ready for beta readers!

The house? Well. That's still a WIP. :)

Christie Craig said...


Thanks for dropping by. You mom and grandma sound great. I'm glad they wanted you to make your own choices.

Crystal, Relaxing is a must. A glass of wine and just chatting with my hubby is my relaxation. Thanks for stopping in.

Cherie J said...

Thank you for sharing the story about your grandmother. Yes, I am very busy. I have two kids under the age of 8, one of which I homeschool. This requires lots of my time and attention but my kids are worth it. I consider it investing in their future.

Kristi said...

Christie, you brought tears to my eyes. I feel the same way about my Grandmother. I miss her so much and think about her every day and she's been gone since 2002.

I'm usually going from 6am to 9pm and then I finally sit down and catch up for the day. I'm exhausted every day.

PS> I can't wait until your newest comes out.

Sue A. said...

Your grandmother sounds like a wonderful role model!

I had a very rough year last year, so I'm going easy on myself and trying to find my footing right now.

Christie Craig said...


I'm sure you'll find it. Keep going and good luck.


Christie Craig said...


Sorry I made you cry.

And hey...congrats on your card success. That is so cool. I tried to do that for a while. It's not easy. Thanks for stopping by.


Living close to those sweet little angels is something to celebrate. Congrats.


Congrats on staying on track. That's something to be happy about.
Thanks for stopping in.


Thanks, I won't feel so bad about my x-mas decor still being out. Thanks for dropping by.

Christie Craig said...


You go. I'll be be looking for your name there. I hope to be there myself soon. Thanks for visiting.


We have to relax. A glas of wine. A massage. Oh yeah, I need a massage. Thanks for dropping in.

Good luck finding the type of job that will interest you and be somewhere you don't mind going to five days a week. And that you make tons of money. Thanks for stopping by.

Christie Craig said...


Thanks for visiting.


My hubby does a great job putting the food on the table. Sometimes I miss my own cooking, but like tonight, he did a great job. Hey...they can be taught to cook. LOL.


That's great news. Keep on gong girl. I'm proud of you.

Cherri J.

You are a busy. Home schooling is big job. But you are so right. There is no better investment. Congrats.


Thanks so much. I miss my grandma, too. And my next humorous romance is scheduled to come out in August. Sooner than I thought. Yeah.

Christie Craig said...


We all need to be good to ourselves and we should all know when we need to take a break, a day off, or just spend a day doing nothing. If we push too hard, we'll run into burnout. And that won't work at all.

Thanks for stopping in.


donnas said...

I think right now we are all busy. But I do like to think that I am working towards my dream. I might not get there in the next couple years but I will eventually get there.

Diane Kelly said...

Your grandmother lives on through you, Christie!

This was a very apt blog - I just had to fill out a questionnaire that asked what I would wish for if I had one wish. And what did I wish for? MORE TIME! : ) Sounds like that's a common wish for all of us!

sonya said...

awesome story and I am busy but not too busy and I am looking into going back to school to start a new career.

Donna Marie Rogers said...

Christie, that was one of the most inspiring stories I've ever read, thank you so much for sharing your grandmother with us. What an incredible lady. :-) Mine was a bit of a ditz (sorry, grandma ), but so funny and sweet. I still miss her so much.

Well, I thought I was busy until I read your blog post...LOL My problem is I'm not a great multi-tasker, so I probably feel much busier than I actually am. LOL

My biggest dream used to be becoming a mother, which didn't happen for me so easily. But now I have two beautiful daughters. :-)
And yet another thing in common, I'm a huge Castle & Bones fan!!

Cindy Sample said...

Hi Christie. I grew up in a farm town where you were expected to get married right out of high school THank goodness I was such a nerd I had no suitors. My mother encouraged me to go to college then she pursued a profession of her own - becoming a real estate broker. She just retired at the age of 83 because it was interfering with her bridge parties. Thanks for sharing your wonderful story. BTW, don't miss Castle next week. I saw a big smooch on the preview!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful story really well written!

Cassy Campbell said...

Christie, your grandmother sounds like a lovely person, and you're so lucky to be following in her footsteps and blazing your own path! I think that to keep life balance, you should spend time with everything in your life that's important, whether it's people or your career or working toward a new goal. I'm working 2 jobs, writing every morning before work, and trying to get a chance to live too, while working toward my dream of being a self-sufficient writer. I may not get to see Bones on the night it actually airs, but that's what the DVR is for!

Christie Craig said...

Donnas, To me, it doesn't matter how fast you get to our dreams, it's never giving up, even if it's baby steps. Thanks for stopping in.

Diane, More time would be a fine gift. And you're right, Grandma lives on. I even see parts of her in my daughter.

Sonya, Congrats on making that back-to-school step. It's a biggy, but so worth while. Enjoy the high of learning.

Christie Craig said...


I don't know. I hear what all your doing . . . canning, gardening, writing, and two kids. That sounds busy to me. LOL. And congrats on those two girls. Hug 'em tight.

Cindy, Your mom sounds amazing. Gotta love a woman who won't let anything come between her and her bridge parties. A big kiss? Wow. I'm so going get up early so I can quit working early. Thanks.

Mysterycreature, Thanks for stopping in.

Cassy, Keep following that dream. It's amazing what happens to people who put in the time. Thanks so much for stopping in.

David L Rattigan said...

Am I working to make my dreams come true? I'm getting there.

Jo Anne said...

Beautifully written, Christie. We would all be wise to honor those who helped to shape us. We're their legacy. I like to think I've done okay with what mine gave me. You sure have. :-)

Cathy M said...

Your grandma sounds like an amazing woman. You were very blessed to have her in your life.

I started off balancing the career and mom duties, but was lucky to get the chance to be with my kidlets full time. Then went back to work when they hit high school and loved the balance of work and homelife.

Kerrin said...

I have been inspired by my husband's aunt, who is nearly 97 years young. She never believed she only had two career choices. Prior to WWII she became the first female mail carrier in Tennessee. During the war, she was chosen to work under Oppenheimer at Los Alamos. Her father did her mail carrier job while she was gone, so it was waiting for her when she came back. She has had a long, interesting career and life, never letting anyone tell her she couldn't do something.

Kammie said...

I loved the part about your grandmother. I always say mine is up above cheering me on, too.

Last year for me was a tough one. I worked way more hours than I should have. Hoping this year is a little easier.

bettycd said...

Really enjoyed your sharing of your grandmother. I was a change of life baby and not one of my grandparents were around in my childhood.
Life is busy but we have a good view on where we want to be for retirement

Theresa Meyers said...

Right there with you in the busy department. Have edits for two different novels on my desk (both of which have to be returned to editors by Feb. 1) and two more to be written before mid-July, along with two kids still not in high school. It can get crazy. But you are right about balance being everything.

Reading your grandmother's story reminds me of one thing: we are limited most by ourselves. Just because people tell us something isn't right or accepted doesn't mean we have to choose to accept it. If you have a dream, go for it. You aren't the only person who will miss out, if you don't. Imagine what the world would have been like without Eistein pursing something other than patent filing!

robynl said...

I'm busy on the computer, baking, doing laundry; nothing really impressive though. I should be organizing again.

Great grandmother.

mariska said...

Thank you for sharing this. It reminds me of my grandmothers. they'd passed away :(

Janean said...

Well my dream is to have a baby Hubby and I have been trying for a while and we pray that this year is the year, we have 3 four legged kids our 3 cockerspaniels and we hope and pray we can make our family bigger in 2011. Happy Reading, Janean

Maureen said...

Your grandmother sounds like a strong person and I think it's great that our daughters have so many more choices today. I feel like my dreams change as I get older so the key is to find what you want to pursue now.

Amy S. said...

The last few years have been busy for me. I'm enjoying the down time this year. Trying to catch up on some things and just enjoying staying home. Loved your grandma's story!

Caffey said...

I always wondered how authors crammed in all that they do! Makes me feel so lazy! But too it makes me appreciate you all even more because what would we do without your stories, so thanks! For me, its more that things have changed over the years and the ways I'm busy is so different. Now the kids older, I find wanting myself to be busy with them every chance I can. I so could remember wanting that break when they were younger! So alot of it too is with more appts than ever, so our body changes too as we get older and have to deal with that so sometimes we too got to take a rest to take care of us! So remember to do that now and then.

cathiecaffey @ gmail.com

Robyn said...
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Robyn said...

I know I get too busy at times. We have worked hard as a family to cut extra-curricular things and I had to learn to say no. I don't always succeed, but it seems like we're doing better. With three kids though, it's never not hopping. :-)

coolestmommy2000 at gmail dot com

Rocky said...

My Granny was crazy smart, too. She was born in 1898 and lived in a time when there were few options available to women. She and my Grandad ran multiple businesses during the Depression, and she managed her career and motherhood in a time when men contributed little or nothing to running the house. I could learn from her example!