Friday, January 28, 2011

A new High Heels story!

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Writing can be a very solitary job - me, a laptop, a latte. When I’m working on a book, sometimes it’s hard to remember that there are other people out there that are going to read it at some point. Which is why I love reader mail. Hearing from people that my characters are funny, or relatable, or whatever is great validation that I’m not just writing stories in a bubble.

But once in awhile, I get reader mail that gives me pause. This happened recently when I got an email from a woman - whom we shall call “Jane”, though that isn’t her real name - who was unhappy that I stopped writing the High Heels books. She was angry (yes, she used that word) that she never got o see Maddie’s honeymoon, because she was sure it was a “doozy” with Ramirez on board. She was also sure that Maddie solved some great mystery while on her honeymoon, and Jane missed out on reading about it! Clearly we’re straddling a fine line between reality and fictional characters at this point, but Jane isn’t the only reader who has asked me for more Maddie., In fact, since I put my backlist of the five High Heels books up for sale as ebooks on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, I’ve been getting several emails a day asking 1) why I stopped writing them 2) if I would please reconsider and write more and 3) what happens to Maddie next.

So, as a fun treat (for me as much as readers, if I’m being honest), I decided to answer that last question. I just published an ebook short story called SWEETHEART IN HIGH HEELS, on and, that features Maddie and Ramirez on their first anniversary, which just happens to fall on the most romantic of all holidays, Valentine’s Day.

Maddie is finding that being the wife of a cop isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Especially when dead bodies keep ruining her romantic dinner plans. But she’s determined that her husband’s latest case, dubbed the “Sex Shop Murder”, will not keep him from celebrating their first anniversary together. She’s ready to do whatever it takes to make this night special and distraction-free - even if it means solving his case herself!

You can read a short excerpt of SWEETHEART IN HIGH HEELS on my website, and it’s available for download as an ebook (to read either on your ebook reading device or right on your computer) at and

Happy reading!

~ Trigger Happy Halliday


Mo said...

I am one of your fans who misses Maddie's adventures. I bought the new short as soon as I received your newsletter announcing it. Reading it is top of my to do list for after work today. Thank you for this surprise.

Diane Kelly said...

How flattering to have fans clamoring for more!

Brandy said...

So glad to hear there's a short story featuring Maddie!

Gemma Halliday said...

I hope you guys enjoy it! I'll admit, it was really fun writing her again. It's been too long. :)

How flattering to have fans clamoring for more!
Most of the time. I've gotten one or two angry emails that kinda scared me. Lol!


Kathy Bacus said...

Now you've got me itching to pen another Calamity Caper, Gemma!

Must get an e:reader so I can read Sweetheart in High Heels!

Leona said...

LOVE THE COVER PIC :) how fun!!!

Amanda Brice said...

I definitely am clamouring for more! My mom will be thrilled, I'm sure. She's constantly asking me when you're going to write a new Maddie story. She just doesn't seem to understand the whole contracts issue. LOL