Friday, December 10, 2010

Welcome Lori Avocato!

I want to introduce you all to our latest addition to the Killer Fiction roster, Lori Avocato! I first met Lori before I was published, when I was looking for mentors and she was pioneering the “chick lit mystery” genre with a series about a former nurse turned crime fighter in her Pauline Sokol murder mystery series. I absolutely loved Pauline’s brand of irreverent humor, and Lori’s blend of laughs, romance, off-beat characters, and a great mystery had me hooked from book one. Not only is Lori a veteran of the publishing world, but she’s also served in the United States Air Force as a nurse, spending four years as a real life “Hot Lips Houlihan.” I can’t WAIT to hear some of the stories there!

We’re super excited to have her on board as our final Killer member, and she’ll be blogging regularly every other Friday. Starting today! So, take it away, Lori…
Thanks, Gemma, for the intro! Sometimes when I read one about myself, I think--who the heck are they talking about? lol (Usually they make me sound much better than I am!)

Well, as you said, I am an author, veteran, nurse and mother. Actually, today is my youngest son's 22nd birthday (I had him when I was very, very, very young!) It is so hard to believe and to make matters worse, my oldest son will be 24 next Friday! I must have been on the "gods of children's" shit list at some point in my life to have two kids in December.

My birthday is also in December (29th) so I know the universe has had it in for me in some aspect for quit some time. Any of you that have a birthday around the holidays understands. We are kindred souls of the "combination" gift. One boot for Christmas. One for my birthday. One tire for my birthday. One for Christmas. And this from my PARENTS! Around Thanksgiving, as my family makes their holiday plans, my sister usually says, "Let's have a cake on Christmas for Lori so we all don't have to come back to town for her birthday." Gotta love my sister's sentimentality!

I swore I would never have a child in December--and I had two. Thank you very much, Mother Nature. I always celebrated their birthdays in November when they were young. Now, it's a "Happy Birthday" text, a gift card to shop for themselves, and, if they are lucky and in town, a meal. Birthday boy today is getting his choice, rack of lamb, whenever he gets home.

Hey, maybe I'll start a blog for those of us who suffer the birthday combination gifts due to being born the wrong time of the year. Bright side: I am a Capricorn and although I'm not up on astrology, I seem to be pretty even keeled, definitely organized (I grew up with one of those mothers who said, "don't waste any steps, go to the bathroom before you leave, take a tissue, and wear clean underwear--okay that part was more for keeping face if sent to the ER, but the rest made me organized as all get out and it helped with my nursing and military career), and other Capricorn traits that seem to fit me. My mom is also a veteran. She was in WWII and not even a nurse!

So, enough about birthdays and when they fall. I have overcome the universe and am at a great point in my life right now. I've started a new series called "Lethal in Lace" thus the moniker "Lori Lethal Avocato" my fellow bloggers here have given me. The series involves Polish (yes, I am one!) lace makers and how they modernize a centuries' old craft--involving G-strings. Enough said.

I just finished the seventh book in the Pauline Sokol Mystery series Gemma had mentioned above and it is available on my website. It was fun to write, and I am about to write an epilogue to the series in the near future. Pauline is based on my late "kick-ass" grandmother who died on her birthday at the age of 92 and the first book of the series came out on her birthday! What kind of kismet is that!? Oh and I just got back from a fabulous trip to Spain, a day in Morocco and several days in Paris. That picture above is me in Paris, drinking my favorite drink there. Coffee with REAL whipped cream! We just don't have as good whipped cream here as in Europe. I admit, I do have a sweet tooth.

Well, it has been great fun chatting with all of you! Talk to you in a few weeks.

Lori Lethal Avocato!


Robin Kaye said...

Welcome, Lori! We're glad to have you here. I'm a newbie too and I'm still excited to be a killer (even though I never kill anyone--not even in my books.)

I had a December baby--December 18th and I've never given her a birthday/Christmas present, I've never wrapped her birthday present in Christmas paper, and I usually thought of her as my Christmas present. Well, after she was 5 years old, at least.

Love the picture of you in Paris, one of my favorite places in the world. Wish I was there....

Lori Avocato said...

Thanks, Robin

Good for you for not doing the combo birthday gift. Yes, Paris was fantastic. I saw on the news today they had snow! Glad it was when I wasn't there.

Kathy Bacus said...

Welcome aboard, 'Lethal Lori'! My Capricorn triplets can relate to the combo-celebrations. They were born on January 2nd--a week after Christmas--when most people have had it with shopping, spending money, and eating sweets. For a while we tried the 'half-birthday' thing but that didn't last.

They really got the shaft, that's for sure. I still feel bad about it. They're in college now but are usually home for Christmas break so we'll do something special on their special day this year.

And Paris? Very cool.

Christie Craig said...

Hi Lori,

My birthday is not in December, but I can relate. My hubby and I married a day before my birthday. I try to put my foot down, two gifts, two dinners out. It doesn't always work. I swear he planned that so he wouldn't forget and could get away with one gift. LOL.

Welcome to Killer Fiction. You'll love it here.


Gemma Halliday said...

I'm a December birthday, too, so I feel ya'. Luckily I'm early December, so my mom always made the rule that the Christmas season didn't start until after my birthday. :) But, I do remember a lot of combo presents from friends and family in my youth.

My niece has an early Jan birthday, and I'll admit, since she lives far away I do give her birthday presents when she comes to visit on Christmas. BUT, I give two sets of presents, and the b-day ones are clearly wrapped in non-Christmas paper.

TerriOsburn said...

I am a card carrying member of the combo gift brigade. New Year's Eve here. Yeah, trying having a party be about you on that day. LOL!

I used to get ONE present that was set aside under the tree and I couldn't open it until my birthday. ONE! So not fair. It's so bad, I can't remember the last time I had a cake for my birthday.

Now, a trip to Paris, I'd take that as a gift anytime.

catslady said...

I totally understand. My birthday is Nov. 29th and it's let's put a candle in the pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving and get out one of those early Christmas gifts. Last year we celebrated in the summer - I really enjoyed it. Sure beats trying to squeeze it in when everyone is too busy. We put if off again this year so far lol.

Welcome to Killer Fiction!

Lori Avocato said...

Oh, gosh. We all have our "present" crosses to bare! lol A candle in the pumpkin pie though, that is cruel. My girlfriend is also early Jan and insists that all birthday gifts are in birthday paper. I, on the other hand, take what I can get lest next year they put TWO cards inside one gift!

Thank you all for the great welcome!

Mary G said...

Hi Lori
Hubby's birthday is Christmas Eve. I try to follow his late mom's rules. we get together on Christmas Eve but we have a separate birthday thingie for him & no red or green icing anywhere near his cake.

We got married on my birthday but he planned that on purpose when he proposed. Swore I'd till get 2 presents. Whatever - he still owes me 27 presents.

Tori Lennox said...

Welcome, Lori!

Diane Kelly said...

My daughter was born on December 30th, so I can relate to the kid-born-in-December issue! She was our "late" Christmas present - the best one we ever received!