Friday, August 27, 2010

Living with Men

The Man and I have been cohabiting for almost exactly a year now, so I thought I’d share the top five things that I have learned since living with a guy:

1. Goatee stubble is hard to clean out of tile grout.

2. I snore. (Huh. Really? I never noticed…)

3. I am totally turned on by a guy doing my laundry.

4. Nothing drags you out a deep sleep quickly like the guy next to you in bed shouting nonsense in his sleep.

5. There is never a time of year when you can’t find either baseball or football on TV.

Okay, your turn. What have you learned since meeting your significant other?

~Trigger Happy Halliday


krisgils33 said...

1. men don't know how to load a dishwasher.

2. men are actually higher maintenance than women.

3. men will leave their keys anywhere, and will also do the same with my keys.

4. if I turn on the TV, there is no doubt it will be tuned to a sports channel at an unreasonably high volume.

that's all I've got for now!!!

Brandy said...

1. computer time trumps chatting with me for some reason.
2. my guy can exhaust my patience.
3. same with #1 in krisgils33 comment. *g*
4. I don't have to worry about sports on tv, but do have to worry about the most boring "how it's made" shows, ever!

That's it from me, for now. *G*