Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Misty, Watercolor Memories...Of The Way, I Was...

First things first! I screwed up and didn't post the contest winners! Here they are: Abigail Beal, Refhater and TerriO! E-mail me at to claim your prize!

I was at a wedding last weekend. That's what the picture is from. Free beer and roses everywhere is just too much temptation for me. And as we all beer tastes better. That is, until the kegs run out and you have to actually BUY beer. That beer tastes just isn't free. And suddenly, Leslie has no more cash in her teeny, tiny but oh-so-chic handbag and that makes Leslie sad.

A number of years ago, before I was an author, I'd started a drinking club for women. A secret club. We called ourselves WAD (Women Are Drinking). I formed chapters in Virginia and Iowa. We had laminated membership cards that said, "Buy me a drink, and no one gets hurt." Once a month, we'd meet secretly and hit a town where no one knew us. We always had one (may I say, disgruntled?) designated driver - so hey, we were responsible.

What did we do? Well, we'd go to clubs and request Tori Amos songs and when the dance floor cleared, we'd try to dance to Tori Amos (you pretty much have to be drunk for that). Sometimes we would be just standing there, but think we were moving. Once, we got tattoos. One time we got thrown out of a bar and ended up skinny dipping in a lake where it was so dark we couldn't see. And then there was the time our designated driver had to take us to the bathroom as we formed a human chain of drunk women so we wouldn't fall over. Darlene puked in the beer cooler.

Mr. Assassin loved it. He always could hear my ride drop me off a mile away as we shouted, "SHHHHHH! YOU'LL WAKE THE WHOLE NEIGHBORHOOD!" A car of giggling women would pull up and I'd roll out onto the grass laughing. Tom would scoop me up and take me inside.

I miss those days. I was ten years younger and an idiot, but it was fun.

So, last weekend I dropped off the kids, said goodbye to the housesitter, and met up with my friends to drive two and a half hours south to a very small town on the Missouri, Iowa border.

I won't tell you what happened. But it was nice to get out and drink with the girls again. Granted, the teenage DJ had never heard of Tori Amos so we had to settle for Lady GaGa. And no one even puked in the beer cooler...didn't even come close.

The Assassin


MsHellion said...

That sounds frighteningly like drinking parties I've been part of. "Shhhh, don't wake my roommate!"--and by the time I get in the door, she's standing there in a bathroom, looking extremely disgruntled. You know if she'd only gone drinking with us, she'd be in as a good a mood as me.

Good times, good times.

Last time I was that toasted, I was letting my best friend's brother-in-law pick up the tab.

TerriOsburn said...

I won! Ack! LOL! Thanks, lady. And I live in VA, does that mean I can join the club? (Okay, so I don't drink even a drop these days, I could be the DD every time. Totally worth it.)

Love the picture. If I ever get married again (read: if Hell ever freezes over) I'm inviting you. And making sure you have all the free beer and roses your little heart can stand. :)

Meg and RoRo! said...

Well, we'll have to schedule a get together one of these days! Or a virtual party - then TerriO can "drink."

TerriOsburn said...

Thanks for thinking of me, Meg. Virtual drinks I can do. LOL!

Leslie Langtry said...

Crap. I'm not Meg and Roro. That's my funny 11yr old and her web show. Damn, she must've used this laptop recently. I guess I should've checked that!

Anonymous said...

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TerriOsburn said...

Ha! My 10 yr old and her BFF are talking about doing one of those. Gotta love iCarly for all the inspiration. (And you'd fill the Spencer part beautifully.)

And guess I should say thank YOU for thinking of me. BTW - Think you could throw some girl scout cookies into the prize pack? LOL!

Leslie Langtry said...

1) I haven't spoken Russian in 15 years, so aside from swearing and "wet dog," I don't know what Anonymous said.

2) I LOVE Spencer! I want him as a pet!

Leslie Langtry said...

1) I haven't spoken Russian in 15 years, so aside from swearing and "wet dog," I don't know what Anonymous said.

2) I LOVE Spencer! I want him as a pet!

Brandy said...

I am sensing an extreme lack of fun being allergic to alcohol. *pout*

Refhater said...

Love the picture!!!

I volunteer to be the DD if I can come to the party. Then everyone else can drink. Just hook me up with some Diet Coke.

I know some Russian from spending time in Moscow, and Anonymous is basically spaming the blog. One of those your long lost relative from the Ukraine died and left you $. All they need is your bank account number so they can send you the $.

Leslie Langtry said...

Refhater, that's hilarious! And he thought he could get money here!

Refhater said...

Perhaps it's the same guy who gave Evgeni Plushenko his "platinum medal." (See the olympic news for that one.) Often times they also include computer virus as well.

Leslie Langtry said...

I must say, Plushenko did not skate a clean program.