Thursday, February 18, 2010

What light thru yonder window passes...OMG, it's the SUN!

I'm in a great mood this morning. I've got a song in my heart (and if you'd heard me sing, you'd want me to keep it there) and a spring in my step. I've got a grin a mile wide plastered on my pallid, pale, Vitamin D deprived face and it's all due to a hot, glowing orb made up of about ten gases and elements.

The sun.

I'm not sure how many days we've gone this winter without seeing the sun, but judging from the general attitude of folks in winter weary regions, it's time Mr. Sun hung around for awhile. It's getting scary out there.

Monday there were two news items about assaults taking place over snow removal disputes. The weapons of choice? Snow shovels, of course.

Road rage is on the rise. (Exhibit A: last week's blog)

And each evening after a day of celebrating the seemingly simple task of getting back and forth to work, a certain lassitude or lethargy often appears. A sharp reduction in motivation. A dearth of energy. It's at this point where an almost uncontrollable urge to just sit and 'vej out' takes hold. (Note, the term 'vej' has nothing to do with the consumption of leafy, green, healthy vegetable-types)

Which may account for the recent back-and-forth I had with my physician when I sought treatment for ear infection and accompanying vertigo and was routinely weighed.

Doc.: We've gained a little weight over the winter, haven't we?

Me: Oh, I wouldn't say you've gained all that much...

Doc: I'm pregnant.

Me: Oh.

Doc: What's your excuse?

Me: SAD, maybe?

Doc: Sad?

Me: I think I could have SAD.

Doc: Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Me: It could be.

Doc: Are you depressed, Kathy?

Me: I am now.

Doc: Are you getting enough exercise?

Me: Does snow shoveling count?

Doc: How about your walking?

Me: Well, there is this bum knee...

Doc: What is your diet like?

Me: Before or after I discovered they'd put out the Cadbury Creme Eggs in the Easter candy aisle?

Doc: I don't think you have SAD, Kathy.

Me: You don't? You mean...I've become a...COUCH POTATO?!!

Doc: If the couch fits...


Looks like it's back to 24 Hour Fitness for Bullet Hole. I've got to shed ten lbs by spring. Anyone with me?

Oh, and before I sign off, I want to give a major congrats shout-out to my big sister who recently retired from the Iowa State Patrol at the rank of Captain after thirty-two years of service. Enjoy your retirement, D. You've earned it! And we SO have to collaborate on a book. Oh, the tales we could tell!

~Bullet Hole~

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TerriOsburn said...

Whoohoo for the sunshine! But that doc is lucky she's pregnant. The temptation to smack her must have been hard to resist. Thankfully, my doc rarely mentions my weight. Of course, I avoid my doc at all costs.

We get sunshine here, but it's still too cold for me. I'm just not meant for cold climes. Spring cannot get here soon enough.

Congrats to sister Bullet and I'd read that book!