Thursday, February 04, 2010

Accentuating the positives!

I can be a little, er, negative at times. I know. That's hardly front page news. And maybe the right word here isn't negative, but 'more like cynical'. As a long-term student of the school of hard knocks, I've had a lot of real life experience getting back up after being knocked down. Both literally (in my former life as a peace officer) and figuratively. Lately the trend towards general crabbiness has increased. Especially this past month. Maybe it's the winter I'm convinced will never end. (See. There I go again. Ms. Pessimist.) Maybe it's the fact things aren't moving quickly enough in the publishing realm. Maybe it's just the funky fluid in my ears that keeps giving me vertigo. All I know is I've become one of those individuals I used to sneer about. Whiners!

So, today I'm going to make a special effort to focus on only 'the good stuff'. I'm not going to complain, whine, mope, grumble, sigh, or scoff. I'm going to be Little Mary Freakin' Sunshine. If it kills me.

To get this day off to a positively awesome start, I'm going remind myself of all the things I have to be grateful for on this dark, depressing, soon to be snowing -er, I mean, this fabulous, incredible, just slightly overcast but it will get better someday day.

So what am I grateful for?

Well, family and friends, of course. And a good job that pays the bills. A nice home. My Jimmy, the little SUV that could (and does) get me to work on some challenging commutes. Good health--well apart from the inner ear thingy. My '09 taxes are filed. There's food in the fridge and chocolate in my secret hiding place. I have an ample supply of books to read and several shows DVR'ed to watch. I've got a snowblower ready to move the snow if it falls. (Notice I said 'if', not when! That's a positive sign!) And I've got an editor waiting for me to finish up my YA manuscript and proposal and email it to her. Today! Which, of course, I will do, and she will read it immediately, and she will fall in love with it and pick up the phone and call me and offer me a HUGE contract and--

What? Oh? I'm going a little overboard? A bit heavy on the optimism there?

Well. See if I try to be upbeat and positive and perky again!

But, seriously, I'm learning an 'atttude of gratitude' can be very good for what ails you. So, what are you grateful or thankful for this day? Big or little. Great or small.

Count your blessings!

~Bullet Hole who is also thankful for Killer Fiction fans~


MsHellion said...

A VERY timely blog. This weather is totally getting to me--and I live slightly south of you and haven't got it nearly as bad as you! But the gray overcast days and no sunshine! Ugh!!

Thank you.

I'm feeling very thankful for the surplus of books at the UBS I bought Tuesday. (New and used both.) I have a lot to read that I think are going to be great reads--when I was thinking, "Where have all the good books gone?" (I was having a book crisis, I admit.)

I'm writing more--and am grateful for that too.

And I have great friends and family. And I plan to take time off on my birthday and do things that are fun and girly.

Kathy Bacus said...

Great gratitude list, MsHellion. It's harder to find those 'diamonds' when you so rarely see the sunshine, isn't it?

I have a birthday coming up next month and I LOVE your idea of a day devoted to 'girly girl' stuff. Here's hoping the sun shines that day...


Anonymous said...

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