Thursday, February 11, 2010

The winter of my discontent.

I know. I know. You're sick of winter and sick of hearing me rail about winter weather, winter driving, winter period. Tough nubbies. I deserve a opportunity to rant. D.C. isn't the only place that has broken snow records. We've had snow on the ground here in the central plains since early November. We're set to break records for total winter snow amounts with the next round of white stuff due to hit Saturday.

And it's getting to people. Me included.

Monday I managed to get to work but by Monday night, I decided I just couldn't face another commute in a blizzard and found a decent 'snow rate' and booked a hotel room for the night. Then Tuesday morning my trusty ol' Jimmy wouldn't start.

Tuesday night it was another white-knuckle drive. But I gotta tell you, I experienced one of those moments when you see justice in action. On ice, no less.

We've all seen it. The bozo who thinks he can drive like Ernie Durr despite the icy conditions and he passes you like you're standing still. Now confess. Haven't you thought even a little how it might not be all that bad if the jerk ended up in a ditch somewhere down the line--unharmed, of course--and you, at your cautious pace, would just give the Queen's wave--or your version thereof--as you drove past?

Well, that's exactly what happened on my Tuesday night commute. I'm doing my white-knuckle manuever, hunched over the wheel, and in my rear view mirror I see these bright-beam headlamps appear out of nowhere. Now, I'm going a respectable speed given the conditions. The wind is at least 30 and gusting to forty, with blowing and drifting snow. The roadways are almost completely covered winter 'stuff', only one set of tire tracks are visible. I'm following those tire tracks. I'm watching the vehicle--a rather big pickup--close the gap between us. I'm beginning to hold my breath as it gets closer and closer and doesn't seem to be slowing down. My knuckles get whiter, my grip on the steering wheel a 'fear of impending death' grip. The truck bears down on me, then it finally moves to the passing lane (or what one could only assume was the passing lane as the roadway markings weren't visible) and blows around me, a blur of white as it kicks back snow and road crud from monster tires.

Here's where that 'bad wittle girl' thought popped into my head. You know. The wish that the jerk driver would end up in a median down the road. That wish. Well, I had just managed a tricky up-hill turn and was just coming out of it before approaching a second slippery incline when I saw the pickup in the distance ahead of me do one of those 360 numbers on the roadway. One minute he was going up the hill and the next he was going round and round until he slid off into the median, his bright-beam headlights shining back at me as I drove slowly by. If the roads had been better, I'd have taken a hand off the steering wheel to wave.

At least this tortoise finished the race...


Okay, I've admitted to a careless thought (okay, and a petty nature). But no one was hurt. The truck wasn't damaged. So I figure, no harm, no foul. Maybe the jerk will learn to drive for the road conditions and, ultimately, someone will benefit from a lesson learned down the road (pun intended, of course). Have you had any of these 'swift, sweet justice' moments? Any time where you've witnessed a fitting comeuppance for a deserving soul? Please share so I won't feel I'm an awful person for enjoying this dude's 'ice-capade' as much as I did.

Oh, and stay safe if you're experiencing winter's deathgrip. It's sure got a hold on us this year. Where is that Pennsylvania groundhog? I feel like kicking something...

~Bullet Hole~


TerriOsburn said...

I usually have this thought with speeders. And it's rare when I get the satisfaction of seeing them pulled over, blue lights spinning, a couple miles up the interstate.

We've been very fortunate here in the Va Beach area. We did have about 8" a couple weekends ago, which in five years of living here I'd never seen, but somehow these last two blizzards went around us. Though we still have the wind and cold temps.

Stay safe and warm and we'll all pray March turns this weather thing around.

MsHellion said...

I have this thought a lot about bad weather drivers. I haven't got to see it in action yet, but yeah, I wish it a lot. *LOL*

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


catslady said...

I live in PA and I'd glady help you kick P. Phil's butt!!! We're at about the 3 feet mark at the moment. This is why people move south!!!!