Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Body Count

Hey! Christie Craig here with a special surprise. Today, we have Candace Havens with us blogging about one of my favorite subjects: whacking people. She’s funny and a wonderful writer and speaker to boot. I got the pleasure of hearing her speak at one of my RWA chapters. So enjoy, and make sure you post a comment to be entered in her contest.
Take it away…Candace!

The Body Count

I’d never paid much attention to it, but a friend recently pointed out that I have a high body count in most of my books. That of course is because my books are usually about women who have to save someone, or the world, and well, stuff happens. I also have a mystery in all of my books, which usually means someone has to die.

In my latest release, Alex Caruthers is a Guardian Key responsible for keeping Earth free of dragons. That means she has to take a few out a long the way. These Dragons are up to absolutely no good, and she does what she must. For her, it’s just another day/night on the job.

But I noticed in my last book, “The Demon King and I,” that those folks who ended up dead in my books were a little familiar. I mean, I usually have someone in mind when I’m creating a character, though I might not always be aware of it. And I seemed to be killing those who annoyed me the most.

My writing is kind of a therapy for me, so evidently I’ve been offing folks who drive me crazy for quite some time. I went back and looked at some of my earlier books, and I did the same thing. I don’t think I’d care for prison, so this is probably a healthier way of accomplishing my goals. When I’m finished with the book, I’m kind of finished with the person.

So, if you have someone you’d like me to “take care” of in my next book, feel free to share here. You don’t need to name, name, just give me an idea of why you want them whacked, and I’ll take care of the rest. (Smile)

And make sure you check out her contest page at www.candacehavens.com. She’s giving away tons of prizes and has lots of ways for you to win! Make a comment today on this blog post, and you’ll automatically be entered to win one of the prizes. And don't forget to check out the treasure hunt!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Candace,

Great post. And mega congrats on the release of your new book.


Christie Craig said...

Hi Candance!

Duh, I don't know what happened to blogger,but you're here with us now.

Thanks for coming.

P.S. I love your cover.


Estella said...

Great cover!
I have not read a lot of books with dragions in them. Sounds good!

Tori Lennox said...

I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with a high body count in books.... in the one I'm working on at the moment I've killed off four perfectly innocent people.... *g*

catslady said...

Love the humor! Could you wack my neighbors. They're all retired and love to use their power tools at 7 or 8 AM and I don't even get to bed before 3AM arggghh.

Dawn said...

LOL! Mean people make great villains too. I try to understand what makes them evil.

Refhater said...

Welcome to K.F. Candace! Excellent post. "Whacking" people who annoy us on paper is a great stress reliever.

If I had my druthers I'd take out a couple of coworkers. I work in the local hospital's Rehab Department. They're great people, but they're driving me nuts. It's like working with five year olds. "I need..." "I want..."

RachaelfromNJ said...

Hi Candace! Hi Christie!
I read The Demon King and I and really enjoyed it! There's lots of people I'd like wacked. My top pick would be the people who leave their laundry sitting in the dryers for hours in my apartment building! Drives me crazy and is so inconsiderate to other people who need the dryers.

I love your covers and really enjoyed the previous book. I'd love to win this one!

Wendy said...

Hi, Candace!

I actually can't think of anyone I'd like whacked. Which is just weird! Really!

I'd probably think of someone later. *g*

Congrats on your new release!!

donnas said...

Great post. I cant wait to read your new one. Congrats on the release.

Virginia said...

Great post and congrats on your new release! I can't think on any one right now that needs to be whacked, but if I do I will get in touch!

robynl said...

you could whack our neighbour who thinks she's too good for me; one time we were friends and I worked for them at a Flea Market and then she went ??? I won't say. Now she won't even say hi when I do. I don't need that kind in my life. So feel free.

stacey said...

HAHA Funny well there a few family members that are getting on my nerves but no I could not do that even in a book I just take it out on the bugs around the house.

Terry S said...

Hi Candace and welcome to KF! Congratulations on your newest release, too!

If I had my druthers, no matter how smiley the faces or nice the words may be, back stabbers everywhere need to be whacked!

Brandy said...

That is an awesome looking cover! And I don't mind a bunch of "wacking" in a good book. *G* Hmmmm, as to WHO to wack, well, how about whoever abandoned three kittens in my neighborhood recently?

Caffey said...

Hi Candace! I've been so having a blast reading your excerpts and post! I stay smiling about them long after I read them! I so can't wait to read this in your new series too!