Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bummed out and not afraid to admit it...

I'm bummed. Really bummed. I knew I would be. I just thought it wouldn't be this bad. Reading 'The Assassin's' post for yesterday painted me a particularly unflattering shade of snot green. I am SO jealous. I wanna be in the city by the bay at RWA National! I want to show off my lizard lounge act. I want to hang out with the other Deadly Divas from Dorchester and gripe about deadline crunches, and revision letters from hell, and reviewers who don't 'get' me.

Instead I'm back in the soggy heartland biting my nails over whether the roofer will get here today and have the job done by the time it rains again.


As you can see, I'm not the most congenial of company this week.

I badly need something to cheer me up, but there's just so much you can do while you're waiting for someone to come tear the roof off your house.

So, here's what I've come up with so far:

1. Weed pulling. No. I don't enjoy this pastime, but it sure lets me work out my angst.

2. Walking/biking. Uh, with dew points that rival the body temperature (just a teensy exaggeration) and temps in the 90's, this would be punishment rather than pleasure.

3. Shopping? (Mental head slap here) New roof equals no 'fun money'.

4. Reading? A big no 'cause it reminds me I should be seeing the Golden Gate Bridge.

5. Writing? See #4 above.

6. Hitting the bottle? Negatory. I'd probably start throwing darts at the covers of Jana's, Les's, Gemma's--and Christie's--books.

So, any ideas how I can cheer myself up and try to forget that my fellow Killer Fiction authors are having a blast in San Francisco while I'm stuck emptying my dehumidifier every two hours and waiting for the sound of tromping feet on the roof that so don't belong to reindeer? Feel free to chime in--if there's anyone out there who isn't at RWA National, that is. Grrr.

I feel another jealousy pang coming on.

Good thing I stocked up for just such an emergency. There's a giant-sized dark chocolate bar hidden in the back of my drawer and it's got 'Bullet Hole's' name written all over it.

~Bullet Hole~


Keri Ford said...

We can send pity letters back and forth. I'm home. Stuck at home while everyone else enjoys the wonders of San Fran.

If I knew the HTML code to make the crying smiley face, I would add it here.

But hey, we won't have hang overs from late nights in the bar!

Anonymous said...

I'm here. Thanks for keeping your readers company. :)

I'm not a writer but I would love to be at that conference as a fan.

Hopefully soon you'll have all the horrible weather out of the way.

Anonymous said...


I'm here for you. I'm not a writer, unless you count budgets and spreadsheets (yeah I'm a bean counter) but I would love to be in San Fran too.

If it would make you feel better, it's 90 degrees and 90% humidity here in Michigan. My grass in brown and crunchy. Too hot to ride my horse.

We had to replace our roof a couple of years ago also.

Hang in there


Kathy Bacus said...

Guess there's always a silver lining, Keri!

Cheers from one 'glass half full' gal to another...!

~Bullet Hole still waiting for the roofers~

Kathy Bacus said...

Welcome, Kristi! And it's really no hardship hanging out with you all!

I heard the other day that if we didn't get another drop of rain this year, we'd still come out to average rain fall for the year.

Where's a little drought when you need it?

Oh, yeah. Oklahoma. Sigh.

~Bullet Hole~

Kathy Bacus said...

Yay, Linda! A fellow horse lover--and sub-tropical climate survivor! We so have to stick together.

Re: the weather woes, all I'm hoping right now is that weather holds long enough for the roofers to finish their work--if they ever show up, that is!

~Bullet Hole~

Suzan Harden said...

Kathy, you're not the only writer not in San Francisco. I'd rather be waiting for the roofers than take my son to see the new Eddie Murphy flick this afternoon. Can we trade?

BTW, is there a particular reason you're NOT throwing darts at the covers of Christie's books? LOL

Kathy Bacus said...

Oh, gosh, Susan! How could I forget to mention Crime Scene Christie's covers? I'll remedy that right now.

And that Eddie Murphy movie looks vomitrocious!

~Bullet Hole off to edit her post and put Crime Scene Christie in my dart sights~

Kathy Bacus said...

Make that Suzan with a 'z' on my previous comment.


~Bullet Hole~

Anonymous said...

I'm here, too! And nowhere near San Fran. :)

Kathy Bacus said...

Hey, Tori! Glad to have you aboard the SS Bummed Out Big Time. We can whine together!

~Bullet Hole who is ready to go out and hunt down her MIA roofer~

Christie Craig said...

Ouch! Ouch!

Kathy...can you explain the sharp needle-like pains I'm getting every now and then?


We so miss you, girl. And if it helps, my roommates are snoring at night and I'm running on little sleep. I got heartburn from eating too much conference food. Rubbery chicken does it to me every time. And I'm about to have to break out the Beano.

Take care...

Crime Scene Christie

(P.S. Suzan, it's so good to have friends!)

Kathy Bacus said...

Oh you poor sleep-deprived, rubber chicken eating, Beano popping author you! I feel your pain.

Points for trying there, Crime Scene, but alas--no ceegar.

I must say the cover for DIVORCED, DESPERATE, AND DELICIOUS made for some rather, uh, disturbing dart target practice. (But seriously, how could I miss targets that big???) Va va va voom!


~Bullet Hole visualizing her one and only wedding cake as she shoots her first dart~

Shel said...

I say, once the roofer gets there, escape to the theater to see The Dark Knight - totally worth the $10 you have to shell out. And sneak that chocolate bar in - a great way to spend a hot nasty afternoon!

Kathy Bacus said...

I took in The Dark Knight this past weekend, Shel, and you're right, it's a must see--and a cool getaway. Heath Ledger was phenomenal. I'm not averse to seeing it again though! A cold drink. Popcorn. Chocolate and an alpha male hero.

Eat your heart out, San Fran divas!

~Bullet Hole~