Friday, July 18, 2008

Dating Pays Off

Earlier this week I got a call on my cell from a number I didn’t recognize. Naturally, I didn’t pick up, letting it go to voicemail instead where I picked up the message later. Turns out it’s this guy with a lovely British accent (which has nothing to do with my story, I just like British accents) who tells me I won a contest on some dating site. He named a site I vaguely remember visiting at one point, but not lately, and not often. So right off, I’m a little skeptical. I’ve gotten those calls where you’ve “won” a vacation package and all you have to do is sit through a timeshare lecture. Or that I’ve “won” some gift card and all I have to do is sign up for five of their partners’ free trial offers to claim it in 8 to 12 weeks. I’m not totally buying it.

So, I don’t call the guy back.

The next day I get another call, different area code, this one is from a woman. She says they’re ready to mail out my prize, all they need is my address. Again, skeptical. But, they’re persistent. And that little bit of hope in the back of my mind that maybe I have randomly won some cash prize niggles at me… until finally I call back. Of course, the woman’s left the office for the day by then, and I leave a message with my address with the nit-wit receptionist (I have nothing against receptionists, but this one was a total ditz. Me: “Can I leave a message?” Her: (deep sigh) “If you really have to. Hold on. I guess I have to get a pen now.” )

A day goes by. Then the weekend. Nothing Monday. At this point, I figure I’ve been duped. I’ve just given my address to a spammer who will be sending junk mailing to my house on into eternity. Great.

Then I open my inbox that morning and there’s an email from the dating site. See, what did I tell you? Spam city already. But, out of curiosity I open it.

Across the top of the email are the words, “Announcing the Winners of our Best Pick-up Line Contest”. I scroll down and… guess what? There’s my name! I had totally forgotten entering, but it’s coming back to me that there was a section on their site that said enter your best pick-up line. So, I guess I figured, “Why not?” and did. And it won second place!

For a moment, I did a little happy dance in my chair. I really was getting prize money!! And then it hit me. This email was going out to ALL the members of the dating site. With my name on it. I am now known as the second best pick-up artist to every single guy on the site. Honestly, not sure if I wanted that much exposure as a dating pro. You know, not that I’m turning down the prize or anything… ;)

So, how should I spend my $150 dating prize?

~Trigger Happy (Pick-Up Artist) Halliday

P.S. My corny line: I write romance novels for a living. Wanna help me with some research?


Lucy said...

You go girl! :)

Jana DeLeon said...

ROFLOL, Gemma!!!!! You DO know how to stir things up in the dating world! I think you should spend the money on shoes, but well, I always think you should spend money on shoes....or a pedicure, or massage, or a really great bottle of champagne. :)

Dru said...

I'll buy shoes to go out strutting with Mr Lucky.

Love your pick-up line.

Terri Osburn said...

Some friends and I have tossed around the idea of putting that line on a shirt. LOL! In several variations. ;)

That's so funny. I say spend the money on drinks at Nationals. Oh, and parking!

Anonymous said...


I'd be spending the money on books. :)

Gemma Halliday said...

Shoes, nationals, drinks... yes! Sadly, I'm thinking the $150 would just about cover parking for 3 days in SF. Parking... or shoes... parking... or shoes... you know, I could always take public transportation. ;)


Christie Craig said...


It's not a contest girl. Go with the shoes!!

Oh, and I don't blame you for being susupicious about "collecting your prize." It sounded like a scam. Congrats on your win.


Angie Fox said...

Great line! How about spending the money on a really great first date outfit?

Keri Ford said...

LOL, what fun! know, I"ve always heard you're not supposed to drive without shoes. :O)

Gemma Halliday said...

I think the shoes have it. But, I may splurge and go with the whole outfit, too.

Though... haven't been on any first dates lately. Been mostly seeing Mr. Big. A lot. I'm kinda smitten. :)
Here's hoping he's smitten too!


catslady said...

I think that's a great pick up line considerig it's limited to a select few! What line won? Inquiring minds want to know. Definitely splurge and buy something impractical with your winnings.

Gemma Halliday said...

The winning line was: "Drink on me if you can get the bartenders' attention first!"

Not bad, I'll admit. No romance writer... but not bad, ;)


J.J. Hebert said...

That's a great line. Has it worked for you yet?