Thursday, September 13, 2012

A New Audiobook (And A Shameless Plea)!

As many of you know, Vanity, Vengeance & A Weekend In Vegas is available as an ebook and a paperback. But for months you've been asking me when it was going to be made into an audiobook. Well guess what? It's made and it's here! And it's been narrated by the fabulous Gabra Zackman, the narrator of all the Sophie Katz books.

What's different about this audiobook is that it was done independently. No publisher was involved.  Gabra and I produced this book with the support of Audible helped cover expenses, Gabra agreed to do this with absolutely no money upfront. Instead I'm giving her a cut of the royalties. She also helped me bring a New York studio on board where she could do the recording, and the owner of that studio also agreed to take less money upfront (the money he did get was provided by in the form of a stipend) with the understanding that there might be more money for him on the backend.

Gabra, the studio and Audible have all contributed to this project for two reasons. 1) they believe in this book (this goes double for Gabra who is a huge Sophie fan) and 2) My previous audiobook sales have been spectacular.

Sex, Murder And A Double Latte continues to be within's top 15 bestselling Chicklit books seven years after its first release. Lust, Loathing And A Little Lip Gloss is number 20. Obsession, Deceit And Really Dark Chocolate along with Passion, Betrayal And Killer Highlights are in the top 40 and all of my books are within the top 100. These would be good rankings at any time but they're particularly notable since I haven't released an audiobook since June 2010. People love Gabra's reading of Sophie. For them she is Sophie and she keeps them company by regaling them with tales of Sophie's adventures while they commute to work, take their road trips, clean the house, nurse the baby or just try to chill out. The very day  I announced I would be self-publishing the sixth Sophie book readers started emailing asking if Gabra would be reading the audiobook (and there would be an audiobook, right?!)

Well it's available now and I really hope that the next Sophie book I write will also be in audio. But let's keep in mind that everyone involved in this project is willingly taking a hit in hopes that their cut will make it all worth while. If I can't duplicate my previous success this will probably be a one shot deal. That means that more than ever before Sophie's fate is in your hands. If you like audiobooks or think you MIGHT like audiobooks give Sophie a shot. Feel free to start at the beginning with Sex, Murder And A Double Latte or jump right in with this latest book (the 6th in the series) I wrote it so that it would stand on it's own.

If you already love to listen to the Sophie books I'm obviously going to ask you to download this one. As of today you can get it on and in a few days it will also be available on iTunes and

And if your a hardcore Sophie-audio fan I need you to help me promote it. When you download it click the Facebook like button to help spread the word. Tweet it and pin it on your Pinterest page. Blog about it, tell your friends, get all your audiobook lovers hooked on Sophie. I've asked you all to do these kinds of things before but at the time my interest was pretty selfish. Back then I was asking you to help me with promotion because I wanted my career on the right trajectory and because I wanted to continue to write Sophie books.

I still want those things. But I'm also asking because Gabra has worked so hard to help me make this happen and I really want her to be rewarded for her efforts. I'm asking because I want to know that, yes, supporting independent writers is a good business move. I'm asking because I want the guy who leased out his studio to feel good about taking a chance on on an author.

So download and pimp this thing out big time. It was your letters and support that made this project possible. You literally gave Sophie her voice. Now all I'm asking is that you help me keep her talking.

Kyra "Fashionista Fatale" Davis


Di Eats the Elephant said...

Never was a big fan of audiobooks because my mind wonders and I have to backtrack, but I loved your Sophie books so much that they inspired me to write about females who are like her, like me, deep down - not easily pigeon-holed. If Gabra is Sophie, then I definitely want to hear these books, because it's Sophie's voice that we love. I may have to start with the first one, though, because I can never get over hearing Sophie tell us about her mother talking to the rabbi about Sophie's books.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I've never been a fan of audiobooks. As a previous reader commented, I get easily distracted. But I'm such a fan of you & Sophie that I will give it a try. Without a doubt I'll pin it...right now! :-)

AbsoluteMommy said...

I found you and Sophie on Audible about 3 years ago! I'm so excited for this! I heard Gabra's voice as I read the latest book on my kindle. I'll be sure to go to Audible an download this one. My Sophie collection will be complete!

Unknown said...

I downloaded the new book last night. I was actually looking forward to going to work today. Things that made me chuckle when I was reading the book made me laugh out loud hearing Gabra say them. Gabra and Sophie are truly a match made in heaven

VeeJaye said...

I accidentally listened to the first book, first! Was hooked from the very beginning. Got my husband hooked, also. We've been know to just throw in a random cd and listen to the middle of a book. Why not... we know where it's been and where it's going. And we love the characters so much it's nice to just re-visit them, if only for a few minutes.

I even told a customer on the phone yesterday about the book. I had never spoken to her before and not sure how the subject came up. But after hearing about the books she promised she would check them out. I warned her... listen to them in order so you don't get in a time warp!!

I'm saving the latest book for our trip to Texas on Monday. At a little over 600 miles we should be able to start and finish the book in one day. I'm trying to control myself and not take a tiny little listen!! LOL

Klp0216 said...

I've been a fan of the audible books for several years. I found the first book through an online library and immediately purchased all of them from The latest book will be purchased first thing in the morning.

Unknown said...

Where can I find the new book in paperback? My library doesn't have it :(

Unknown said...

Where can I find the new book in paperback? My library doesn't have it :(

bharrelson said...

Bought it, listening to it, loving it and promoting it. Gabra is not only the voice of Sophie, she does a fabulous job for Anatoly. I wish you huge sales on your new venture.