Thursday, May 05, 2011

Moves and more moves!

It's that time again. My triplets are moving home from college. When you read this, I'll probably be lifting, lugging, repositioning, moaning, groaning, and/or all of the aforementioned. I've done this before. Several times now. But this time, it's different. This fall when they head back to college , they will be seniors. Their last year of college.

Oh, buddy. Where did the time go?

Moves seem to be running in the family of late. My folks plan a move from the country to town here in the next few months and I'm contemplating a move myself.

You see, I commute approximately 85 miles to work and home each day. With the cost of petrol around four bucks a gallon, it makes less and less sense to continue this daily drive. Not to mention the wear and tear on my vehicle--and yours truly--especially during the winter months. And, perhaps just as important is the fact that I'm ready to be closer to social events and activities not available in a small town setting.

Still, I'm naturally conflicted about a possible move. First there is the inevitable hassle of having to keep my house neat and clean so it can be shown. Then there's the obligatory dickering and haggling over price (and appliances and curtains, etc.) plus all those lovely fees and costs that make your eyes cross when you start adding them up. And, of course, there's the actual move itself.

This week I told myself I'd have to make a decision one way or the other. I listed the pros and cons. Positives and negatives. Upsides and downsides. And I'm still in sell-or-don't-sell limbo.

I hate making big, important decisions. I generally get them wrong.

I've got three more days before I have to make my decision.

What's the biggest decision you've made lately? How long did you take to decide? How'd it turn out for you?

Wish me luck !

~Bullet Hole~


Suzan Harden said...

Biggest decision today? Whole or two percent milk in the coffee. I may splurge in an hour.

Don't envy you a bit, my dear. We've been trying to get our house on the market for the last three years. The latest issues are minor, except for this stupid drought. I so DON'T want have to re-sod the lawn, but if we don't get rain soon, we're looking at water restrictions and rationing. Which mean dead grass. *sigh*

TerriOsburn said...

Wow, seniors in college. What a milestone.

I made the decision to buy a home last summer. There was the rising cost of rent and the lowering home prices as well as interest rates. Because I didn't have a home to sell, it was the perfect situation. My mortgage payment is actually less than my rent was. Not by much, but at least it won't go up every year.

Good luck either way you go. I hate commuting so I know what I'd choose. And I hired movers this time. Best decision ever. The packing was still a pain, but having two guys move everything in less than two hours was so nice.

Diane Kelly said...

I actually envy you getting to contemplate a move, believe it or not. I grew up in a military family and we moved a lot when I was young and I tend to get restless now if I'm in one place too long. It's fun to see and do new things in a new location. But, yep, keeping a house in sale condition is tough. We had to cage our cats and build a dog run last time we moved to make sure the pets didn't get loose when the house was being shown. We also had to put about 2/3 of our stuff in storage so that the house wouldn't look so crammed. I made everyone use only one bathroom so I'd only have one to keep clean. Luckily, our house sold in 12 days. Good luck with all of that!!!! And how fun to have your kids back! My daughter is going to summer school halfway across the country this year so I'll be having the exact opposite experience as you.

Robin Kaye said...

The biggest decision I've made was allowing my 14 year-old (now 15) to move 90 miles away, live with a host family, and go to "real" school (I'd been home schooling her for 2 years), so she could continue to dance 40 hours a week at the best ballet school in the country.

The first host family wasn't the best decision--but then you don't really know people until you live with them. We overcame the first hurdle and found a new host family who is wonderful, loving, and supportive.

I guess big decisions like this need getting used to and you have to make allowances for adjustments. I ask Twinkle Toes almost weekly if she's still happy doing what she's doing. Her grades are fabulous, she loves her new school and the program that allows her the flexibility to dance the way she does. We still struggle with only having her home one day a week, but now that she's settled, I can't imagine her coming back to us full-time. She'd be miserable without the constant challenges her new life has brought her and when Twinkle Toes is miserable, everyone is miserable.

The rest of the family have adjusted and seem to really appreciate the time we have together. We all do.

Good luck with your decision but know you won't be saddled with a lifetime of it if it doesn't work for you. You'll make adjustments to your plans if necessary.

emmad said...

Last year we put our lifestyle block up for sale (6.5acres) and managed to sell. Moved into town for the first time ever. This is a big change for us but so far is working well. I've cut my travel time in half and am really enjoying the extra time I now have in my day.
Having close neighbours and a yard rather than land is a huge thing but we are coping better than I thought we would.

Barbara E. said...

I still remember when I decided to put my townhouse in California up for sale and move to Florida. It sold in a week, and shortly after, I took a trip to Florida and found my house. That was a lot of fun (not), packing up and moving across the country. Luckily my son came and helped me pack up the moving van, he drove it, and we had a great time together driving across the country.
My biggest decision lately, was the decision to leave my job of many years and hope that I could find another one that was better for my sanity. It took me six months, but I found a really great job working for the City I live in, and I don't regret a thing.

Kathy Bacus said...

I've got quite a list of items that need to be done to my house and yard, Suzan, but fortunately for me a hired handy man will be doing those little jobs.

I saw where the mortgage interest rates have dropped again, too. Must be a sign...

Kathy Bacus said...

Congrats on taking home buying plunge, Terri! And I'd already decided to go with two guys and a truck to move this time around. Moving three kids and two parents in the same period of time is quite enough...

Kathy Bacus said...

Twelve days! You sold your house in TWELVE days, Diane. Holy crapola! I'd put my triplets in storage if I thought I'd get my house sold in twelve days...!

Hugs on having your daughter so far away. That has to be hard on all of you.

Kathy Bacus said...

I'd say that was about as momentous a decision as a parent could ever have to make, Robin. I can't imagine the strength it took to let your daughter follow her dream. I'm sure she appreciates the sacrifice--and will appreciate it even more as the years pass.


Kathy Bacus said...

I made a move from the country to a small town five years ago, emmad, and that was quite an adjustment. Now, I'm making the move from small town to big city. I think it's a good thing I did it incrementally.

Like you, I think I'll really enjoy having some extra time each day to do something other than drive.

Kathy Bacus said...

Those are two pretty significant decisions, Barbara. I'm so glad they both worked out for you and especially glad you found a job that works for your family and that you enjoy.

I'm hoping to find the perfect buyer AND the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood with perfect neighbors.

Not asking too much, huh?