Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Did It!

The last time I blogged two weeks ago, I was contemplating whether or not to list my home for sale to move closer to my work. Betcha can't guess what I decided. ;) Yup. As of last Tuesday my home is on the market.

With the unpredictable nature of the housing market, there's no way of knowing whether or not my place will sell, but I figured I might as well give it a shot.

Moves are in vogue. Two weeks ago the college kids moved back. This week, one will be moving into an apartment for the summer to take summer term courses. At the same time, my folks' move from the country to town has been moved up to this week, as well. Then, in a little over two months form now, the triplets will be moving back for their final year of college. and there's always the possibility yours truly will be moving this summer.

It's all a bit overwhelming.

But sell or no sell, I'm looking forward to spending time this summer with family and friends along with spending time with various fictional characters near and dear to me as I devote what 'free' time I have to new writing projects.

What plans do you have for this summer? Any special trips, projects, goals, or plans for this summer you'd like to share? Any good pointers on how to keep all the balls in the air during what looks like it's going to be a busy summer?

Off to get the gal moved. Have a great Thursday!

~Bullet Hole~


Diane said...

I hope the house sale and move go quickly and smoothly!

My summer plans are NYC for the RWA confererence and a couple quick trips to Boston. My daughter will be attending a college summer school program up there. I'm gonna miss the heck out of her! But I'm going to take over her room to write. She's got the quietest spot in the house, tucked away at the end of the hall upstairs. . .

Suzan Harden said...

Break a leg, Kathy. Don't know your religion, but a lot of people in Houston (including non-Christians) bury a tiny statue of St. Joseph in the yard to help home sales along.

This summer I'll be cranking out some pages once homeschool is done next week. I cannot wait!