Friday, May 13, 2011

It's BACK!

I had a whole post planned for today, but I think I'm going to just put it off until next time.

As you know or may not know, Blogger went down at some point yesterday and just came back online a few minutes ago. I have to admit, this has made me an extremely antsy girl. I've been trying since late last night to post today's blog, and getting very twitchy indeed when it wouldn't let me in.

"But, but" -- I sputtered -- "I have blogs! And guest blogs!"

I'm supposed to be the guest blogger today over at Reader Girls ( to promote Codename: Dancer, but considering as yesterday's guest blogger never got featured either, who knows what's going to happen. Actually, it appears that yesterday's guest blogger is being run today, so hopefully mine will be tomorrow? *shrugs*

I can't really complain, of course. Free promo is free promo, whenever it occurs. But it's really amusing how dependent we become on the Interwebz.

Our forums go down -- ACK!
Facebook goes down -- What are we going to do?
Twitter goes down -- Oh no!!!!!!

(OK, that last one doesn't apply to me, since I have an irrational fear of Twitter, but you know what I mean.)

What internet programs/websites/social media have you become dependent on?

1 comment:

Zita said...

I'm completely dependent on Killer Fiction. If I don't get my daily dose, well, you don't want to know. Thank all the gods you managed to come through for me today. Thousands, (okay, tens) of Canadians who work near me thank you as well.