Monday, April 04, 2011

Guest Blogger: Linda Wisdom

I have a treat for you this morning to start off your Monday morning: Please welcome National Bestselling Author Linda Wisdom!

Linda's here to tell us a bit about her latest book, the first in a new series that spun off from her fabulous witch series.

Take it away Linda!

Thank you, Jana, for having me at Killer Fiction today!

I’m Linda and I have witches in my house. Along with vampires, wizards, shapeshifters, fangy bunny slippers, gargoyles, bejeweled black widow spiders stealing my computer to find the perfect spell to keep her lovers alive, and ferrets constantly stealing my coffee.

What can I say? Life isn’t boring here. The good thing is they’re not taking up room in the house, just my imagination. Although there’s many times my bunny slippers aren’t where I left them and my chocolate stash has visibly decreased.

I love the witches I write about since they’re characters I wouldn’t mind spending time with. It’s been said the author can be found in his/her characters and I’d agree. Mine definitely have some of my personality sewn into their psyches. Although they have a lot more power than I do.

Demons are a Girl’s Best Friend is the beginning of a new series, yet still a part of the Hex series since I’m continuing with the witches from the first four books.

When my editor read the manuscript, she loved Declan, the half fire demon so much she said they were changing the title and cover and calling it a new series with demons thrown into the mix.

Maggie is my kickass witch. She heads up a team for the Hellion Guard, which protects all supes. Think SWAT but with fangs, claws, and super duper magickal powers. She’s going through a bit of mommy envy because a friend is pregnant, but she knows that won’t happen with her. And she’s been thrown together with Declan, who runs an underground club who’s so sexy he makes her hormones stand up and do the happy dance. But she doesn’t have time for relationships either. Declan has different ideas about that and they even end up first ‘dating’ via their dreams.

Plus they’re pulled into finding the source for an ancient Mayan curse meant to bring the demons back into power since Declan’s dad has something to do with it. And Maggie gets her wish for mommy hood. The only trouble is, her charge is a fifteen-year-old mouthy teenage girl who’s targeted as the blood sacrifice for the ritual.

What can I say? I never make it easy for my characters. I admit writing Courtney, the teenager, was a total blast. Especially since Maggie had to ensure Courtney wouldn’t talk magick where she should so a spell was thrown on her that if she tried to use a magick term another word came out. Such as hex might come out as plumber. Is there nothing more fun than frustrating a teenage girl?

The book was fun to write with not just the above but over-caffeinated ferrets who work as messengers, an empath Fae who exudes the calming scent of lavender and Seers who dress and act more like Flower Children.

And then there’s that nasty blood sacrifice.

Will Maggie save Courtney from a gruesome death meant to bring the Destroyer back to this world? Will Maggie and Declan decide to get it on in the real world? Will Elle, Maggie’s diamond-encrusted black widow spider find that perfect hex to keep her lovers alive?

You’ll have to read Demons Are A Girl’s Best Friend to find out.

Do you think you’d date in the dream world?

To learn more about all Linda's books, please visit her website.

If you're interested in winning a free copy of DEMONS ARE A GIRL'S BEST FRIEND, simply answer Linda's dating question and you'll be entered in a drawing to win. Please note, books can ship to US or Canadian winners only.

Thanks for visiting Linda!

Deadly DeLeon


Diane said...

"Demons are a Girl's Best Friend" is such a great title! Nice cover, too.

I love how she hides her gun tucked away in her micro mini. Those fashion designers really should make a mini-skirt with a built in holster so our heroines could be both stylish and prepared, huh?

Jana DeLeon said...

I vote for shoe holsters, personally. :)

Linda Wisdom said...

Thanks Diane!

There are the tiny holsters you can wear as a garter. And there's the knife sheaths. At least witches also have their magick as back up and Maggie has Elle her black widow spider tat.

I saw on the Sephora site one year where someone had a lipstick in a garter. I thought how cute!

Linda Wisdom said...

True, Jana! And thank you again for having me here!

debbie said...

sounds like a great series i will have to check it out.

i would love to date in dreams imagine all the possibilities! and imagine all those gorgeous dream lovers!!

Brandy said...

Yay! Glad to know your witches are back! The black widow spider sounds interesting!
I'm married, so no dating in my dreams for me. Though if the hubs were to treat me to a nice dinner and maybe a movie in my dreams I wouldn't complain. *g*

catslady said...

I agree about the title and it sounds like a great read. Maybe we are now in a dreamworld and our dreams are reality - yikes lol. If I got to pick and chose what dreams that could be very exciting!

Linda Wisdom said...

Thanks Debbie! The Hex books are also a lot of fun with some great witches to hang out with and sexy guys.

Ahh, Brandy, why not have date night in your dreams?

That's it, catslady. We're living our dreams, Although if that's the case, I'd like to lose those last ten pounds!

Lynda said...

Great post, Linda! I loved the book and loved Declan! Too bad he's taken or I'd have to borrow him for one of my books ;-)

Unknown said...

yep i would date in a dream world
love the cover .
ive seen knife hair thingy, not sure to call them but its in a something metal and it hold in your hair

traveler said...

Lovely dramatic artwork. Dating in a Dream World would be a reality for me.

Linda Wisdom said...

Lynda, would you really want to fight Maggie for Declan? :}

Thanks blackroze! I always think of ones who wear stakes in their hair.

I think I'd see it that way too, traveler.

Barbara E. said...

Yes, I'd date in the dream world. Hey, I haven't had a date in ages, so sure, I'd go for it. It might be fun.
I'm looking forward to reading Demon's Are a Girl's Best Friend, it sounds fabulous.

Barbed1951 at aol dot com

Kristi said...

I'd love to date in my dreams. Well, as long as it wasn't a vampire. I don't do dead.

donnas said...

I think I would. Might be fun.

Congrats on the new release! Looking forward to it.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Linda Wisdom said...

Barbara E, I'd hope that dating in the dream realm would mean you could easily wake up if the guy was a dud.

Kristi, Don't forget they like to call themselves undead. Although I'd want to steer clear of the fangs.

Thanks Donnas

Robin Kaye said...

Hi Linda~

So glad to see you here! I'd definitely date in the dream world! Maybe even a really hot Vamp.

Linda Wisdom said...


Okay, I'll see if Nick can set you up with someone.

Michele L. said...

Oh that would be cool to date in our dreams! I do have some vivid dreams though. Love the cover art for your books! I do have a darling hubby who does star in a lot of my dreams. Sometimes I dream about things we did when we were dating. Does that count?