Friday, May 01, 2009

Tell it like it is

So… as I’ve posted here before, my mom is following my lead and hitting the online dating thing this year. Her current goal is to write to and meet enough men each month to qualify for that six months free if you don’t find someone in the first six months.

What I love about my mom is that she’s reached an age where she has no problem saying exactly what’s on her mind. Case in point, this email that she recently sent to a man after he wrote her her and she checked out his profile:

Dear Mr. X, I'm curious. You list your age as 70, and yet you're only willing to date women 44-60? What's wrong with women over 60?

Just very curious, and it seems that even the oldest men on match are unwilling to even consider a women more than 10 years younger than themselves. I'm a very youthful, fit mature woman. Maybe I should only date men 34-50?

Yes, she actually sent that. I heart her.

Last week, this guy asked her if, instead of emailing, she’d like to cut right to meeting for coffee. Here was her initial response:

I would definitely be open to meeting. I think it's wise.

From what I've read/seen on Discovery Channel/heard from other men, a man knows if he likes a woman within the first few seconds of meeting. A woman may take several dates to know, because she's interested in more than just looks. This seems true to me. I'm not saying that men are shallow, but that they're wired to either be attracted or not in just a few moments.

So, I guess, the thing is to meet to see if you think I'm ok for you. :D

Tell ya what. If after 5 seconds, you think I'm not good for you, please let me know, and I'll be on my way. Don't think you have to be "polite." Please don't try to walk me to my car and catch a feel before you email me telling me we're "not a match" or just forget about me altogether. I know I'm cute and sexy and helpful, kind, happy, smart, loving and productive, so it doesn't matter if you think I just won't make the cut for you. If you already know I can't, then I don't want to spend two hours hearing about your life story. Does that sound fair?

But, in the end, we both deiced that might sound just a tad jaded, so she ended up going with an alternate response instead:

A meeting sounds lovely. What time?

Much shorter, much sweeter, and, as it turned out, she did meet him and her assessment was, “He wasn’t lame.” Always a good start to a relationship. I’ll let you know how things progress.

In the meantime… anyone else been doing any dating? Come on, I’m living vicariously now. Spill it, gals.

~Trigger Happy Halliday


Jenyfer Matthews said...

LOL - I think your mom needs to save all these responses and write her own book!!

Lucy said...

I heart your mother too. I would love to be able to come up with responses like that. I would have loved to have known the response she would have gotten with the initial response though. hehehe

Dawn said...

LOL! I agree with Jenyfer. I would buy that book.

terrio said...

I'll throw my "your mom rocks!" in with the others. LOL! That age thing always kills me.

With all the juggling I'm doing, I can't imagine throwing a man into the mix. That's just asking for trouble. LOL!

Christie Craig said...

Love you mom, Gemma!!

Too funny!


Tori Lennox said...

I love your mom. :)

No dating here, alas.

Gemma Halliday said...

I love how honest she is, too! Sadly, I'm not sure the men her age appreciate it *quite* as much we do. ;)

And, yes, I've told her she gets at least her own chapter in the book. hehe


LuAnn said...

That's too funny! You should post a pic of mom so we can all meet her!

Gemma Halliday said...

That's too funny! You should post a pic of mom so we can all meet her!Oh, I totally should! I think I have one of us both at the RITA ceremony last year. I'll see if I can dig it out and post next week. Of course that was the day I whacked myself on the head and got a concussion, so if I look a little out of it... well, we'll just focus on Mom in that pic. :)


Keri Ford said...

Yeah! A Gemma's Mom update. I just love her. Glad to know she's still out there and looking.

Leah said...

Talk about editing down! These emails are great.

And I've never really understood that whole extra-six-months promotion--you don't find anything you like in six months so they agree to give you double the time on a site that clearly isn't working for you? Maybe I'm just being cynical.

Hope your mom finds her dream man! I can't wait to see *his* notes.

Wendy Roberts said...

I take turns dating my 3 boys but, other than that, not a lot of dating happening in my neck of the woods either. I'm betting both you and your mom will find someone perfect!