Friday, March 23, 2012

Do they have to grow up?

Today was a big day in my life as a mom.  My oldest son got braces put on.  Not only was it one of my most expensive days as a mom (Holy freakin cow, those teeth are worth a lot now!), but it was one of those moments where I had to face the inevitable fact that my son is growing up.  (I tried to get a picture, but he sent me the look of death.  He's not into smiling with the shiny mouth yet.) 

Being that I'm five months pregnant now, I'm on the emotional side all the time.  And lately that emotion has been running toward thoughts of my little baby growing up.  He's turning twelve next month, and his voice has started cracking, peach fuzz has started gathering on his upper lip, and he's suddenly more interested in pizza than he is his mom.   Instead of drawing pictures of us playing together, he's now drawing pictures of the girl he likes at school.  He avoids family time at all costs, preferring to Skype in his room with friends.  And those sweet, chubby little baby cheeks?  A thing of the past.

Maybe it wouldn't seem so pronounce to me, if I didn't also have a 2 year old son, doing the adorable cuddly toddler routine, keenly reminding me of how much my Big Boy has changed on  daily basis.  Every time Toddler Man busts out in his high-pitched toddler voice with a chorus of "Thomas the Tank Engine", I get nostalgic for the days when Big Boy used to hound me to play trains with him.  Now he hounds me to take him to the mall, then disappear so he can hang out with his friends.  When Toddler Man wants to read a story, or "sto-wy", I can't help thinking of when I read the same board books to my Big Boy - and how once never was enough.  "Again, again, again!"  These days, Big Boy reads on his own, answering my questions about his current book in single words like "fine", "good", or "sucks". 

So, as painful as getting braces was for my son, I think it might have been even more painful or me being faced with just one more sign that he is no longer my cuddly little baby.  I actually teared up today, watching him bravely go into the exam room on his own.  (Which, of course, made him roll his eyes and shake his head at me.)  In my defense, I am pregnant and even teared up at a diaper commercial last week.
So, any of you moms out there have tips for coping with the wait-I'm-not-ready-for-a-grown-up-kid-yet syndrome?  You know, other than having a new baby.  ;) 

~Trigger Happy Halliday

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Mo said...

Sorry, no tips. My "baby" is 38. Enjoy them all you can, they just grow up too darn fast.

Gemma Halliday said...

That's the conclusion I've come to. Way too fast!

Terri Osburn said...

My baby will be 13 in July and has been in braces for a couple months. WHEN did this all happen? She's taller than I am, reads faster than I do, and talks about the kid in school with great abs. In seventh grade!

I get misty when I see pics of her as a little thing. Going down the slide or wearing those silly pigtails. *sigh* I want my baby back. (But not enough to have another one. *g*)

Lauriann K said...

You sound like my mom: hahaha! And, congrats on your baby! =D

Brandy said...

I have a 16 year old girl and a 10 year old boy. I've already seen my Son's chubby cheeks go the way of the past and if his feet grow anymore he'll be wearing the boxes his shoes come in. But, at 10 he's still okay with holding my hand or hugging me in public and now I'm fearful for those days to come that you've described. I don't know how to slow them down. I wish I did.

Kristi said...

Mine are 14, 19 and 25. All girls and the youngest used to be a mommas girl. Now she's just a walking hormonal miserable animal who comes out of her room to eat, use the bathroom and snarl at me once in a while.

At least you have 2 new ones to make you happy until they become teenagers too. lol

Unknown said...

Time sure flies! One moment our kids are just babies crying when we leave their side, and then the next thing we know, they prefer their friends’ companionship over us. Sigh. Anyway, even if he’s being evasive (common among all teenagers), make sure you egg him on to make time for his dental appointments, so that his progress will be monitored and adjusted accordingly. How’s he now, by the way? Any update? :)

Cody Zieba