Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wild Thing is Out!

By Robin "Red Hot" Kaye

I should be more excited--my fifth book is being released today, making me a confirmed career author! Did you hear a lack of enthusiasm despite the exclamation point?

Now don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled about Wild Thing. I think it's my favorite book so far. I love Toni and Hunter. I had such a hard time doing my galleys because I kept forgetting I was supposed to be working and ended up getting so sucked into the story, before I knew it I'd read three chapters and had to go back and re-check them.

My lack of excitement stems from the fact that now, with five books under my belt, I'm considered a career author. Did you know it takes five published books to be considered a career author? Well, supposedly it does, I'm just not sure who is doing the considering. In my mind, I was a confirmed career author the day I finished my first book--after all, I had a product to sell and was actively selling it. To me, telling an author they're not a career author until after they've published five books would be like telling Ray Kroc he wasn't a career restauranteur until after he sold a billion burgers.

Now that I'm a confirmed career author I thought I would feel different. I thought people take me more seriously. Yesterday I dressed seriously, I had the whole black on black thing going (a black turtleneck, black jeans and an awesome long sweater I picked up at Chico's.) It didn't work. I might as well have been running around in sweats--I still had to go to the pharmacy and then to the school to drop off the prescription to the school nurse in case Mini-Me has an allergic reaction to her new antibiotic. Unfortunately Mini-Me is also Worst-Case-Senario-Girl, something else she picked up from me. After that I had a lovely meeting at school to go over some testing. No change there either. I had an hour to kill and went to a restaurant to have lunch--I ate over my computer while desperately trying to get my email. It was the same-old, same-old. No sign of a Nora-esque moment. My life hadn't changed a bit (well, except I didn't end up with a spot on my new black turtleneck, but that I think was more dumb luck than a sign of the change). I also ran Mini-Me to the doctor's office. The nurse mentioned that she buys my books for Christmas presents and heard one was coming out. I'm thinking cool! Here's my moment! She asked who the hero was and seemed upset it was Hunter and not Trapper. A total crash and burn. No Nora-esque moment there either.

So I ask you, am I expecting too much now that I'm a career author? Should there be a change? The only change I see are the few coins ratting around in the bottom of my purse. And if there were a change what should it be?

I'll give away a couple copies of Wild Thing to lucky commenters (US only please--which is not my decision but that of my publisher, just so you know) so be sure to leave your email addresses--just spell out the at and the dot so weird people don't get them and send you spam.


Stephanie said...

Congrats!!!! But I know what you mean. My second full length is releasing in January (I have two novellas that released in between, but I don't really count those) but I'm not where I want to be.

haefner919 at yahoo dot com

Deborah V. said...

OMG! My sister of the heart is a certified career author! I'm so stoked for you. I had no idea there was a mandatory quota? LOL

As far as I'm concerned, when a writer writes full time--even if it is considered a second job or as my hubby puts it--an expensive hobby until I get published, it's a career.

Congrats my dear.

P.S. I managed to delete my original post. Go figure. Sorry about that.
deborah dot villegas at yahoo dot com

Danielle Coaxum said...

Mhm. Man! I believe that you and all other authors out there make a grand opening when it comes to having a career as a certified author. What you write allows others the ability to escape reality and not many can write, but you can. So if you can make such a wonderful story for all of us to read!



Elizabeth said...

I don't know Robin. I loved your books from book one. I hope your a career author, because I want to keep on reading, and reading, and reading. grin.

I wish you well with your book launch!

Robin Kaye said...

@ Stephanie - Well, it's comforting to know I'm not alone! I'd count the novellas if I were you--I can't imagine writing that short. I would think it'd be more difficult than writing a 100,000 word book!

@ Deborah - Thanks so much! I couldn't have done it without you and Laura - as my agent says, I have the best critique partners/Sisters evah!

@ Danielle ~ Thanks so much! I can't imagine a better job or career!

@ Thanks, Elizabeth. You can't know how much I appreciate that.

Cathy Pritchard said...

It's okay, Robin, you will always be a star to us:) And you must have looked very smart in your Chico's outfit - love that store too.
All the best with the new release!

traveler said...

Congratulations! You deserve highest accolades for this achievement. Enjoy this celebration. Many best wishes. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

petite said...

Your hard work, perseverance and talent is evident. Congrats. You are an author and we can benefit from this. Enjoy. elliotbencan(at)hotmail(dot)com

Kate said...

Congrats on the fifth book.
So who knew? Five huh? I sure didn't have any idea that at my first book signing, holding that precious actual real book in my hand that I was still only dabbling. (I wonder if Margaret Mitchel knew - hope not.)
But the funny thing is that with more than twenty books in print nothing has really changed for me either. Except I learned to buy PJ's that look like street clothes. This way the UPS guy doesn't think I've been lounging around all day when I've been slaving over a smokin' keyboard.
Here's the thing. Your aren't just building a career. You're building a legacy. You make us - your loyal fans - smile. At just the right time, especially with the internet, your books are out there at the end of the day and the click of a finger. Another down-in-the-mouth mom or harried disgusted career woman can click on your books and be able to secret themselves away for a few minutes and grin.
It may have taken five books to make you a "career" author but it only took Romeo Romeo to build you a legacy - just like old Margaret.
Can't wait to read Hunter's story. You'll get to Trapper. After all you're a confirmed career author now!

Unknown said...

Great post and congrats on becoming a career author. You have always been one from the beginning. I think when that first book is published you just because a career author and that shouldn't change who you are.

Sarah S. said...

Congrats on the fifth book. Who knew five made you a career author. Great post thanks.


Diane Kelly said...

You are just too modest to admit that you now sport the "career author" official sparkling aura, huh? : ). Congrats!

Margaret said...

Congratulations, Robin! You are living the dream!

mkethridge1 (at) gmail (dot) com

Robin Kaye said...

@ Cathy - Aww, you're so sweet! I adore Chico's--I walk in and say "Dress me" and they do. It's like Garanimals for adults--everything matches!

@ Traveler - Thanks so much...as for enjoying it, I'll head to Starbucks in a few minutes and celebrate with a Salted Caramel Mocha--yum!!

@ Petite - I hope you enjoy my hard work. I really do love this book! I think Hunter is droolworthy...

@ Kate - Oh my, you're making me blush! (almost an impossible task) You just made my day, no my whole month. I'm going to copy your beautiful comment and save it. ((((Hugs)))) I needed that!

@ Virginia - It definitely hasn't changed me, but I would love to have a Nora-esque moment every now and then....

@ SarahS - I think I heard that from Susan Mallery during one of her RWA workshops. She talked about the odds of getting published, 1 in a 1,000 manuscripts, and then the odds of publishing a second manuscript, and then becoming a career author. It's pretty amazing to realize I beat the odds. I'm still wondering when everyone will figure out that I really have no idea what I'm doing. I just like to make up stories. LOL

@ Diane - LOL Maybe that's what made my new sweater shine!

@ Margaret - Oh yeah, visiting the school nurse, meetings with the special ed department chair, and a visit to the doctor--Yup, definitely living the dream! Still, I can't imagine doing anything else. My characters keep me company while I drive the Mom Taxi.

Unknown said...

Congrats! Didn't know it took 5 to be certified author, what an arbitrary number. I think 1 would be more than enough. But mostly, for those of us who enjoy your books, you always were a certified author!

goaliemom00 (at) cox (dot) net

Danielle said...

Congrats on your new release Robin. I can't wait to read it!

dani807 at aol dot com

Aurian said...

Congrats on your new release! And to my humble opinion, the moment you sell your first book, you are a career author! Hope you daughter gets well soon.

Not entering the contest, as I live in Holland *yes, you have fans there as well*

Robin Kaye said...

@ Laurie - Thanks for stopping by, Laurie! I'm so glad you enjoy the books. As for an arbitrary number, I totally agree. I'm just happy to be writing and working with two incredible publishing houses!

@ Dani - Thanks for stopping by--Mini-Me sends her love. She was bummed our trip to Shriner's was canceled. Maybe we can do it this summer. We both miss you!

@ Aurian - What a beautiful name. I've never seen it before. Thanks so much for stopping by. It's wonderful to know I have fans in Holland.

krisgils33 said...

congrats on the release!! i've read all your books and i'm super excited for more!!


Barbara E. said...

Well, I think you should have a sense of pride in your accomplishments, but other than that, I doubt there's going to be any change in your day to day life. :D Congratulations on the release of Wild Thing, I think it's a great accomplishment.

Barbed1951 at aol dot com

M.V.Freeman said...

Woohoo! on the new book out! I never knew there was an official number to be a career author. ;)..wow.
I'm with you, its the first book that puts you there.
I have to ask, was it harder to write the second book or easier?

Brandy said...

Don't enter me, I've been blessed to have already won a copy of your wonderful book.

Congratulations on your writing career achievement. (And just for the record, if you spend the same time you would at a job writing? It doesn't take a publisher to say your career is writing. *g*)

Robin Kaye said...

Cathy Pritchard and Barbara E are our winners! Congratulations, ladies!

Robin :)