Monday, November 28, 2011

Bad News for Writers

In talking recently to medical professionals, I was enlightened with some bad news for writers and anyone else who spends a bunch of time sitting all day. The bad news is, sitting is really bad for your health. Well, we sorta already knew that, but here's the even worse news - even if you ran 10 miles every day, you still won't be as healthy as someone who doesn't sit all day.


Okay, typing is sorta sedentary work, but it's how I pay the bills. I don't think my job would appreciate it if I got up every ten minutes to run laps between the cubicles, and I certainly wouldn't get much work done that way - there or at home when I'm trying to write novels. So I went online and started poking around.

And I found the Air Desk.

It's a portable stand that allows me to work on my laptop standing. The height is adjustable on the model I got up to six feet, so I can also use it while walking on the treadmill. Can you believe that even just the act of standing will make you a ton healthier? Not running until you collapse. Not suffering through aerobics with Bambi and her g-string leo. Just standing.

Here's a pic of my air desk with the laptop hooked up to the wall-mounted television in my office. So that way, I type on the laptop but can see everything on the big screen.

I've also purchased a wireless headset and as soon as I get Dragon Naturally Speaking all configured, I'll be able to pace and dictate while viewing it on the television.

Every little bit helps, right?

Deadly DeLeon


Leslie Langtry said...

I love this! I want one - but I'm far too lazy to use it.

Diana Orgain said...

Too cool! I recently bought a wireless keyboard and the range is really good - so if I get a set up like yours then I can type from anywhere! Thank you for sharing!