Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Welcome Guest Blogger Gina Robinson

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Okay...I have a special treat for you today. Gina Robinson is one funny lady. Gina's book, The Spy Who Left Me will make you laugh and sigh. And today she's offering a copy to one lucky person who leaves a comment. So make sure you post!! I'll announce the winner on top of this blog tomorrow morning, so make sure you check and send me your snail mail address to receive your prize.



Test Your Spy Romance Susceptibility

You Might Enjoy a Spy Romance if . . .

The thought of a hot, mysterious man driving an Aston Martin DB5 customized for a super spy with a rotating license plate, ejector seat, and tire-slasher excites you.

You think lipstick should be used to mark your man with your passion, and your lipstick case should conceal a single 4.5 mm bullet, just in case the enemy shows up.

You make your man pancakes on Saturday morning, and your pancake flipper is actually a scabbard containing a fighting knife.

You can name all fourteen Ian Fleming Bond novels, and you know exactly who you'd pick to play Bond in a remake of any of the movies, and which Bond Girl you'd most like to play.

You understand what Ninety-Nine sees in Max Smart. Even funny spies are sexy.

You wouldn't mind if Max came over and installed a super vacuum fireplace of your own. It beats shoveling ashes after a romantic night spent in front of the fire, or having to hire a chimney sweep.

You love exotic locales, martinis--shaken, not stirred, and danger.

You receive the following apparently random garbage in a text:



and immediately decipher this simple code as a note from your lover--Meet me at ten today.

You gave the man in your life cufflinks equipped with miniature transmitters for his birthday.

You've wondered what it would be like to love and be loved by a spy. In fact, you think your secretive lover might be a spy.

You love alpha heroes.

You like your romance novels packed with intrigue, adventure, action, lying, deceit, passion, longing, lust, love, and yes, even humor.

The Spy Who Left Me from Visual Quill on Vimeo.

Or this review of my novel, The Spy Who Left Me, from Publishers Weekly piques your interest, "Punctuated with Bondworthy downhill car and bike chases and near-death surfing parties, Robinson’s clever concoction of lust and longing is a refreshing tropical cocktail.”

Have I whetted your appetite? Here's a blurb for The Spy Who Left Me.


If there’s one thing that can ruin a vacation, it’s running into your ex. Just ask Treflee Miller. If she’d only known that her husband Ty would be here in Hawaii—muscular, sun-bronzed, and infuriatingly gorgeous—she would have brought the divorce papers for him to sign. But life is full of surprises when you’re married to a world-class spy…


Ty Miller can understand why his wife is tired of playing Mrs. James Bond. He’s never home, he’s always on a mission, and he’s usually surrounded by exotic informants. He has to admit that the perfect spy makes a pretty lousy husband. But for the sake of Ty’s security and Treflee’s safety, they can’t blow his cover. Not here. Not now. Not when his longing is so strong, her lips so tempting—and his enemies so close…

I'd love to hear to hear how you'd complete the topic sentence of this post. You might enjoy a spy romance if . . .

Have fun!

Gina Robinson has always been a storyteller. An avid book lover, she grew up reading romance, mysteries, and suspense novels, but majored in Electrical Engineering. Eventually Gina gave up the glamorous engineering life for the equally glamorous life of a stay-at-home mom. Her first published novels received rave reviews, establishing Gina as one of today’s most exciting new authors of romantic suspense. Her most recent novel, The Spy Who Left Me, is published by St. Martin's Press, November, 2011.


krisgils33 said...

I'm really looking forward to reading this book!! I loved Spy Games and Spy Candy!!!

Christie Craig said...

Hi Gina,

Thanks so much for visiting us here today. As a kid, I dreamed of being a spy. Your book makes me want to be one again. LOL.



Johanna R Jochum said...

Oh, this book sounds amazing! Love spies so this is going to be perfect. Thanks for a great post today!


Sarah S. said...

I absolutely love the spy genre. I can't wait to check this book out. Love the post. :)

Gina Robinson said...

Morning! Thanks for the warm welcome, Christie.

Kris--So glad you liked my first two books :-)

Johanna and Sarah--Yay! Fellow spy aficionados

Tori Lennox said...

I am so looking forward to this!!! :)

Barbara E. said...

Loved the post. You might enjoy a spy romance if . . .you love intrigue, high jinks, hot male spies and lots of action.

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