Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh, those Yo-Yo Weeks...

Now that I have your attention...

Another yo-yo week. Up. Down. Up. Down.

Up: I received another agent request for material!

Down: I received a rejection from an agent query. Since this one didn't even ask for material, I tell myself, 'If they'd seen my stuff, they'd be clamoring for more.' Hey. Whatever gets you through the day, right?

Up: Finished another chapter on my new work-in-progress!

Down: It took me a week to do it.

Up: Thought of an awesome title for my wip!

Down: Googled it and found a release coming out in July with the same title.

Up: Settled for my second choice as a working title!

Down: Still holding an admittedly unreasonable grudge against the guy who beat me to the perfect title.

Up: Applied the second round of Creeping Charlie Annihilator on my grass!

Down: It doesn't appear to be working.

Up: Ate fresh fruit for lunch the last two weeks, walked and biked and lost five pounds!

Down: I still have blankety-blank pounds to go.

So. You see. I totally deserve to sit and stare at Gerard Butler's bare chest.

Okay. Your turn. No. Not to stare at Gerard's chest! To share your ups, your downs, or both. I could really use some cheering up. After all, I can't stare at Gerard and his manly chest all day.

Or can I?

~Bullet Hole~


TerriOsburn said...

I think you can.

Congrats on the request and the new chapter and boo on all the rest. But your ups are pretty good and the downs are all changable with one additional up so that's not bad.

Instead of an up and down week, I'm having a flatline week. Mostly because my kiddo leaves for the summer in T-Nine days and counting and my brain is emotions are all discumbobulated over it. I love my free time, but I miss her like crazy and the missing outweighs the freedom and, well, I'm a mess.

But I am revising my first finished MS AND I'm working on buying my own home, so at least I have distractions. :)

Suzan Harden said...

How about Jake Gyllenhaal's chest? Prince of Persia majorly cheered me up last weekend.

Hang in there, Kathy! I'm seeing more and more sales on PW compared to this time last year. One of them will be yours. Hopefully sooner, rather than later!

krisgils33 said...

That was quite the attention getter! I just got home from the UK and Amsterdam, where it rained the entire trip. I'm playing in a golf tournament tomorrow morning (early...and I'm sure to be jet-lagged), but I haven't played golf in over 8 years.

Okay, this is probably a lame question, but why can't you use the book title you want? I have seen more than one book having the same title (but maybe not ones that come out concurrently?). Just wonderin'.

Kathy Bacus said...

I know exactly how you feel, Terri. I had to ship my kids off for two weeks each summer and it was the longest two weeks of my life. I'm glad you've planned certain diversions to help get you through the summer.

Feel free to vent here as needed.
Goiod luck with the revisions AND the house hunting!


Kathy Bacus said...

Haven't seen P of P yet, Suzan, but have heard Jake G is total eye-candy.

Thanks for the positive vibes on the agent/book front. I feel optimistic that I'll find the perfect advocate for my writing career AND the perfect placement for my books. 'Til then, I'll just keep writing!


Kathy Bacus said...

Good question about the book title, Kris. The major problem was the book that is coming out this summer is also the same genre I write in and I felt that might become confusing to readers.

Good luck with your golf outing. I love golf but haven't played in way too long. I keep telling myself I'll get out this summer and play a few courses but never seem to find the time.

Hope your weather cooperates!