Friday, June 04, 2010

Vote for my baby!

Sprinkler update:  I finally got hold of my landlord who got hold of the landlord of the building next door who changed the horrible sprinkler!  Yay!  Now, instead of pelting the house at 3 and 4:30, it pelts it at 6 and 9.  Okay, 6 is still a little early for my taste, but I’m usually up feeding the baby at that time anyway, so I consider this improvement.   I slept for four straight hours last night.  Amazing.

Speaking of my baby…

He’s in a photo contest this week!  If he wins, he goes on to the semi-final round where he could win $25,000 for college, plus a trip to New York for a photo shoot and a chance to be on the cover of a magazine.  I may be biased, but I totally think he’s cover model material.  Unfortunately, he’s in 133rd place right now (which is way up from the 2859th place he started the week in  - geeze there are a lot of cute kids out there!).  If you have a few minutes to vote, we’d really appreciate it!

Lastly, my power editing class starts on Monday (I’m so excited - I love this workshop!).  If anyone is interested, or knows someone who might be, here’s the description and sign up info.  (I’m giving a 20% discount to anyone who reads this blog, so email me to take advantage! gemmahalliday at gmail dot com.)

What Not to Write: practical tips for power editing

In this one week online workshop we’ll be going over some easy ways to take your manuscript from good to polished and published.  I’ll be focusing on practical, easy to implement ways to amp up an already finished manuscript and what not to do as you’re starting a new one as well.  We’ll be going over:

-         Quick Fix Common Mistakes

-         Show vs. Tell

-         Backstory

-         Sensory Details to make your story pop

-         Common Grammar Gaffes

-         Guy Speak

-         Dialogue

-         and more!

June 7 - 11   Cost $20

For more information or to register for class, please go to:

~Trigger Happy Halliday


Lucy said...

Who wouldn't vote for that face? Done! :)

Good luck!

krisgils33 said...

he's adorable (or "too cute"!).

Cari said...

Hi Gemma, I just saw this post - Any way I can sneak in to your online class late? This week's is the one I really want to do! Please feel free to e-mail me or comment here if it's possible! Thanks :-)