Thursday, June 24, 2010

Some days are diamonds. Some days are big ol' boulders.

I've had a heckuva week. Record June rains have saturated the soil. With no place for additional water to go, subsequent gully washers often find their way into basements. MY basement in particular. With almost daily torrential rains, I purchased two sump pumps, two shop vacs, and a ginormous squeegie fit for Paul Bunyon. And still the waters came. Already worn out from my bucket brigade, I was really hoping to have an opportunity to relax on my day off yesterday.

Sadly. That was not meant to be.

My day started off as so many this month. Pre-dawn. Another freak cloudburst sent water into my basement. My son and I, shop-vacs at the ready, began to suck up water. And the lights go out. We're totally in the dark. (I can read your mind here. Like 'she should be right at home in the dark.' Nice.) Anyway, we grope our way to the stairs, feel our way upstairs, and try to find a flashlight to check the breaker box. Can't find the flashlight anywhere. I jump in the car and race to Walmart (remember there is water seeping into my basement) and buy a flashlight. I come home, get the power back on, suck more water. Call it good and then remember I have an appointment to get my vehicle worked on.

I shower and take my car over and walk back home. I'd broken my cell phone two days earlier so I had my daughter run me to the cellular store. After the appointment, we head to the Post Office. Enroute, my daughter's car begins to stink. Bad. Smoke begins to rise out from beneath the hood and the vents. We drive to the same repair shop working on my car, leave her car, and wait for my car. My car is completed and we drive off. I have a retirement event to attend so I get ready and jump in the Jimmy and head off to the capitol city. Fifteen miles down the road and I finally notice the Check Gages light is on. I check my temp gauge. In the red.

I turn around and head back, pulling off at a tiny repair shop. I end up sitting there 45 minutes before the engine cooled off enough to start back home. I get home and drive directly to the repair shop, leave the car, and walk home.

My wonderful day off continued with a meeting with a roofing contractor to provide an estimate for the hail damage to my roof, find out the insurance adjuster missed a bunch of damage, and 15 minutes before the repair shop closed, I picked my vehicle up. I'm taking bets on whether it will overheat on me tomorrow when I drive to work. You in?

Oh. I also got an agent rejection this week--albeit a very complimentary one.

On a positive note, I did squeeze some writing time in this week on my new project and I'm happy with the direction this story/series is taking.

Hope your week's been a better one.

~Bullet Hole pulling up her bootstraps~


SEO Expert said...

I really enjoyed to read about your routine, it looks busy but enjoyable, best of luck, i am also working on EPDM Coating and will come up with my ideas soon.

Zita said...

But just look at all the great walks you got in!

TerriOsburn said...

All of this happened in one day? Really? I'd need to be committed after that. You are one tough cookie.

Tori Lennox said...

Hugs hugs hugs!!!!

Brandy said...

Believe it or not I can relate. Huge Hugs.

Kathy Bacus said...

Thanks for pointing out another positive in all the negatives, Zita. But I think my 'walks' might be more clearly described as 'stomps' yesterday. :)


Kathy Bacus said...

Yep. One single, solitary, hellish day, Terri. One for the record-books for sure. And not in a good way.

Makes you appreciate the 'boring' days. Hey. What do you know? Another positive!


Kathy Bacus said...

Thanks, Tori and Brandy. And since you can relate, Brandy, mega cyber hugs! Hope things get better.


Jenyfer Matthews said...

Hang in there - things can only get better, right (Right???)