Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Truth

For writers, the truth is a big deal. Not the story itself, of course. That's fiction. But the emotion, the heart, the soul of the book has got to be the truth - the author's truth - or it can lie flat on the page. Stephen King says of his work that he always told the truth, and I for one, believe that (and great market timing) are what made him the best-seller he is.

We've all seen someone perform - at anything, really - and they're technically perfect but they lack something. Some spark that makes the difference between you connecting with the performer or just admiring their technical perfection. I believe that something is "the truth."

I am big on reality talent shows. Call me a sucker, but I just love to see normal people get a shot at something great. So I'm watching America's Got Talent and a few weeks ago, there was a chicken catcher from Kentucky on there who blew me away. Check out the video. Sorry they didn't offer embedding, but the link works fine:

Chicken catcher video

People were amused when he came out. Amused at the accent, at his job, at his simpleness. But when he started singing, not only did he have everyone captivated, I'm fairly sure no one was breathing.

That's not just talent. That's a gift. The truth.

Deadly DeLeon


Terri Osburn said...

I don't watch that show but I watched that video and I'd say you're right.

And I wish there was a way to pin down that special something that some individuals have. Some way to put it in a bottle and sell it, because it's so hard to come by.

Terry S said...

Thanks for sharing the link. I had tried the link to see him sing about a week ago but it wouldn't load.

I haven't been able to watch America's Got Talent this season. Wouldn't you know with the DTV switch that is the ONLY channel I don't get anymore. In other words, be sure to share any future talent finds with us!

Terry S said...
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Estella said...

That was amazing!

Jana DeLeon said...

terrio - I think it's a combination of talent and heart. Makes you wonder how many people have those talents and yet they remain undiscovered their entire lives. Scary.

Jana DeLeon said...

Terry - What a rip off! I swear, television is starting to get really ridiculous. I watch, like 3 channels, but have to have 3 separate "add-ons" just to get them. It's digital rape, I tell you!

I will post an update when the new talent flies. I just LOVE these talent shows.

Jana DeLeon said...

Estella - glad you liked it. I was definitely impressed. There was so much emotion in his delivery - along with a fabulous voice. Always great to see that sort of thing.

Gemma Halliday said...

Wow, I have tears in my eyes. Great clip!

And, I so agree with you on truth. Great way of putting it! I feel the same way when I read a really great book versus a book where I know the author wants to feel something, but it just doesn't come across.