Friday, July 10, 2009

Ducks and Bears and Dinosaurs… Oh my!

Only 82 more days to go until mini-me makes his appearance! And because some of you have been asking, I’m posting the latest bump picture. Though, bump is a very kind word at this point. I look like I swallowed a basketball. It’ more like a huge protrusion than a cute little bump. I’m at the stage where strangers are asking, “So, when are you due?”
“Ohmigod, you have that long? But you look enormous?!”
“You do know I’m hormonal and outweigh you by a good metric ton, right?”
Luckily, I’m really slow, so they can usually get away faster than I can strangle them at that point.

But, nosy strangers aside, I’m totally enjoying one of the most fun parts of having a baby –shopping. Every time I leave the house I seem to come back with at least one cute little baby item. Teeny-tiny Nikes, little blue blankies, more onsies than the kid can possibly ever wear. My only complaint is the selection of boy clothes.

Ducks. Bears. Dinosaurs.

Every store I go into has racks full of little blue outfits with these three things on them. Once in awhile, just for variety, they’ll throw in a truck. But the makers of little baby boy clothes seem to think that every child wants to grow up to be a truck driver, a paleontologist, or… a duck. Seriously, what do water fowl have to do with babies? For that matter, what do large, extinct reptiles? Don’t these people know that if dinosaurs were still around they’d be eating the babies for lunch?

Tons of racks of little girl clothes in adorable pink, purple, greens, all kinds of styles.

The one boy rack – ducks, dinosaurs, bears. Give the poor child some dignity, will you?

So, I’m searching for places that have cool boy clothes, minus any weird animal affiliations. Got any good websites?

~Trigger Happy Halliday


Anonymous said...

Target has some good stuff or they did when my son was a baby. I still shop there for both my kids. The boy stuff that I found there had great colors (stripes) and you could find stuff that didn't have some cute and fluffy thing on it to make me gack. Old Navy had some stuff that I got. Oh, Cafepress, online has onesies and such that people have designed. That would be my suggestion.

Oh, don't buy a ton of little stuff (0-3 months). They grow out of that really quick and then you have nothing for them to wear!

Terri Osburn said...

You are not that big, at least not in that picture. Please, you are still tiny. And I'm sure glowing all over.

Afraid I had a girl so no idea about boy clothes. Though I think that store called The Children's Place has a large selection to choose from.

Now I'm amazed to realize October is only 82 days away. Where has this year gone?!

Suzan Harden said...

You're beautiful, Gemma! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. For those that insist on rude behavior, I suggest the Nerf Maverick. My son's has about a 50-yard range. You can make your point without permanent damage.

Old Navy has some great boy baby clothes.

Gemma Halliday said...

I haven’t checked Old Navy or Children’s Place yet – thanks for the tips! I’ve already cleaned Target out of everything non-dinosaur. Got a really cute guitar printed romper there yesterday.

I love café press! I’ll check them out, but I think they’re sizing doesn’t start until baby is a little bigger. Considering my first son at full term was too small to fit in preemie clothes, I may wait on that bigger stuff.


Keri Ford said...

You look great Gemma! And you look all baby!

Clothes is such a freaking pev of mine. Racks and racks of cute girl stuff, then stuffed off and hidden in a corner is a half-rack covered in trucks and bugs. (son is 2)

Best places I've found for the non-future palentologists among us is Wal-mart, target and old navy. Seems like I found a few cute things from Toys-R-Us.

We have a western/construction worker store in town. I find my son's wranglers there. Course, you're in California so having your son in tight wranglers and boots with a tank will probably get you looks instead of "aw's"

It's usually harder to find summer clothes than winter. I guess a bettle doesn't scream warmth.

Most compliments I get on my son is when I dress him in jeans with a white t-shirt or tank. Top it off with a ball cap and I'll get compliments every time. That might be a regional thing, but he looks so 'boy' when he's dressed like that.

LuAnn said...

Shopping for my new grandson has been an awful experience. I see racks and racks of cute little girls clothes. I wonder why designers think no one cares what boys wear?

Brandy said...

The Children's Place has great boy clothes (and girls clothes, too). The baby clothes are extra roomy in the tushy for diapers and the toddler clothes fit nicely with room for, well, toddling. *G*

Gemma Halliday said...

I think I’d have to look really hard to even find Wranglers here. ;) But, the classic jeans/T-shirt thing sounds good! I think the more they look like little men the cuter, right?

Sounds like I need to take a trip to the Children’s Place.


P.S. Thanks for all the compliments. I honestly feel like a tank. Why my butt must grow bigger to support baby, I still don't get. But I am enjoying free license to eat all the ice cream I want. (Hmm... possibly why butt is growing...?)

M. said...

As the mother of two boys now 12 and 8, I can honestly say I'm sick to death of stripes, navy blue, and fire engine red.
I love dressing them in bright yellow, orange, or limegreen shirts - great colors for boys, and it really helps them stand out in a crowd. Useful at amusement parks etc.
best of luck with the coming stages, hormonal and otherwise...

Caffey said...

You look beautiful Gemma! And I bet you are smiling too if you showed your head!

Kids grow SOOOO fast out of the clothes! So I did buy some I'd love them to wear but not a whole lot because they grew right out of them fast. Sounds odd but if you like some, buy bigger so they can wear later on, if you want alot. I'd tell you where to go but my kids are now 23 and 19 so I forget where I went! LOL

Caffey said...

Go for the ice cream! We got one life and this chance you have is a beautiful one so enjoy it! Go to Ben and Jerry's and make it a real special one! Hugs

Jennifer Lewis said...

You look gorgeous! I don't think you look big at all for how far along you are.

When my DS was born my mom bought him some really cute French outfits. The French still get creative with boy stuff. Petit Bateau was one maker we had several things from, and this site has a bunch of stuff so you can get the idea French stuff is never cheap but it does tend to be more original so might be good to drop hints to anyone who'll give you gifts :-)