Monday, December 10, 2012

The Awakening is Out!

The last book in my Mystere Parish trilogy is available now!

Here's a little bit about The Awakening.

Something is out there…watching…waiting

It could be a mythical creature wreaking havoc on a Mystere hotel…or a malicious vandal. It's detective Tanner LeDoux's first case and—much to his chagrin—the hotel belongs to Josie Bettencourt, once the most popular girl in town and his unrequited love. A woman who now doesn't even recognize him.

Josie's poor memory is Tanner's luck, however. He has a chance to be the strong, sexy hero who protects her and her hotel from mounting danger. Tanner's no believer in the old ways, but one stormy night, he sees something horrific he can't explain. And he knows, without a doubt, whatever lurks in Honey Island Swamp means to keep Josie from him forever!

This book wraps up the overarching mystery for Holt, Max and Tanner, but it's not the end of the Mystere Parish books. Look for three more Mystere Parish stories late summer 2013!

So, now that the public service announcement is out of the way, are you guys ready for Christmas? I wish I could say I was, but as usual, I am woefully behind. I did get the Christmas decor out of storage yesterday, but as I have a book due this Saturday, I might not get to putting it up until next week. And presents, sigh, don't even get me started. At least I give cash or gift cards in many situations!

Deadly (on deadline) DeLeon


Zita said...

Wahoo! My copy is ordered and I got the email today saying it's on its way. It will be here before Christmas. (happy sigh)

Jana DeLeon said...

Great, Zita! December seems to be a hurry up and wait time for mail. :)